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Is this the usual place you panhandle?
Either here, or down by Spring street, I mean Broadway. That's Houston right there, right? On Broadway and Houston, or on Broadway and Spring Street.
What's the reason for these spots?
No guard here.
Does the guard tend to kick you out?
Yeah, they come here if somebody calls the guard. 'Cause the guard usually is here, but he don't come until like five o'clock. And the guard down that way, he doesn't come until seven o'clock in the evening. So basically, 'cause it's the holiday, he might not even come here today. So it's good—I can make enough to eat, get me a nice little room and something to eat for the night. Wash up my clothes, take care of myself, basically try to get myself together.

I have told security about three or four incidents of guys standing out here in front of Saks Fifth Avenue, bothering people.

Door opening: like it or not?




Between the two, who would get your spare change?
"Nick", who simply asks you for help."Scott", who tries to entertain you.

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