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Online Course for Teachers: Teaching Evolution

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SESSION 8: How Can You Deal with Controversy?

Explain Part B: Creation Science

"Creation science" has raised a number of arguments against evolution. Some of these are:


Evolution has never been observed.


All species were created at the same time.


The Earth's age is 6 to 10 thousand years old.


There are no transitional fossils.


The theory of evolution says that life originated and evolves by random chance.


The second law of thermodynamics refutes evolution.


Evolution is only a theory; it hasn't been proved.


An organ as complex as the human eye could only have been created by "intelligent design," not by the random process of natural selection.

You can review additional creationist writing using links from the National Center for Science Education Web site.

Choose one creationist argument, and explain why the argument is not scientifically accurate.



Note: For additional references for answering creationist arguments, see the Evolution FAQ and the New Scientists' Web site on philosophy, science, and skepticism.


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