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Kip Anderson
Gardener Kip Anderson

September: Perfect Apples

A sure sign that fall is on its way
by Kip Anderson

Not collards yet, nor kale. No winter squash until next month. But beginning now, and continuing for weeks and weeks and weeks, it is time to sink your teeth into...


The Law of Perfect Apples says it all:
A malic acid tang pervades the crisp
And shocking mouth appeal that tells you fall
Is under way. If you should catch a wisp

Of summer turning winter in the play
Your tongue and nose were first created for,
You'll later fondly recollect the day
When autumn's dearest gift unhinged the door

That barred you from the vertigo your heart
Decided on as reason tried to keep
The bliss at bay. There isn't any chart
To guide you through the future. Go to sleep

And let the maze of hazy hours stem
The tendency to parse and analyze.
Forget the waning sun: no requiem
Is called for to observe the light's demise,

For seasons come and go, and come again.
Enjoy the fruit, now plentiful and sweet;
Remember that the Sabbath is for men
And not for gods; make plans to overeat.

—C.B. Anderson

Well, that's one way to look at it. Perhaps those early apples have already begun to ferment.

Kip Anderson has been the Victory Garden's head gardener for over 20 years.

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Published August 31, 2007