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Kip Anderson
Gardener Kip Anderson

March: Wake-Up Call

It's time to get things growing in the greenhouse so we can break ground in the garden by early spring
by Kip Anderson

It's good the daffodils
decided to beguile
us from the moldy cof-
fers of humus again.

The tides in Michigan
are high in this season
of mud, which seems reason-
able, you will agree.

Out in California
the weather holds to old
outstanding patterns; dew
is not a given there.

Down in Texas, people
dream Louisiana
dreams and forget to hon-
or spring-blooming cactus.

I meant to count the snow-
drops and crocus that blessed
my lawn, but attention
was so appallingly
unfocused by winter's
end, it's no small wonder
I noticed them at all.

— C.B. Anderson

Wake-up call, indeed. Someone should tell old C.B. that it's time to shake the frost out of his bones and begin to get things growing in the greenhouse again. By March 1 we're already two weeks late with the sowing of leeks and Spanish onions. In early April we need to break ground in the garden, so it would be a good idea right now to make whatever plans must be made in order that we can hit the ground running and not look back until we've turned the corner sometime late in June. That means, among other things, gathering supplies, sharpening tools, finishing up the winter pruning, and figuring out which plants in the perennial border need to be moved or divided.

Oh yeah, one other thing, C.B. — early winter was so warm this year that most of the snowdrops have already bloomed. You should get out more.

Kip Anderson has been the Victory Garden's head gardener for over 20 years.

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Published August 31, 2007