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Web Sites | Books

The Invention Dimension
This site from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology includes invention games and resources, as well as profiles of dozens of inventors.

Smithsonian: The Lemelson Center
This center at the National Museum of American History focuses on invention and innovation in the history of the United States. The site includes virtual exhibits, a newsletter, and resources to learn more about the history of invention.

Encyclopedia Smithsonian: Inventors and Innovation
A list of links to Smithsonian sites having to do with the history of inventors and innovation.

Smithsonian: Inventors and Scientists
Another list of links to Smithsonian Institution sites about inventors.

Fortune Small Business: Innovators Hall of Fame,15114,389908,00.html
A list of innovations that have shaped the country over the past two centuries. Includes links to more current innovators and entrepreneurs, an Are You Innovative quiz, and a Which Came First game. Inventors and Entrepreneurs
This site contains information on famous inventors and entrepreneurs from around the world in a wide range of fields.

Inventing Modern America: From the Microwave to the Mouse
A companion site to the book Inventing Modern America: From the Microwave to the Mouse. The site includes profiles of five inventors featured in the book.

Famous Inventors and Inventions
This site from By Kids For Kids provides information on inventions and inventors from different cultures, including Hispanic, Chinese, Canadian and African-American inventors.

Silicon Valley Revolutionaries
This site from The Tech Museum of Innovation offers interviews with 18 of Silicon Valley's top innovators in science and technology.

Enterprising Women: 250 Years of American Business
A companion site to the book Enterprising Women: 250 Years of American Business, this site contains resources, games, archival material and biographies of women who have influenced the field of American business. The site also features current stories and letters from entrepreneurial women who share their influences and experiences.

Women's History: Women Pioneers
Contains information about innovative women who have changed their fields in some way. The site contains biographies of women who have made an impact in aviation and aerospace, politics and government, arts and humanities, science and medicine, education, and sports.

PBS: Innovation
Companion site to the PBS series Innovation, an eight-part series on some of today's most exciting innovations. The site includes an Ask the Experts section, links to online chats, resources for teachers, including lesson plans, and an extensive list of online and print resources. The site also includes several interactive features.

TIME Magazine: Coolest Inventions 2003
From a nasal mist flu shot to a salmon-skin bikini, this site lists the "coolest" recent inventions.

National Dialogue on Entrepreneurship
Created in 2003 by the Public Forum Institute to improve awareness of the value of entrepreneurship. The site includes links to daily entrepreneurship stories from around the world, a section on understanding entrepreneurship, resources to help entrepreneurs, links to reports on entrepreneurship, and an electronic newsletter.

Web Sites | Books

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Vare, Ethlie Ann and Greg Ptacek, eds., Mothers of Invention from the Bra to the Bomb: Forgotten Women and Their Unforgettable Ideas. New York: Quill William Morrow, 1987.

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