NAME: Robert S
Age: 73
Place: In front of Sax Fifth Avenue, New York City
Time: Morning, weekday

Tell me about yourself, and how you came to be panhandling today.
Now here's what happened to me. When I was in the garment center, I was designing clothes. I was very good, I made lots of money. I forgot about the church. Forgot about ... it was all about the things you need, like cars, and clothes, all material things. I had no thought of it.
And so when this happened to me [Robert was shot and injured in a robbery], it brought me back around, you know it was like the dog eat dog. And when you're winning and successful, you tend to forget about whose toes you step on. But when this happened to me, and I sat down, it really brought me back to God.
How much money do you get on a good day of panhandling?
Uh, me? I might get about forty, forty five dollars.
How much money might you get in a good hour?
Well the whole day is forty to forty five dollars. A person might give me ten dollars, and I might get a hundred people all day long, and I might not get five...
Here's another thing. I just stay out here enough hours to help me get enough to eat. But I'm not out here for the sole purpose of what I can GET. I mean, you know, not that I don't want to get this, but my sole purpose is my message. Not that I don't appreciate whatever a person gives me.

Do you give to the ill or handicapped?

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