Some people don't give to panhandlers because they think panhandlers should be looking for a job instead of panhandling.
Yeah, but a lot of people don't have clothes that it takes to go look for a job in. That's a lot of the panhandlers' situation—you can't go look for a job in jeans. Well, you can, but some people just have their dirty clothes, or some people ... In my case I have good clothes and bad clothes, some of what people give me. So I have dress stuff too. So I look for jobs.
But I have to do this too, 'cause I have to have somewhere to wake up from to clean up and be well rested to work a job. So I have got to do this, at least until the two weeks is up and I have the first money of the job. I would still have to do this. After that, when I'm on my feet, I'm on my feet and I'm letting go of this door.

Who gives you more money, women or men?
Women tend to give me more than men.
Men feel like you should get a job or something like that, but that's easier said than done. It seems easy, but it's hard to do. I've been trying to find a job for the last six months, but I haven't had any luck. There's plenty of jobs out here, it's just hard to find. I look for a job every morning, from like ten until like twelve or one o'clock. That's the time if I can't find one, I do my thing.

A lot of people don't know that there are people that have jobs and don't have a place to stay. I got a friend that sleeps on the train and gets up and go to work, 'cause he can't afford the rent. So what do you say to this guy? His self-esteem is starting to go down. And he's a good guy, man. I couldn't do it.

Is panhandling like your job?


How You Present Yourself



If you were richer, would you give more to panhandlers?
Yes, I'd give more money.No, my giving wouldn't change.

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