American Eagle
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Unique to North America, the bald eagle is the continent’s most recognizable aerial predator, with a shocking white head, electric yellow beak, and penetrating eyes. In the 1960s, this symbol of the United States became an emblem of environmental degradation as the pesticide DDT and other human pressures brought it to the brink of extinction. But following their protection as an endangered species, bald eagles have come roaring back. Photographed by three-time Emmy-winning cinematographer Neil Rettig, this first-ever HD hour on bald eagles is an intimate portrait of these majestic raptors’ lives in the wild. Buy the DVD. This program premiered November 16, 2008.

  • GG

    Absolutely brought a couple of tears of sadness, joy and pride to my eyes. Thank you PBS, this was the best video ever!

  • Shel Wappler

    Mari, I thought that this might be great for your kids

  • Doris Rowe

    Wonderful! Beautiful movie! Thank you. That eagle covered with snow waiting for a break was great. Turn pages of my Eagle Fables picture book at

  • WLK

    Fantastic job!! An inspiration when we need it.

  • John Angster

    The photography in this program was just great!
    I learned a great deal about the America Eagle

  • nina touching i loved it!! =]

  • shannon

    beautiful documentary. i love the bald eagle. very inspirational.

  • Jennifer Zimmerman

    My husband is visually impaired and this brought the bald eagle that I photograph in the wild, up close for him to see this beautiful raptor in it’s natural habitat. So much not known about the eagle was fun to learn.

  • Jeslyn

    Very well and beautifully taken. My 5yrs old son loved it so much that he said he wants to breed them. I am looking to buy one for his Christmas present.

  • richeng

    wonderful! it is such a great feeling to watch this documentary. real good job.

  • Margaret Hookey

    Will this be shown again in the Dallas area? I missed it and I know from friends it was a great film.

  • mckay

    such an inspirering movie

  • Kim

    A couple years ago I became addicted to the bald eagle “critter cam” during the breeding season in Maine. It was live drama unfolding in real time, but critter cams are silent. As I watched this episode of Nature, it brought flashbacks of that spring when I was riveted to the scenes on my computer monitor, but this time, American Eagle added a soundtrack to the visual memories. I shall again search for a bald eagle critter cam online in the 2009 breeding season, inspired by this episode.

  • Tom Lake

    This is a wonderfully balanced tribute to a magnificent bird. As with almost all of the PBS Nature programs, I fear that the people who need to see them most, do not. Those who destroy wildlife habitat are too busy finding loopholes in our conservation laws to create a kinship connection to these incredible animals.

  • Diana G

    Yes, I love to look at all the birds of prey. Especially their fight to survive no matter what it cost.

  • Pauline

    This was most inspirational. It is a beautifuly produced and informative program. The photography is spectacular. I wish my grandson was old enough to appreciate it.

  • John Selensky

    Mr. Lake, you’re words are so true. Still the Eagle is making an amazing comeback all across the country. The population is growing quickly as the effects from DDT use are finally purged from the biomass. Share these programs with all you know. They can be watched online at any time.

  • Rachel

    As usual, I wish I could be more proactive. The only thing missing from the menu each episode is information on how to contribute to the conservation efforts for the animals showcased in your wonderful episodes.

  • Donna

    It was extraordinary – I recorded on my DVR and have watched it 3 times. I would love to buy it for a friend, if possible. Is it available?

  • Mi hee

    I was so touched…… It was fantastic.. and made me appreciated.

  • Another Mama

    What we parents endure for the love of our little ones…it seems to just come natural for eagles!

  • Hieu

    good show thanksss!!!!

  • Keith Fillier

    WE cannot underestimate how important this form of programming is to all humans who want to share this life with nature, and see it abound all around us. Without a complete understanding of the natural world and it fragility we are doomed to failure, and we have not fulfilled our obligation to be equals among all living things. This film brought a tear to my eye, as noted by another commentator. GREAT WORK.

  • rhonda

    This and all of your programs are wonderful.I love sharing with adults as well as my students,the lessons taught my watching your Episode of the American Bald Eagle.Awesome I love animals especially birds!

