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Read articles on basic gardening techniques and projects featured on The Victory Garden.

Annuals Thumbnail Annuals Review
An overview of plants that you can use as garden annuals; yields a surprisingly rich variety
'Antique Stone' Planters Thumbnail Antique Garden Treasures
Paul Epsom met antiques expert Karen Keane in Brimfield, Massachusetts, for a stroll through the sprawling Brimfield Fair, one of the largest outdoor antiques markets anywhere.
'Antique Stone' Planters Thumbnail "Antique Stone" Planters
They look like hand-carved stone, but hypertufa trough planters are actually cleverly cast concrete planters you can make yourself!
Arranging Irises Thumbnail Arranging Irises
People often think of the iris as outdoor-only, but the flower actually lends itself well to beautiful indoor cut-flower arrangements as well
Bulbs Thumbnail Bulb Basics
Bulb Basics: Discover the pleasure of planting with bulbs!
Compost Thumbnail Can-do Compost
Maintaining your own stash of "black gold" may be easier than you thought
Cold Frames Thumbnail Cold Frames
Fancy or simple, a cold frame makes a great "halfway house" for rearing your sensitive seedlings
Corn Care Corn Care
Michael Weishan lent an ear to Steve Verrill of Verrill Farms in Concord, Massachusetts, who shared some expert tips on taking care of your corn
Dividing Thumbnail Divide and Conquer
Get those monster plants under control — and increase your inventory at the same time!
Arranging Dried Flowers Thumbnail Dried-Flower Power
Michael Weishan gets a lesson from expert Cathy Miller in how to work with dried flowers and create striking arrangements that will last all year long — and longer
Drying Tomatoes Thumbnail Drying Tomatoes
Michael Weishan visits author and gardener Amy Goldman for a sun-dried tomato tutorial
Fruit Tree Pruning Thumbnail Fruit Tree Pruning
Pruning fruit trees is a chore that's daunted many a gardener, but it's actually quite simple if you bear in mind a few key concepts.
Gardening for Kids Thumbnail Gardening for Kids
Gardening with your kids: Basics for the "seedling" generation
Growing Heirloom Melons Growing Heirloom Melons
Heirloom Melons: Grow your own ... they're beautiful in the garden and delicious on the table
Hedge Trimming Thumbnail Hedge Trimming
Paul Epsom got a lesson in proper techniques for manual hedge-trimming from veteran trimmer Ed Palmer
Herb Garden Basics Thumbnail Herb Garden Basics
Loads of thyme in no time! — "Sage" advice for starting your container herb garden
Indoor Citrus Thumbnail Indoor Citrus
Homegrown lemonade may be easier than you think!
Lettuces Thumbnail Lettuce Rejoice
Lettuce leave you scratching your head? Read on for some useful tips that will have you eating your own delicious lettuces all season long
Live Christmas Trees Thumbnail Live Christmas Trees
How to use — and preserve — a living evergreen this holiday season.
Hostas Thumbnail Lotsa Hostas
This hardy, shade-loving perennial offers lots more variety for your garden than some people give it credit
Wheeled Planter Planter Box & Lattice on Wheels
Is there something on your patio you'd like to hide? Have you got a planter box that's too heavy to move? Yes to both? Well our own Paul Epsom has a clever trick to solve both problems at once!
Bare Root Roses Planting Bare-Root Roses
Bare-root roses: an easy and cost-effective alternative for the picky weekend rosarian
Planting a Strawberry Pot Thumbnail Planting a Strawberry Pot
You don't need a farm. From patio to balcony to fire escape — just follow these easy steps to begin growing your own strawberries practically anywhere!
Preparing for Spring Thumbnail Preparing for Spring
Spring is coming ... So get your garden ready!
Putting Your Garden to Bed Thumbnail Putting Your Garden to Bed
What a difference a frost makes... The Victory Garden's gardener-in-chief Kip Anderson shares his wisdom on winding things up for the winter.
Rose Pruning Thumbnail Rose Pruning
A few simple steps for a healthy and beautifully sculpted rose bush
Soil 101 Thumbnail Soil 101
Without good soil there can be no good garden, so remember, the key is preparation
Starting an Espalier Thumbnail Starting an Espalier
This dramatic gardening technique requiring years of care and patience begins with a single radical step
Terrarium Starting a Terrific Terrarium
Six simple steps to creating your own beautiful botanical habitat-in-a-bottle... or jar
Tabletop Fountain Thumbnail Tabletop Fountain: "Mountain Seep"
This small tabletop fountain can be created without any tools other than a sympathetic eye tuned to the opportunities that exist when moving water meets a simple assembly of natural stone
Topiary Topiary Tips
Tips for creating a rosemary topiary

Updated August 25, 2008