NAME: Donald
Age: 37
Place: ATM Machine, Broadway and Houston, New York City
Time: 4PM Weekday

How long have you been a panhandler?
Two years.
How often do you panhandle?
Every day. I've been trying to find a job for the last six months, but I haven't had any luck. There's plenty of jobs out here, it's just hard to find. I have plenty of family—they got their own problems, too.
I got a twin brother, he got 6 kids, and they're living in two rooms. He's barely making it. But he's making it, you know. He's got a roof over his head, and he's taking care of his kids. I give him that credit.
I can't go stay there with him, 'cause like I said, he got six kids and a wife. And two rooms for six kids and two adults, that's eight people and two rooms. That's a little overcrowded already.
What would you call an average donation?
They mostly give change, it all adds up.
How much money do you make on a pretty good day?
Me, myself, to be honest with you, I make about a hundred dollars a day. Matter of fact, day before yesterday, I made eighty dollars in 2 hrs.

Should rich people give more money?

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Between the two, who would get your spare change?
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