  • xiaomeihua

    How i love watching animal behaviour. this one is superb.Glory be to the Intelligent Design who made the bald eagle.



  • sean

    very good very detailed very sad in places but injoyed wathing it

  • lol

    ilts Meaning i love this show…… Ha i like eagles they are fun to watch but who would but who would buy one for their son i mean come on.

  • nadeem

    i didnt like it

  • Dustin

    Best eagle documentary I ever seen. Thank you PBS. I loved the eagles skating on the ice, too kool. :)

  • clark

    good eagle video. i would like to watch the new philippine eagle video. thank you for your time

  • Sam

    This was the best eagle video ever! I cried when I saw the eagle buried in snow.

  • Chris

    I went to college in La Crosse and the piece reminded me of the mellow, but fantastic world of scenic and nature that is the Northern Mississippi River Valley. It is a harmony that seems to reset me from time to time.

  • Carol Langlitz

    I believe I watched the above video and loved it. Was wondering if I might be able to purchase a copy. I saw 2 Eagles while camping at the Mongaup Pond State Park in NY State 6/22/09 – 06/26/09 and it is such a powerful site to see, it reminded me of your video. Is it possible to purchse it?

  • Grazia Bittner

    Such a beautiful tribute to our National symbol! Thank you for this.

  • Sandesh Kadur

    Good to see the documentary in full – online :)

  • Abby lope

    These are so cool!@!!!!!!

  • Adriana Luna

    Great story! I think it was soo sad when the female died and the male left the nest! I felt bad for the egg as well, it would have been a great bald eagle! I also found super interesting that theres so many in Alaska. I learned so much of what they eat, how the live, and how they take care of their nest.

  • danielle

    That was a good video! It brought tears to my eyes! =]

  • angel

    it was very interesting
    people started to cry

  • 06054

    THis is the most buetiful bird ever

  • Marilyn Wentworth

    I accidentally found this magnificent video. How I missed its debut on PBS, I’ll never know! I teach at a small inner-city school and am known as the “bird goddess” because of my love for birds. Once we return from our Christmas break, my class and I will start monitoring bald eagles via web-cams as they nest in ME, VA, and NH.
    This video is a must for my classroom and I will order it today! Thanks you!!! And, yes, I cried!

  • Lynne Marsho

    BREATHTAKING!!!!!!!!!! I take pictures of eagles along the Illinois River in Peoria and Chillicothe, Illinois. There has been an active nest south of Lacon, Illinois. The couple has produced eaglets for 4 or more years. Last year with horrible weather, the eaglets died. The female cried for a long time. Several weeks after that, the tree fell into the river. We are waiting to see if they build another nest close by.

    What a brutal life they live with the weather conditions. There is a blind not far from the old nest. I have spent hours just watching them.

    I have sent the link to this website to everyone I know.

  • DonP.(SKIP)

    Photography such as this is very difficult to obtain, and the creator of this video, has spsent hours in blinds, or at a safe distance to protect America’s premier bird. My hats off to him and his fellow workers who bring us such enjoyment. Take care of nature, and it’ll reward you. Don’t rush to nesting areas without first obtaining permission from land owner, and making sure that the eagles will accept your presence. What a wonderful video. Thanks for sharing and caring.

  • Donald McMains

    The video of all videos. Beautiful photographic work

  • Dave Clark

    What an inspiring video and what spectacular video work. I also photographed a pair of eagles hatching and fledging three eaglets on the Illinois river last year. Not anywhere close to this quality due distance,ground level, and less expensive equipment but I could watch them progres from chikc to fledging. If anyone would like to see it go to and click on the Eagle nest activity gallery.

  • Mr- Lek


  • Lisa Hammer

    Bravo! I’m completely taken with this video, wow! I live 15 mins from the Mississippi River and I hang there every winter to capture that one awesome shot with my camera! These birds just completely amaze me with there strength and agility. Not to mention there beauty! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful video!

