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Program #2801 *Season Premiere*

Premiered Saturday, April 5, 2003

12:30 PM ET on PBS (check local listings)

Welcome to spring! Have you ever dreamed that your garden might look like a Monet painting? Maybe it could. Join Michael Weishan and The Victory Garden as we head out on our "North American Odyssey" trip to Louisiana's French Quarter to view private gardens that boast a bounty of spring color. Gardening correspondent Lee May also joins us on the road introducing Callaway Gardens, our award-winning Victory Garden South, set in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Pine Mountain, Georgia. In this episode, Lee tours the historic vegetable garden and shares five fantastic tips for soil. Viewers will also get the lowdown on starting a simple espalier.


Program #2802

Premiered Saturday, April 12, 2003

12:30 PM ET on PBS (check local listings)

Gardening correspondent Lee May joins us once again from Georgia's Victory Garden South where he shares tips for maintaining magnificent camellias. At the New Orleans Botanical Garden, Michael Weishan joins well-known Louisiana personality Dan Gill, who shares his best bets for Southern spring-flowering trees and shrubs. Later, Michael is back at The Victory Garden and meets up with gardener Kip Anderson for an introduction to fencing options that can add both beauty and privacy to your backyard. Then, it's off to the kitchen with guest chef Deborah Madison, an expert in vegetarian cooking, who will create the delicious dish, "Golden Beets and their Greens with Marjoram Pesto."


Program #2803

Premiered Saturday, April 19, 2003

12:30 PM ET on PBS (check local listings)

Have you always wanted your own greenhouse, but lack the space and time to care for one? Watch as gardening correspondent Paul Epsom provides easy ideas for creating your own terrarium. Also, The Victory Garden takes a field trip to visit the gorgeous greenhouses of Mark Ward, a specialist in restoration and preservation. We'll also hit the road with gardening correspondent Lee May, who will join University of Georgia's Dr. Allan Armitage at the spectacular butterfly conservatory at The Gardens at Callaway for an introduction to tropical plants that would be glorious in any garden.


Program #2804

Premiered Saturday, April 26, 2003

12:30 PM ET on PBS (check local listings)

How to start a perennial garden is a perennial question for many viewers. This week The Victory Garden shows how and where to begin — including removing trees and preparing the soil. Gardening correspondent Paul Epsom also offers his best advice about the leading tools of the trade including pruners worthy of investing in. Then, expert Ed Palmer shares a cutting-edge lesson in proper pruning techniques on apple trees. Meanwhile, Michael Weishan is visiting with Massachusetts' Tower Hill Botanic Garden for an introduction to heirloom apples.


Program #2805

Premiered Saturday, May 3, 2003

12:30 PM ET on PBS (check local listings)

Plotting to have the best garden on the block? Tune in to The Victory Garden as Michael Weishan joins garden design expert Monique Allen, to plant a few ideas for growing your own spectacular space. Kip also heads out to the vegetable garden to sow spinach. Later, it's back to the kitchen where guest chef Lidia Bastianich, of PBS' Lidia's Italian Kitchen, uses garden-fresh ingredients in her scrumptious recipes for sautéed spinach.


Program #2806

Premiered Saturday, May 10, 2003

12:30 ET on PBS (check local listings)

The Victory Garden contest returns! Michael Weishan will give viewers the scoop on this year's search for America's Most Beautiful Herb Garden, including how you can win an appearance on the show. Gardening correspondent Lee May visits The Gardens at Callaway, our Victory Garden south, getting the dirt on the best ways to cut daffodils, along with some fresh design techniques for arranging them. Michael also joins gardener Kip Anderson for a demonstration of "Kip's tips" for transplanting lettuce and pea plants with spectacular results. In the kitchen, guest chef Deborah Madison uses the freshest of ingredients to cook up her refreshing soup "Elixir of Fresh Peas." Finally, gardening correspondent Paul Epsom explores the "tools of the trade" and gives the low-down on gardening hoes.


