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Zoot Suit Riots
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Primary Sources: Letter from Henry Ynostroza to Alice McGrath

Henry Ynostroza
Box 69499
San Quentin

July 22 1943

Dear Alice,

Just droping these few lines to say hello. Well Alice, all of us are doing alright but we miss Hank L. as for the pamphlet its swell. We been passing it around to some of the fellows up hear and they think its swell.

We are doing our best to keep out of trouble Alice no jive. We are all waiting for that appeal to see if we go home or not, but you just know we all want to go home. This Sunday we are going to take a picture all of us together and will send you one as soon as I get them. But till then hear is one of Bob L. Nick a Pal of our and I, I hope you like it. So Al gave the dance. Man I wish we had been there, was there a lot of chicks (...) When are you coming up to see us Alice. Well Alice I don't know what else to say So I'll close now hoping to see you soon. All the fellows say hello to you and the Committee.


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