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Primary Sources: Letter from Chet Huntley (CBS) to Sleepy Lagoon Defense Committee

Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc.
Pacific Network
Columbia Square, Los Angeles, California

July 25, 1944

Sleepy Lagoon Defense Committee
129 West 2nd St.
Los Angeles, California


I have read with profound interest (and more shock) Guy Endore's THE SLEEPY LAGOON MYSTERY.

May I have the answer to a few questions?

(1) How many of the boys are still in prison? (2) Is the committee in need of funds? (3) When is Judge Fricke up for re-election and have steps yet been taken to insure his defeat? (4) Has Mr, Endore's story of the case been submitted to any periodicals with national circulation such as Harper's, Atlantic, or perhaps Book Tab? (5) Are established book stores selling Mr. Endore's booklet? (6) If you need the funds or desire wider circulation of the booklet may I offer to sell 100 copies around the CBS studios?

Respectfully yours,

Chet Huntley

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