Program #2807

Saturday May 17, 2003

12:30 ET on PBS (check local listings)

Have you always wanted to make your garden a little more earth friendly? Tune-in to The Victory Garden as Michael Weishan and gardener Kip Anderson show the latest in hands-on techniques for creating a composting area in your own backyard. Then, gardening correspondent Paul Epsom visits with Boston- based Greenleaf Composting for tips in backyard production that anyone can use at home. Later, Kip shows how to sow Asian greens, like the ones used by renowned Japanese chef Hiroko Shimbo, of New York's Hiroko's Kitchen. Then, Hiroko joins us in the kitchen for a mouthwatering recipe using Asian greens with a Black Sesame Seed Dressing. Finally, we'll continue our new perennial garden as Michael and Kip go in search of perfect plants for borders.


Program #2808

Saturday May 24, 2003

12:30 ET on PBS (check local listings)

Do you love gardening, but don't have an expansive landscape? Tune-in to The Victory Garden as Michael Weishan shares his best tips for planning an urban garden that will spruce up even the smallest of spaces. Michael and gardener Kip Anderson are back tending to our new perennial garden, as planting begins. Next, special guest Jim Zoppo, of Boston's WRKO, helps answer some of our viewer's questions, including the how-to for starting plants from seeds. Finally, guest chef Lidia Bastianich, of PBS' Lidia's Italian Kitchen, shares her secrets for cooking with scallions and onions and serving it up in a sumptuous dish, "Risotto with Scallions, Swisschard and Gorgonzola."


Program #2809

Premiered Saturday, May 31, 2003

12:30 ET on PBS (check local listings)

Cultivate a glorious garden in any space. Join Michael Weishan and guest gardener Annie Sloan for a great weekend project transforming a small space with container gardening. Then, step into the "edible garden" with its healthy harvest asparagus, where gardener Kip Anderson shares tips for growing a beautiful crop. Hiroko Shimbo returns to The Victory Garden with a tantalizing recipe featuring our fresh asparagus. Then, head back to the garden to learn from expert Christian Bilodeau and his team when it's time to give up on a struggling tree. Finally, Paul Epsom offers his best bets for enabling tools that enhance the gardening experience.


Program #2810

Premiered Saturday, June 7, 2003

12:30 ET on PBS (check local listings)

It's a farmer's delight this week at The Victory Garden! Amy Goldman, celebrated chef and heirloom vegetable expert, joins Michael Weishan and provides insight into heirloom melons and venerable melon culture — including the best way to protect the precious seeds. Gardener Kip Anderson then helps start our new pumpkin patch, and plant some unique varieties of winter squash and pumpkin. Finally, nature authors and birders Don and Lillian Stokes show how to make backyards more inviting for our feathered friends.


Program #2811

Premiered Saturday, June 14, 2003

12:30 ET on PBS (check local listings)

Want to dress up your deck on a limited budget? Tune in as artist Annie Sloan joins Michael Weishan in The Victory Garden and demonstrates fun and dramatic design basics that can make affordable plastic pots look like antiqued marble! Stone mason Michael des Sesto is on hand showing how to select pavers that will transform your outdoor living space, including a tour to an inspired garden he designed. Finally, it's back to the kitchen where authors Bob and Melinda Blanchard show Michael creative and delicious ways to dress up lettuce by whipping up a selection of salads and dressings sure to please everyone at the dinner table.


Program #2812

Premiered Saturday, June 21, 2003

12:30 ET on PBS (check local listings)

Welcome to Vancouver! The Victory Garden leaps across the continent to take in British Columbia's masterful gardens. Michael Weishan visits the beautiful home and garden of TV personality and author Thomas Hobbs, who is also co-owner of Southlands Nursery. Then, Michael takes a jaunt over to the gorgeous VanDusen Botanical Garden to explore their unique display of botanical relationships, including sharing tips that can be applied to any backyard. Finally, we'll visit the Sooke Harbour House, a sprawling seaside resort with an impressive kitchen garden, and savor the culinary creations made with locally grown edible flowers and herbs.


Program #2813

Premiered Saturday, June 28, 2003

12:30 ET on PBS (check local listings)

Ample, and attractive storage is a challenge for many gardeners looking for creative ways to store, house or protect their plants and supplies. Tune into The Victory Garden as gardening correspondent Paul Epsom discusses sheds and other structures for a variety of garden settings. Next he is joined by author and gardening expert Sharon Lovejoy, whose latest book Trowel & Error unearths both gardening wisdom and practical hints for the backyard. Michael Weishan then joins celebrated guest chef Didi Emmons, who stirs up an unusual and delicious dish featuring garden-fresh cabbage.


