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Primary Sources: Letter from Ysmael "Smiles" Parra to Alice McGrath

March 12, 1944

Dear Alice,

I was sure surprised on Sat. when I saw Delia and the baby out there waiting for me. I had a feeling it was you but I didn't think they would be there. I don't know the address of the People's Voice, you know that paper from New York, I was getting at San Quentin and I was wondering if you would write them to change the paper over here at Chino. Its sure swell here and I hope all the other fellows get to come soon, I'm sure they would like it here too. The food and everything is lots better than up north. We have a picture show every week. And we're trusted much more and have more freedom. I really like it here. Delia came again Sunday with the baby. Give my best regards to all the committee Gus, John M. said hello too. I guess this is all for a while

Best Wishes

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