May 7th, 2012
Johnny Carson: King of Late Night
Outtake: Drew Carey and Ray Romano

Comedians Drew Carey and Ray Romano remember when they performed on The Tonight Show. Johnny Carson: King of Late Night premieres May 14 at 9 p.m. (check local listings).

  • teddy

    Yep… When Johnny called you over… it was a big thing. I usually watched the show from ‘The Green Room,’ sitting next to publicist, Joe Bleeden, who had to record the monologue for the inevitable morning phone calls… and to watch a young comedian get the Nod was incredible. When Victoria Jackson premiered, the talent dude who found her in a downtown club (I believe it was The Aztec) was sweating bullets as she stood on her head and did her ‘thing’ — What a moment!

  • reza pezechkpour

    This part was one of the most touching parts of the program. i came to the US from Iran back in 1978 and I remember so funny moments of his programs. So many memories. Miss you a lot Johnny. You will be always in my heart. The program got me sad and depressed and now i cannot go to sleep! You are so good that after so many years we still cherish you and the thought of not having you amongst us is sad….You gave us so many nice moments and made us want to go on……God bless you; you are the best

  • Frank

    I really wish Romano’s comments about Carey [and vice versa] had been included in the documentary. As I watched Romano’s commentary in the final version, the contrast between his experience and Carey’s was glaring. I wondered how he felt about it. It just seemed like the pink elephant in the room, not being addressed. And I love Romano’s humor about it. This footage gives insight to the reality of what happened, and gives nice dimension to how comedians dealt with issues related to Carson’s approval. Glad we at least got to see it as an outtake.

  • Steve

    No coincidence that those that were given the OK sign or called over to the desk eventually became the greatest comedians of the next generation – Leno, Letterman, Carey, Seinfeld, Degeneris, Shandling. It was not the power and influence that he most certainly had, but his remarkable ability to recognize great talent when he saw it. He was so talented on so many levels.


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