January 9th, 2013
David Geffen
Inventing David Geffen: The Soundtrack

Joni Mitchell, Mama Cass (background), and David Geffen | Photo Credit: Henry Diltz

Joni Mitchell, Mama Cass (background), and David Geffen | Photo Credit: Henry Diltz


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How many PBS films have a Whitesnake track? From Crosby, Stills & Nash to Joni Mitchell, from Neil Young to Elton John, and Bob Dylan, too, the soundtrack to Inventing David Geffen just goes to show the far-reaching influence Geffen had as a music producer on our national soundscape.

Have yourself a listen to the Inventing David Geffen playlist, curated by the American Masters team.

A note to the user, you’ll have to sign up for a Spotify account to listen. But, you’re in luck: it’s a free service.

  • Dr Joe

    Just finished watching the documentary on David Geffen. And I loved it. Very insightful and very informative. Just one question, though. At the very end, in the scene where Mr. Geffen is shown in the home previously owned by Mr. Warner, the soundtrack for the scene is a very beautiful rendition of “There’s No People Like Show People.” Could you tell me who the singer was? Thank you!

  • L. Nans

    Energy, Truth, Love

  • Ted Higginbotham

    There was a CSN song mentioned in show (not carry on) which david geffen really liked. Can you please tell me what it was. Great show by the way.

  • Christine Brohme

    It was FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lulu

    I guess it was stipulated right from the start that to get Geffen’s cooperation and comments for this profile there would be no mention of his love-life, except the one with Cher. But to my mind, leaving out who he loved and who loved him ignored half the man, and made him one-dimensional, like a cardboard cutout of a typical Hollywood operator who made good and how he got there (not such a pretty picture, to be honest). Love, or the absence of it, tells us about the soul of a man. Thus, I had no better understanding of the complete Geffen, than I did before I tuned into the piece.

  • roya

    this was a great piece and super inspiring. Thank you PBS

  • Susan Keefner

    Dr. Joe: I, too, enjoyed the version of There’s No Business played during the epilogue, which set me on a search for same. I came up with a version by Ethel Merman with the Muppets on You Tube that comes close.

  • Doug Singleton

    among the many killer songs on the soundtrack there was a song that only played for about a minute with the lyrics “put me in the movies” it aired when he was just begining to start making movies. anyone know the song i am talking about? have searched every where, no luck finding it but do sort of remember it.

  • eric Stunzi

    Hey…Loved the Show….Good quality all through…Good interviews…
    Thanks…for Ted above…I think you mean Neil Young “all the way home” though they pictured from a CSNY show…

  • Ann Throckmorton

    Ran into the PBS program by chance a week or so ago. Have watched it over and over again on my computer. Have advised FB friends to watch and posted the link. This show is, as I told them, a primer on the Entertainment Industry. Can’t brag enough on this program and thank you so much for the Soundtrack’s availability on Spotify.

  • donna

    when will you show this show again also the bob dylan no direction home

  • Joe

    sell out much? I suppose Geffen contributes to PBS. I thought this series was about artists. What’s next, American Masters GE?


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