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The Press and the Riot
LA Examiner, August 11: Police 'Showup' Scheduled Tonight as Result of 300 Juvenile Arrests
Inquest Into Ranch Death to be Held This Morning

Los Angeles Examiner
August 11, 1942

Its climax made strongly evident by the jailing of nearly 300 youths and girls in week-end arrests, results of the city-county drive against juvenile gangsterism will take form today in an inquest, a big-scale "showup," and a "crackdown conference" of officers.

Twenty-nine boys, indicted last week by the grand jury in connection with the slaying on the Williams Ranch August 2 of Jose Diaz, 22, will appear at an inquest into the attack on Diaz, kicked and pummeled to death.

Ten girls, who are declared to have been companions of the young hoodlums, also are to be summoned as witnesses....

Captain P. M. Kunou of the Sheriff's office reported, "as far as the county is concerned, the juvenile gangsters have been driven to cover."

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