Program #2814

Premiered Saturday, July 5, 2003

12:30 ET on PBS (check local listings)

The Victory Garden is on the road! Tune in as Michael Weishan goes north of the border to visit the lush gardens of British Columbia, Canada. Join Michael as he explores the stunning gardens of the Governor's House in Victoria, and meets the volunteers who care for them. Also, learn about the Victoria tradition of marking the beginning of summer with a colorful hanging basket. Then, at the Sooke Harbour House in Victoria, Michael serves up an enticing recipe of Pacific rockfish with nasturtiums — you won't want to miss this dish! Back in the States, gardening correspondent Paul Epsom visits Stonegate Gardens in Massachusetts for an apropos tutorial in Plant Staging 101.


Program #2815

Premiered Saturday, July 12, 2003

12:30 ET on PBS (check local listings)

Slug it out with your garden pests! Tune in as Michael Weishan and gardener Kip Anderson discuss ways to rid your garden of pesky slugs. Then, join The Victory Garden to discover The Garden Conservatory's "Open Days" garden visits, which explore gorgeous private gardens to help raise awareness and preservation funds to keep America growing. Back home, gardening correspondent Paul Epsom welcomes gardening expert and author Sharon Lovejoy, who returns to share unique and fun tips from her latest book Trowel and Error. Finally, it's off to the kitchen where celebrated guest chef Didi Emmons prepares delectable garden-fresh cabbage in a tasty new recipe.


Program #2816

Premiered Saturday, July 19, 2003

12:30 ET on PBS (check local listings)

Walk amidst the peace and harmony of a traditional Chinese garden this week with The Victory Garden. Michael Weishan is back in Vancouver at the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Garden, where he observes the majesty and art of bonsai trees. Michael will share the fine points of Feng Shui in the garden — find out how you can add some peace to your own backyard. Then, guest chef Dieu Ho from the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel in Vancouver joins us for a mouth-watering recipe for salmon with fresh lemon verbena.


Program #2817

Premiered Saturday, July 26, 2003

12:30 ET on PBS (check local listings)

Bienvenue à Québec! The Victory Garden saunters to northern Québec, where Michael Weishan enjoys spring in full bloom at the exquisite Reford Gardens. Then, Michael visits the Chateau Frontenac rooftop garden for a healthy and delicious recipe with Chef Jean Soulard featuring the freshest of produce. Back at home, gardening correspondent Paul Epsom tackles a challenge for every gardener as he shares some helpful tips in garden storage.


Program #2818

Premiered Saturday, August 16, 2003

12:30 ET on PBS (check local listings)

Entrez-vous les jardins de Québec! Come along with The Victory Garden as guest correspondent Allan Armitage explores the four-season appeal of a private Asian-style home garden in Montreal, an inspired display how shrubs can bring more light into dark places. In addition, Allan tours the remarkable Montreal Botanic Garden for the finest examples of roses. Michael Weishan then visits Domaine Joly-De Lotbinière and shares some best bets from among its diverse population of flora and fauna. Michael then joins renowned chef Jean Soulard to spice things up with a recipe for scallops with dill at Fairmont Le Château Frontenac.


Program #2819

Premiered Saturday, August 23, 2003

12:30 ET on PBS (check local listings)

This week The Victory Garden resumes the ongoing summer urban project with appropriate and cost-effective hardscape, including tips for installing brick. Also, gardening correspondent Paul Epsom welcomes back gardening expert Sharon Lovejoy to discuss gardening fun for little hands with weekend projects for the kids. Then, join bird experts Don and Lillian Stokes at the Tower Hill Botanic Gardens in Boylston, Massachusetts, to learn which feeders attract the birds you love. Finally, Michael pays a special visit to the delightful Reford Gardens in Quebec for their international garden display tours.