    Lisa Hammer

  • Art Cooley

    Dear Nature; In your program on bald eagles you indicate that DDT was banned in 1973 after Congress became involved. This is incorrect and has previously been pointed out to you when the program first aired but you have not corrected the mistake. DDT was banned in 1972 resulting from a lawsuit that the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) brought against EPA after winning a similar lawsuit in Wisconsin to ban DDT there. The decision was made not by Congress but William Ruckelshaus, the first administrator of EPA. Banning DDT allowed the return of the peregrine falcon, brown pelican, osprey and bald eagle. Tom Cade in his book The Return of the Peregrine Falcon, said, ““Let there be no doubt: the banning of DDT in 1972 was the single most important action taken to ensure the survival and recovery of the Peregrine Falcon in North America. Without it, we would not have celebrated the delisting of the American Peregrine in 1999, for it made possible everything good that happened to the Peregrine in the last decades of the 20th century.” Art Cooley, Founding Trustee, EDF

  • StaceyEY

    The bald eagle……a true symbol of the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

  • Sue

    Amazing photography in this program! I live in Florida where I sometimes see eagles. Two years ago I visited the Alaskan Raptor Center in Sitka, Alaska, where they are doing amazing work to rehabilitate injured eagles. Your program reminded me strongly of the thrill of seeing 20 or so bald eagles swooping overhead in Alaska. That’s an experience I wish everyone could have.

  • dale

    loved film, great footage, will watch again many times

  • Gordy

    Unfortunately DDT is still very much of a threat to our environment. While the EPA did band the use of the pesticide it is still legal for American companies to manufacture. Today tons of DDT is still be produced in this country and sold over seas for regular use. It is so stable that it can be present in our planets jet streams and travel into our immediate environments.
    We haven’t seen the last of the DDT problem yet I’m afraid…

  • Steve Strignough

    I would say I have the same thought, take my window film company for example. Have you ever noticed how your furniture fades in the sun? All that damagehappens from the suns UV rays coming into the home. This is the main reason for using a home window tint film, for some it is all they want window film for and those homeowners can use our films that are nearly clear. Today we need many ways to save.

  • Lorence

    Great video, I’m so amaze by bald eagles ,what a beautiful raptor….

  • Justin Dancing Hawk

    Thank you so VERY MUCH for sharing this video! I also caught it on PBS and loved it! As an Artist, I found this extremely helpful and inspiring. I’d very much like to help in fund raising if you’d allow me that honor! I monitor the nest here in Chippewa Falls, WI and did a painting of the Fledgling from 2009. I’d be delighted to make contributions from my sales of prints! I’m working on other paintings as well. If you will contact me, I’d like to discuss this further! Thank you! – Justin

  • devon

    bald egales are magestic birds.

  • Alex & Glendys

    Very beautiful, the bald eagle’s a magnificent raptor. Long live…….

  • Steve Fuller

    Fourth grade student reviews of bald eagle video follow. It’s been an excellent resource for our study of the Hudson River. Thanks. Steve Fuller
    This video is good because it is very realistic. It is also very interesting. They did good filming on wildlife. I like to see wildlife and what it does. MS
    This video has amazing photography. There are so many facts it’s difficult to observe all of them. Some scenes may be disturbing to viewers because the video shows eagles killing prey and an eagle dieing. SB
    This video was very interesting. It had good detail, facts, and photography. It had some sad moments, though. Those parts I don’t like. Also, I don’t think the video was long enough. KT
    I liked the video because you learn how an eagle makes its nest. I also learned that they make their nests in the winter. AD
    It is a nice video, but nasty. There’s fish guts hanging out. Then they put the camera in a dead carcass. The eagles were feeding on it. It was great. KR
    The video may be disturbing. Now eagles are back and are not endangered. DDT is against the law, too. JE
    This video is very good. It’s amazing how you can get such great photography. You had a lot of good facts about this noble bird’s life. I was amazed with how quickly the species increased after DDT, the poisonous chemical, was prohibited from the bird’s habitat. Great video! MC
    I like how the video is interesting and funny. I also like how it included DDT. The photography and comments are great. PB
    I like this movie because it has really good photography and information. They go so close to the eagle and it’s so cool to see. It’s sad to see an eagle dieing and it’s disturbing to see animal guts. AB
    I like how the video was interesting. I like the comments and photography. I like how the eagles work together. They came back after DDT was banned. RD
    I think that the video was cool but sad. It was cool because they showed the activity in the nest live. It’s also sad because it showed dead animals and the eagle as it died. It was also cool because it had a lot of information about other animals. JL
    I thought this movie was very fun to watch. It was very interesting to find out that the bald eagle can dive at a speed of 100 mph. It was sad when the eagle died from lead poisoning. It was really cool to see the eagles soar in the sky. The photography was amazing. OD
    I thought it was cool to see how big the eggs were and what color they were. It was pretty neat to see how the male and female chased each other. It was amazing that about 500,000 lived back then. It was interesting to see how the male acts if the female moves a piece of the nest. It is interesting how they soar through the air. PL

