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Primary Sources: Letter from Ysmael "Smiles" Parra to Jaime [...]

Dear Jaime,

I was glad to hear from you, believe me. Your letter was very encouraging and I am grateful to you for helping us, and I know you are doing a great amount of work in our case and at the same time helping with the Mexican population. Alice has written us many times about you and all the work you are doing in our behalf. Thanks very much Jaime, not only from me but from all the other fellows also, because I am quite sure they feel as I do. We all feel the same towards Alice for the work she has done and is doing in our case, and we are all very fond of her. I know she works, and is trying awful hard to help us, some people don't realize it, I do, Even if we do lose our fight for freedom and I doubt it, I shall always be indepted to her, for helping us when we needed help so bad.

If the jury or the judge had been at the scene of the crime to witness what really happened, we would have never been convicted. I say this because I know. We got a raw deal, and in my opinion we have the Judge to thank for that. I only hope that the appelate court can see between the lines of the transcript, what actually happened in that courtroom. I, myself, think, that they were told or advised just what kind of verdicts to bring in, otherwise they would have stayed dead locked without a verdict. I may be wrong, of course that is only my opinion. All the fellows read your letter, I hope you don't mind, they liked it too, and they all send their best wishes.

How did that meeting at the Embassy Auditorium on Nov 5 make out? And do you know the date the appeal brief is to go in?

We are all getting along fine, most of us go out for some kind of sport, like boxing, baseball and basketball. Joe Ruiz (Chepe) is the new feather weight champ here now. I guess this is about all so in closing recieve my best regards and hoping to hear from you soon I remain,

Yours truly

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