October 20th, 2011
Pearl Jam Twenty
Interview with Pearl Jam and Director Cameron Crowe

Watch footage from the “Pearl Jam Twenty” Toronto International Film Festival press conference with filmmaker Cameron Crowe and Pearl Jam. American Masters Pearl Jam Twenty premieres nationwide Friday, October 21, 2011 at 9 p.m. on PBS (check local listings) as part of the first PBS Arts Fall Festival.

  • Tom

    7-8 mark Cobain moment is priceless
    and then to explain a Pearl jam show and what is all about , give you chills

  • TC

    Mike looks sharp these days!

    Jeff doesn’t age much either.

  • j

    takes me back! thank you!

  • Jessica D

    Yes, it was great to watch PJ for an hour and half and I can only imagine how difficult it was to edit and construct the narrative. That said, I’m really bummed that this film did not represent what a fan would want to hear. It did reflect that a buddy produced it and not someone who has that bittersweet, intense love of this band whose music is ingrained in one’s brainwaves.

    How was it for Eddie to play “Just Breathe” in small venues on solo and then see it explode when touring with the band? Did that oddly feel like a loss or a huge gain? (Lots of musicians go through this process when they release albums.)

    What were amazing moments with fans, in person or at shows?

    Why not have fans discuss why Unthought Unknown is an instant classic in the vein of Given to Fly cut with the band discussing how they created and played the song. What are the words to Yellow Ledbedder!?:)

    How is touring internationally different than domestically?

    What about their social justice work? How did that affect their future social justice work? How much have they donated, how many issues and groups have they supported? Will Eddie Vedder ever get out front an on issue like with Ticketmaster again?

    Ticketmaster today charges up to $20/ticket in fees that amount to a show. Now that bands depend on touring, what are they doing to stop this?

    What is it like being fathers on the road, in the business?

    What is their view of the state of the music industry? How has promoting their work in the media changed (dramatically) with less gatekeepers, like Rolling Stone and Spin?

    What are great, new bands that they like?

    Pearl Jam is the best cover band out there…why don’t they cover women’s songs, besides Victoria Williams’ “Crazy Mary,” which is an all-time classic, thank-you-very-much.

    It took 15 minutes before mentioning Eddie and an hour before we get close to the present tense. The band hit it big largely because of him, you don’t start it with the seattle scene. You get into the history until 5-10 minutes into the film. This focused waaaay too much on when Crowe was in the scene, which was poorly shot, btw. Also, it was disappointing that the concert footage in the second half was from Pearl Jam DVDs. And, it was weird that Chris Cornell was the only person interviewed today about the band.

    I’m sorry, that’s how I feel. I wish I could shoot interviews with the band to answer these questions…(sigh.)

  • stacy baker

    Will this show (pearl jam 20) air again? I missed it when it aired – how can I see it? Thanks!

  • Lindsay

    Please show it again!! I have missed it twice now!! PLEASE!!!!

  • Andrea

    I really really want to see this when will it be on again? It seems that other films are repeated much more often.

    Their music could be the backdrop to a film about my life, very special to me.

  • Jennifer Trotter

    When will Pearl Jam 20 air again? Does it air in November or December of 2011? Really want to see it, please

    Thank you,

  • bret luyet

    I have loved these guys from the beginning still a fan,always will be a fan


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