November 10th, 2011
Woody Allen: A Documentary
Clip: Woody Allen vs Manhattan

After critical success of Manhattan, Woody’s emotions about his celebrated film are conflicted. Woody Allen: A Documentary premieres nationally Sunday, November 20 from 9-11 p.m. and Monday, November 21 from 9-10:30 p.m. on PBS (check local listings) as part of the 25th anniversary season of American Masters.

  • Roberta Honig

    Was not able to play Woody Allen part 1 or part 2. It did not work. I was able to play the clips but not the show.
    Please help.

  • Archie Borders

    Me, either. I watched the first half the other day and then couldn’t finish it. Very frustrating.

  • Claudia Sutton

    Wonderful Documentary, Woody is brilliant and Manhattan is the New York I feel, captured beautifully in Gordon Willis’ magnificent b/w cinematography.

    Keep going Woody I never get enough.

    Want to watch the documentary again but part one and two are not listed to view…clips only…why?

  • debra fadely

    yes…it said part 2 was available until the 3rd. but it’s not. so sad.

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