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Primary Sources: Letter from Chepe Ruiz to Alice McGrath

Dec. 27. 43
Jose Ruiz Box 69497
San Quentin, Calif

Dearest Alice,

You probably think by now that I have forgotten you, I really don't Blame you, if you have? But Alice you know we love you so no need to feel hurt. Why without you and your Generous Thoughts for us here, i really don't know what we would do, i know you think of us every day that's why i say such thing, the thought of you makes something inside of me tick,

Alice, i hope the last lines did bore you but what am i to do, when i'm so happy to hear from you and if those kind and Generous People who are So unselfish with their contributions to us, i sometimes wish i had of Gong to school so i could at least express myself the way i feel. But that's out of the question, i mean school, not you. Well Alice if I say anymore it will be not so soon, so before i bore you any further I'll Say untill i hear from you By and God Bless You.

I forgot to mention this.

I have done what you ask me to do. So please to all those other People Please give them my sincere thanks. I meant everybody who has help us. Ben, Carey - Anya - Philip - Jean - Matt - George Virginia the Mocambo people Marion Frances and all others.

I wish you a merry
Merry Christmas happy
New Year and Love
Chepe Ruiz

PS what about my book you were going to send and also your picture I demanded you picture and that about that fine chick that was comeing to see us.

God Bless You Darling
Thanks for the Gold
When are you coming again to see us

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