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Zoot Suit Riots
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Primary Sources: Letter from Manuel Reyes to Alice McGrath

Manuel Reyes
Box 69597
San Quinten, Calif
July 12, 1943

Dear Alice,

Recived your very nice letter and was glad to hear from you. Well I am getting along fine, and I am in good health. I am still working at the C.P.A. we will finish with that work this week some time. After I am out of that job I am going back to the tailor shop, there I have a good office job, working in the cutting room. I have my oun desk, and a radio, all I do is type and keep the stock in order, and also the filles. But when I don't have anything to do I help at the cutting table, cutting out suites. Well to change the I am very glad to hear that the pepole out side are still helping us. Boys, I cant tell you how glad I am to know that the pepole out side are helping us. I recived the book that was written about our case, I think it was a good idea to let the people know what really happened in out trail. Well to change the subject, we had a good time here on the 4th of July, we seen the figths that rae put on for the boys, it was pretty good five of the boys, fougth, but only two of them won, the best figth was put on by Smiles. Well any way I had a good time. I hope you had a good time also. Well I am runing out of words, so ill close now, so until I hear from you again,

I remain yours truly
Manuel Reyes

PS Give my Regards to all of the Committee.
(Excuse the typing)

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