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Primary Sources: Letter from one of the Sleepy Lagoon boys to Jaime [...]

Coming in from the yard in the evening we are locked up in our cells, then the clash and locking of the doors leaves one in a rather lonesome, empty feeling of being alone. You are standing up to the iron door waiting for the guard to come along and take the count. Listening as his footsteps fade away in the distance, by this time there is a tense stillness that seems to crawl over the cell-block. Then you realize that you are alone, so all alone...

But to have such a busy man (Margolis) take time out to write a personal letter and say a few kind words makes a fellow like me take an added interest in life and want to make a success of my life after this nightmare of an existance is over with.

I am not wasting my time here. I am attending school and improving my English and Arithmatic. Also I am learning watch repairing.

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