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True A Lewis

me and daddy

I was at the age of 9 in 1977, when I started listening and asking questions of my Dad about our family. I don’t know who took this picture of me and Daddy but it reflects on what I have been doing ever since. Trying to piece together my family roots, it was the same year that summer my Grandma Queen Daniel Miles passed away. “Roots” came on television. I wanted to know more. Little did I know it was called “genealogy” back then. So here I am now, still getting those oral history interviews in, writing “Notes to Myself” by way of blogging. Doing all I can in research even as far as doing DNA testing. It’s fulfilling, it takes time and patience. My greatest readers are not born yet, I have to keep telling our stories. It’s my responsibility to keep honoring our ancestors! I hope I’m starting to live up to my name and seek what is “TRUE” for my family.

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