American Spring LIVE - Episode 2: Migration

Breeding and the greening of the landscape are tied to another major spectacle of spring: the mass movements of animals as they take advantage of spring’s bounty. Meet the scientists who track the journeys of animals such as butterflies, birds, bison and bats over vast distances, from winter refuge to spring nesting grounds. As they attempt to uncover the precise triggers and timing of migration and its impact on other animal species, the scientists grapple with how these patterns and behaviors may shift due to climate change.

* Editor’s Note: In a segment of this episode, we mistakenly identified a Wilson’s Snipe bird as a Dowitcher, due to a camera switch to the wrong camera from the control room. Birdwatching is fun and sometimes tricky, especially during a live show! We wanted to clarify this mistake and thank all our viewers who helped make this identification correction.

Major support for Nature: American Spring LIVE was provided by the National Science Foundation and Anne Ray Foundation.

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