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Kip Anderson
Gardener Kip Anderson

September: Sowing to Reaping, As Laughter to Weeping

The Victory Garden gets poetic about the coming of fall
by Kip Anderson

The sun is damped. Apples yellow
Or redden, according to their genes.
The world begins to turn mellow,
And tail ends of summer's lush growth means

That autumn is under way. Some
Of us are satisfied, full of hope
For the good harvest yet to come,
While others shrug tired shoulders and cope

With the grievous disappointment
Of having so little to show for
The hard work and all the ointment
Used to cure the aches and pains. Go for

A walk in October's crisp air,
You gardeners who were unsuccessful,
And let it remind you that there
Shall come a season much less stressful.

—C.B. Anderson

Thanks, C.B. I have little to add at this juncture. It's time for me to remove myself to a little cabin near a quiet lake for a spell of well-earned R & R.

Kip Anderson has been the Victory Garden's head gardener for over 20 years.

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Published August 31, 2007