Analyze a Scene: At the Graveyard of the Select Retainers
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Estelle Daniel, producer:
I'd come in the morning and I'd look at the schedule and I'd think, "Oh, right, we're burning down the library," or, "We're drowning Fuchsia," or "We're killing Nannie Slagg today." Because most television dramas, you do day after day of two handers, you know, and you can have a cup of tea. Well, Gormenghast was never like that.

This was one of the few quiet but incredibly important scenes... You had to understand why Fuchsia was seduced by Steerpike... You had to understand how Steerpike nearly got away with it, or maybe even was nearly redeemed by Fuchsia.

I think you understand in this scene that they actually do love each other. You know there is a real chemistry there. In a way, if Fuchsia were to have said, "Look, let's just get on a white horse and ride away from the castle together and just be lovers," I think there are moments where Steerpike might almost have agreed.

That was what we were trying to achieve... he's somebody who wants to be loved and Fuchsia does actually love him. I think there's quite a romantic chemistry between them.

Andy Wilson, director:
It's a quiet scene, telling a part of the story, and of course, all great stories have shading like that. In Shakespeare's The Tempest, for example, you have full-on broad brushstroke comedy with Trinculo and the sailors. And then you have these fabulous quiet, romantic themes as well. And big court scenes and sort of dangerous shouting scenes. It's variety, it's lovely.

It's like the circus: in the circus you go from a twelve-strong troupe of Russian acrobats to a solo trapeze artist, a sixteen year old girl, and it's beautiful. You need that balance. The circus teaches you that -- the audience can't take full-on Russian acrobats for an hour and a half. They have to have Russian acrobats followed by a lovely quiet bit followed by a very teasing sequence followed by some horses followed by... I can't stand some of the noisy American films that just are full-on action the whole time although I know some people love that.

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