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The Press and the Riot

Crowds Downtown on Hunt for Zoot Suiters
Los Angeles Examiner
June 8, 1943

...As riot call after riot call was reported at police headquarters, the auxiliary police and motorcycle reserves were called out to help maintain order. Sirens sounded for hours as radio cars and patrol wagons raced to the scenes of reported riots.

...As the main element of the revenge-bent service men converged on downtown streets for the fourth night, they were joined -- for the first time in large numbers -- by civilians. From Main street they fanned out to comb through all possible haunts of pachucos....

Law enforcement officers did not attempt to stem the surging throngs. Occasionally, however, they stepped in to disarm anyone with a club or a weapon. ...

At Twelfth and Central police were summoned after a melee developed between servicemen and pachucos. Five of the latter were arrested...

At 10th and Los Angeles streets 20-year-old Edward Massey was taken in hand by 150 sailors and soldiers after he assertedly pilled a knife on a sailor. He was stripped of all clothing but his long coat...

The United States Attorney's office in Los Angeles announced it was checking Federal laws to see whether action can be taken against anyone assaulting men in uniform.

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1940's Los Angeles

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