And so I came down here [Fifth Avenue], I said I don't need to ask people to give me a dime. Maybe I don't need to ask them for nothing. I read the Bible and I pray. I said, okay, in the days of God you had beggars. In the Bible, when Jesus was. I said I won't ask for nothing—that ain't right.
People are very funny. They'll look at me, and they'll say, "He ain't asking for no money. He's praying." I promised God, when I got hurt—if he let me live, I would pray for the world, as long as I live. I think that this is what God wanted me to do.

Do some people ignore you? Do you do anything to get their attention?
Not really. I pray a lot, but I don't really say anything to people unless they say something to me.
Do you do anything to make people feel less scared of you?
Sure, I have proper manners. Sometimes I sit there and read my Bible, or I sit there and read a paperback. 'Cause if somebody's already on their knees, they're less likely to jump up and bother you. They're already in a, how do you say, passive physical state.

Panhandlers vs. charity?

I Don't Ask, I'm Not a Panhandler

Church Baskets

How would you feel about a panhandler spending money you gave him on alcohol or cigarettes?
It would upset meIt wouldn't bother me

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