Break Down the Sets: The Graveyard
Launch Image ViewerChristopher Hobbs on the Graveyard of the Select Retainers:
Part of the Graveyard set was built in three dimensions and then, at the back of it, we used a bluescreen at the far end... [in post-production] they simply reproduce what is in the foreground and take it further back, extending it. It was not my favorite set, I have to admit, although I think people looking at it have been quite happy with it.

In Peake's Words
...When Steerpike saw Fuchsia emerge from a door in the west wing and make her way across the stubble of what had once been a great lawn, he eased himself out of the shadows of an arch where he had been lurking for over an hour, and taking a roundabout route began to run with his body half doubled, towards the object of Fuchsia's evening journey.

Across his back, as he ran, was slung a wreath of roses from Pentecost's flower garden. Arriving, unseen, at the servants' burial ground a minute or two before Fuchsia, he had time to strike an attitude of grief as he knelt on one knee, his right hand still on the wreath which he was placing on the little weedy grave...

-- Gormenghast, Chapter 30

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