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Zoot Suit Riots
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Primary Sources: Letter from Chepe Ruiz to Alice McGrath

June 26, 1943
Jose Ruiz Box 69497
San Quintin, Calif

Dearest Alice,

Just a few lines to hello and to let you know I'm in good health and hope you are the same, Alice as you might know by now henry L., is in folsom. they sent him laste Monday, because he didn't want to work and so thats why he was sent there. we feel sorry for henry but we couldn't do a thing about it because he wouldn't listen to us, so if you hear from him give him my Regards and tell him to be Good so he will sent back to San Quentin, well about Mr. Cano well I don't have to tell you how I feel about him because you know I wasn't be able to say and express myself the way I feel about him all the guys feel the same way as I do so Just tell him that we all wish him Gods blessing and thank him from the bottom of our hearts, and alice don't think we don't want to write to you but you know that you come first with us in other words your the sweets the dearest and the frist Lady of our cause, we'll just say you are the sweet heart of us all so when I don't write don't feel bad but I have a lot of mail I have to answer and I haven't had chances to write to you because we are only aloud sent one letter a day so untill you answer I will think of you, and pray for you to be able to see how we all like you,
answer soon,

PS tell Mr. Mike Quin hello for us sincer thanks for for his Good work in our behave, and tell my folks I am getting along swell not worry

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