Some people don't give to panhandlers because they think panhandling is not work, it's lazy, and people just do it because they don't want to get a job.
To be honest with you, in a way I could agree with that ... because that is a lazy job. I've got to be honest with that. Sitting on your butt and doing this and that. Especially when there's nothing wrong with you. You're able to walk and you're able to move your arms and hands. There's no reason why you shouldn't get a job.
I can't go against that word—I can't go against that. That is true. It is lazy. It's quick money, and a quick hustle.

See, me and you, growing up, we got to go out there and hustle or something. They just got it free, they didn't really have to go out there and struggle like you and me got to struggle. Make every end meet every day. You gotta eat, you gotta pay your rent, you gotta sleep, you got to think about your career, you got to see that you get a job, you gotta survive.
Damn, they're making seventy thousand, you and me making ten thousand, twenty thousand, we still at the poverty level. They don't think about that.

New York City law defines what you do as panhandling. What word or words do you use to describe it?
Peddling, hustling, panhandling. Begging.

Honesty vs. need?


Looking for a Job

Which statement do you agree with more?
Panhandling is like being on welfare.Panhandlers are like entrepreneurs.

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