Some people say they don't give to panhandlers because panhandling is lazy, and people just do it because they don't want to get a job.
No, I don't think it's laziness. I think there are necessities that people need, and no one has come to rescue them, so they find any when they can do it—get what they need. I don't think giving to a panhandler is any worse than you going to church, and putting money in the basket. So I don't see nothing wrong with that.

I never ask for money. I never ask a person for a dime! Never! So therefore, I'm not out here asking for nothing, I'm out here praying for people and if they want to give me—I'm like the church. A church pass things around for something at times. But I don't ask for nothing, at all.
Now a person says, you got a cup in your hand. Naturally I got a cup, they have a basket in the church. I have this cup in my hand, and maybe I got to eat and do things too. I get out in the cold in the morning and come out here. Would they rather me be on welfare or some kind of legal assistance, than be out here? There's no law against a person giving you anything.

Panhandlers vs. charity?

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"Catherine", a woman"William", a man

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