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Kip Anderson
Gardener Kip Anderson

Read gardener Kip Anderson's tips and poems.


December: Waiting for Winter
C.B. embraces a warmer winter
November: An Unseasonably Warm Autumn
Kip waits patiently for the first frost
October: New Faces at The Victory Garden
Kip praises two new additions to The Victory Garden this year
September: Perfect Apples
A sure sign that fall is on its way
August: A Few Good Flowers
Kip reports back on some new plant varieties he ordered this past winter
July: A Worthy Enterprise
Kip writes about the hard work that leads to the success of a garden project
June: Summer's Lament
While Kip toils away in the garden, C.B. offers up a summer poem
May: Waiting Patiently
Kip watches over the garden as it begins to fulfill its promise
April: Creatures with Feathers
Kip explains the evolution of the Victory Garden's geese and duck populations
March: Wake-Up Call
It's time to get things growing in the greenhouse so we can break ground in the garden by early spring
February: Planning For a Good Year
As Kip begins thinking about the year ahead, he takes a look at his favorite catalogs and discovers some new seeds and cultivars to try out
January: Love at First Sight
An indoor plant captures Kip's heart


December: More Than Tobogganed For
The Victory Garden offers a final note to carry you onward through the dim days when the cold winds blow
November: The Determining Factors of Latitude and Altitude
Kip discusses how latitude and altitude combine to determine which plant life thrives
October: Not ready to enjoy fall foliage yet
Kip finds comfort in shrubs that finally hit their stride
September: Sowing to Reaping, As Laughter to Weeping
The Victory Garden gets poetic about the coming of fall
August: Combining Annuals and Perennials
Kip finds a way to make annuals work in the Victory Garden's perennial border
July: Expect the Unexpected
Kip shares his observations on rabbits' food preferences and prepares for fall harvest
June: A Look at What's to Come
Kip gives a taste of what the gardener can expect at the end of this busy month
May: The Small Pleasures of Growing Your Own Fruit
Want to grow your own fruit, but don't have the space? Kip discusses small fruit that can grow in any sunny corner of your yard.
April: Voles
As Kip gets started on his spring chores, he discusses a common garden pest, the vole
March: The Lost Art of Pruning
This month, Kip discusses the importance of pruning and being prepared as the first spring plants begin to emerge in the garden
February: Loving Those Catalogs
It's that time of year again — but who needs valentines? Kip pores over his seed catalogs, looking for new varieties to introduce to his garden.
January: Improvising for Greens
Kip's improvisational gardening skills are put to the test when he runs out of his favorite Chinese cabbage for his salads this winter


December: Thinking Spring
For Kip, winter is just another chance to look forward — and think back — to spring
November: Why Garden?
Giving his soil a break, Kip digs deep into his soul to discuss the motives, purposes and perks of gardening
October: How-tos for Harvesting
During the busy harvesting month of October, Kip gives tips on how to reap and store garden produce for future use
September: The Calm Before the Harvest
In the cool of September, Kip takes a breather and finishes up some last to-dos before facing the fall harvest ahead
August: How to Keep Your Perennials Blooming
Sad to see your flowering borders fade as the summer ends? Have no fear, late-season bloomers are here.
July: Blue Ribbon Veggies
This month, Kip divulges the best of the best in vegetable seeds
June: Fighting Nature's Villains
Kip gets poetic about the eternal struggle to protect the garden from Nature's sneakiest thieves
May: Perfect Seed Spacing
This month Kip gives instructions on how to make your own planting board
April: Keeping it Organic
This month Kip explores how to protect your garden from insects while keeping up with the organic trend
March: Preparing for the Warmth to Come
This month, Kip finds inspiration in the transition from winter to spring
February: Falling in Love with Flowers, Again
Another look at our favorite seed catalogs — this time with a focus on their annual and perennial offerings
January: Time for Seed Hunting
January: A time for making resolutions to grow both old favorites and some newcomers in your vegetable garden this year

Updated August 25, 2008