Program #2820

Premiered Saturday, August 30, 2003

12:30 ET on PBS (check local listings)

From garden bed to tabletop, fresh vegetables are a gardener's delight. Michael Weishan explores the exquisite vegetable garden at Arrows Restaurant in Ogunquit, Maine, and discovers some unique methods for growing tomatoes. Some of these fresh (and healthy!) tomatoes from the garden are then brought into the kitchen by Chefs Clark Frasier and Mark Gaier for a tasty summer gazpacho recipe. Back at The Victory Garden, head gardener Kip Anderson builds and installs a beautiful redwood trellis that could be done in a weekend; then guest Gary Koller joins Michael to discuss not-just-the-basics of pool landscaping.


Program #2821

Premiered Saturday, September 6, 2003

12:30 ET on PBS (check local listings)

Get the grass greener on your side of the fence. Michael Weishan enters the major leagues with David Mellor, director of grounds at Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, and gets advice on hitting a home run with proper lawn care. Then, Michael returns to The Victory Garden to meet up with Kip, who introduces a variety of ornamental grasses that help add texture and color to a perennial border. The Urban Project, based in Somerville, MA, is completed with final planting tips and suggestions for ground coverings that thrive in the shade. Finally, it's off to the kitchen with chef Didi Emmons, author of "Entertaining for a Veggie Planet," who whips up a delicious dish of broccoli and noodles.


Program #2822

Premiered Saturday, September 13, 2003

12:30 ET on PBS (check local listings)

We asked, and you responded! This week, The Victory Garden unveils the winners of our America's Most Beautiful Herb Garden contest. Tune in to discover whose crafty creation grabbed the attention of our judges. Michael Weishan will also demonstrate how to keep your edible garden going with tips for preserving your fall harvest. Then, heirloom gardening expert Amy Goldman pays a visit and shares the basics of seed saving with a variety of tomatoes. Finally, learn some simple techniques for updating the look of your window boxes in a snap, by swapping liners.


Program #2823

Premiered Saturday, September 20, 2003

12:30 ET on PBS (check local listings)

This week on The Victory Garden, Michael Weishan tackles a challenging landscape design project — the overhaul of a home's front entrance. The first part will introduce the site, create a plan, and start deconstruction. Also, tune in for best bets in shrubs that won't outgrow their space, ideal for framing your foundation. Michael then pays a visit to a private garden in Massachusetts for some inspired ideas that everyone can use.


Program #2824

Premiered Saturday, September 27, 2003

12:30 ET on PBS (check local listings)

Gardening is all about change — adapting to challenges while enjoying the fruits of your labor. This week in The Victory Garden, we'll review what was successful in the garden and what didn't grow to its potential, and why. Then, Michael Weishan will continue with our front entrance re-design, examining fencing options that fit your home. Next, learn the best bets for making your own stone walkway with this lesson in hardscaping. Finally, gardener Kip Anderson shares tips for growing garden-fresh peppers, like the ones chef Martin Boucher uses in his delicious Ratatouille recipe from Maison des Erables in Montmagny.


Program #2825

Premiered Saturday, October 4, 2003

12:30 ET on PBS (check local listings)

Ready to add a little spice to your fall? This week on The Victory Garden Michael Weishan welcomes expert Amy Goldman, who will explain why transplanting your Chile peppers to indoor pots will keep your plants happy this winter. Then, Michael will teach you how to give new life to your bounty of peppers by drying them. With a chill in the air, Paul Epson returns to the garden to show you the proper way to put your tools to bed for the winter. Finally, tune in to see the results of our front entrance re-design challenge as Michael and gardener Kip Anderson put in the last plantings and take you on a tour.


Program #2826

Premiered Saturday, October 11, 2003

12:30 ET on PBS (check local listings)

With the last of your summer gardening complete and the first frost on it's way its time to get ready for spring! This week on The Victory Garden, Michael Weishan will share the best way to plant your bulbs for a spectacular spring display. Then learn how you can extend your harvest into the coldest months with fresh winter greens. Gardener Kip Anderson returns to the garden to teach you the secrets of planting garlic to ensure a healthy spring crop. Next, join us as we head to Arrows Restaurant in Ogunquit, Maine for a delicious dish of Poached Garlic Soup with Thyme and Red Pepper Creams. Finally, Michael will show you the best way to bring your houseplants indoors after a summer in the garden.

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