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Kip Anderson
Gardener Kip Anderson

December: More Than Tobogganed For

For those of you who have wrapped another season, who have finished up your autumn chores, The Victory Garden offers a final note to carry you onward through the dim days when the cold winds will blow
by Kip Anderson

To snow I give a big resounding NO!
The same I give to molded plastic shovels
Designed to spoon it off. A year ago,
Knee-deep in drifting flakes, I blamed my troubles

On global warming and the network shills
Who earn a living telling us what we
Already know: too soon for daffodils,
To late for summer squash. A Christmas tree

Is kindling going by another name,
And wreaths of holly are the special tinder
Ensuring we will get to light a flame
Beyond all expectations, come December.

The fundamental sacramental fluids
Are wine and brandy, vodka, rum and beer.
When sober deacons act like Keltic druids,
You'll know it's time to start another year.

— C.B. Anderson

That's it folks. Say good-bye to 2006.

Kip Anderson has been the Victory Garden's head gardener for over 20 years.

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Published August 31, 2007