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Primary Sources: Letter from Henry Leyvas to Alice McGrath

Henry sent Alice this note the day after being sentenced to life in prison -- a conviction that would later be overturned on appeal.

Los Angeles
LA-CA, 1-13-43

Dear Alice,

I hope you will pardon me for this very short letter, but I hope you will understand my feelings. As you know the outcome of my trial, I will not go into the details. I am sorry that things turn out the way they did as I had very rozy expectations for the future. Did you ever make a castle out of sand or mud when you was a very small girl in pigtails and took much pains and trouble to erect it and all of a sudden a bigger kid came over and destroyed it for you? Well my feelings are somewhat similar? It seems like the whole world just folded up on me, and there is nothing I can do about it.

I only hope that our friendship will be on the same par as before. I don't know what else to write excepting of course to thank you again for your kind interest and your very nice letters. Until I hear from you again I will remain


Yes please try and come and see me. My tank now is 10-131 (on 10-B1)

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