June 3rd, 2013
Sister Rosetta Tharpe
Sister Rosetta Live! 1964: 'Didn't it Rain'

The scene is England in 1964. You hear the band playing when Sister Rosetta Tharpe pulls up on a horse drawn carriage to a make-shift stage at an abandoned railroad station. It’s a rainy day and Sister Rosetta is in her Sunday overcoat. You can almost hear a train whistle blowing when she belts out “Didn’t it Rain” accompanied by a full-blooded, swaggering electric guitar sound.

Premieres Friday, February 22 at 9pm on PBS (check local listings)

  • Constance Strickland

    of Legend!

  • Harry

    Unbelievable. I am really looking forward to THIS! It looks to be a MAJOR history lesson for everyone who ever picked up a guitar or loves music.
    Praise PBS!!!

  • Elena Alexander

    Will this be rebroadcast, and if so, when? I had to be out of the house, and missed most of it.
    The part I saw was so great.


  • Tony

    the “Queen of rock & roll”, yeah maybe but a queen of American jump blues to be sure. not that familiar with Mama Thorton and Bessie Smith but Sister Rosetta is in the same sphere; Elvis , Chuck Berry et al must have been acolytes in her musical ‘church’ and later Janis Joplin was surely inspired by the Sister. one of those magic moments of seeing a musician who played from inside, the music was an extension of her personnae, she had no choice but to let it out !! so I echo the sentiment, “praise PBS’ for showcasing her to a larger audience,, it’s inspirational

  • Mary


  • gloria gordon

    she is officially my hero…tell me more


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