NAME: Lanette Elizabeth Taylor
Age: 35
Place: Broadway/Lafayette Subway Station, New York City
Time: 7PM Weekday

Why did you chose Broadway and Houston?
Well, it was so long ago ... In fact at that time—you know how you travel—I just wandered down here, and this was the place I land up, and end up at that I felt comfortable. It's like a home away from home. I been through a lot of stuff down here.
So this is now the place that you've lived for a long time.
For a long time. And almost lost my life here.
How much money do you make on a good day?
On holidays or something like that? I have people give me, in a good mood, ten dollar bills, one dollar bills, a pocket full of change, tokens, they just give it up. They hand it in, and throw it in my cup. There's some good people out here.

Is panhandling like your job?

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How would you feel about a panhandler spending money you gave him on alcohol or cigarettes?
It would upset meIt wouldn't bother me

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