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Online Course for Teachers: Teaching Evolution

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SESSION 8: How Can You Deal with Controversy?

Explore Part B: Reconciling Personal Religious Beliefs

Some biology teachers may have unresolved conflicts between biological evolution and their personal religious beliefs.

Read the article "Managing the Conflict between Evolution and Religion" from The American Biology Teacher before answering these questions:


How would you characterize your own approach for dealing with this potential conflict?


How do you think your approach might influence your teaching of evolution?


Images of Emi and Nathan, the two students from the video.

Watch the Evolution Show Seven video segment "Emi and Nathan: Personal Testimonies," in which students at Wheaton College, a Christian-oriented institiution, discuss how they reconcile the potential conflict between religion and evolution in their studies. How would you characterize their views?

Emi and Nathan:
Personal Testimonies

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