September 12th, 2007
Tony Bennett
Gallery: The Paintings of Tony Bennett

An exhibition of the paintings of Tony Bennett.

  • Allan Palmer

    Seventy-one year old musician and fan. Captivated since seeing the portrait of the Duke of Ellington. He and I belonged to the same organization! Of course love Tonys wonderful vocal style. May be better than Frank!

  • trisha reid

    I am very interested in buying the ‘ painting positano Italy ‘ can you advise if it is for sale and an indication of price.
    Kind regards


  • Sidney Coffman

    I’m sure Tony has no recollection of me, but I met him at a Hollywood party many years ago. At the time I wanted
    to be a singer but things didn’t work out. At present I am a painter who has sold many pieces in Europe. I was
    not aware of the fact that Tony was such a gifted painter as well as a vocalist. Viewing some of his paintings
    on this page, ( six ) has been a most surprising and wonderful pleasure for me. I do wish Tony and his family
    the very best in the years to come.

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