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Read overviews of gardening and landscaping tools you've seen on The Victory Garden.

Enabling Garden Tools Enabling Garden Tools
Tools that will make your gardening life easier
Planning Thumbnail Garden Design & Planning
Our mantra is "Plan twice, Plant once." And now there are some very useful software tools to help you do just that
Gloves Thumbnail Gardening Gloves
Gloves can be a gardener's best friend — so here are a few handypicks for protecting your hands
Hoes Thumbnail Hoes
Paul's tips on choosing a classic cultivator
Home Remedies Home Remedies for the Garden
Household items to prevent bug infestations and other garden problems
Hoses Thumbnail Hoses
Paul Epsom knows his hoses. Here are three great choices with handy features to help good times flow in your garden
Houseplant Maintenance Kit Thumbnail Houseplant Maintenance Kit
A compact carry-all can house everything you need to keep your houseplants healthy and happy
Lawn Care Thumbnail Lawn Care
Three handy tools for a lush, healthy lawn
Pruners Thumbnail Pruners
From high-tech to centuries-old, great suggestions for choosing your next pair of pruners and how to maintain them
Tool Organizers Tool Organizers
Paul's tips for sorting out your chaotic tool shed
Trowels Thumbnail Trowels
Trowel and error: four selections to save you the trouble
Weather Thumbnail Weather Tracking and Measurement
Tracking the weather provides essential information for tending your garden. Now there's a range of tools — both high-tech and low — available to help you do it

Updated August 25, 2008