  • Steve Fuller

    Four more students from Pequenaknock Elementary School had comments. Thanks.
    I think this video was good because of the amazing photography. It was also weird to learn there used to be a cash bounty for killing eagles. It was cool to hear there was once an estimated 500,00 bald eagles. CB
    It was very interesting to see how the male cared so much about the nest and the eggs. It was disturbing to see the guts of an animal being eaten. It was sad to see the animals struggle through the cold. JS
    I liked this video because it taught about bald eagles. I liked when the guy put the camera in the nest. I think it was the best bald eagle video I have ever seen in my life. FD
    I think this was a good video. It shows great graphics. They also get up close. They explain what they are doing and use simple words. I didn’t like how they showed sad things. MJS

  • Kathy

    Enjoyed your program very much. Great photography. I check in with our local eagle triplets every day at the cam. It is wonderful to watch.

  • Benny

    Where does the southern bald eagle live??

  • Carol

    Thanks for sharing. I am glad the bald eagle is the national symbol of America. I recognize the struggle they have more than ever. It gives me hope for America. We, too, can survive whatever comes against us.

  • naynaingtun

    I wanna to know how to train eagle. I have a golden eagle but i don’t know how to train him well. So who can help me? Please hep me. :)


    I was amazed when camping at Burgess, Va just last week when we got to see 4 bald eagles. One catching a fish and carring it to shore. We were fishing in the jetty for stripper bass. The amazing flight, beautiful color, and they were so close, we were so amazed. God is good. Thanks for shareing with us your beautiful touches of nature………….. 10/29/2010

  • Arlene Michienzi.

    I live on a lake and enjoy watching the Eagles all year round, but this Video explains a lot about their habits and personality. Thanks for the opportunity to observe them.

  • David Drufke, Minneapolis

    We unfortunately ran into an eagle with lead poisoning. This episode was mentioned in the discussion of the event.

  • amber v

    @naynaigtun please hand ‘your’ eagle over to a wildlife professional who can re-integrate him into the wild.

    Get yourself a few chickens instead the fresh free-range eggs are wonderful.
    I have a blast with my little egg farm!

  • joe Saint Louis

    I was just driving up to the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers where we came up several Eagles. it is a great place to spot’m up close!

  • Eddie

    Go Eagles!! Super bowl here we come!

    The best eagles are Philadelphia kind they have a true animal hero QB Michael Vick.

  • Janine

    For the last year and a half I have been watching the Hornby Island Eagle cam. Since I live in So. Calif. I have also been watching the Bald Eagle cams on Catalina Island. I learned a whole lot about the eagles by watching your Bald Eagle Episode, Thank you so much!!

  • Shirley Boston

    Thank you to the gentlemen who created this DVD. I had just been in Iowa a few days before I watched it on PBS in Columbus, Ohio and watched the Eagles there for the first time. Watching the eagles live just gives me chills. They are so majestic. They represent the United States Of America and I am so proud to be an American. I purchased the DVD for my grandson. I know he will enjoy it because the eagles I observed are not far from his home in Iowa. Thank you PBS.

  • Ralph

    Thank you PBS, as a would be Artist of wild life this is a great help.

  • Andy Thomas

    Dear PBS,

    Thank you! I was impressed to purchase the eagles dvd and send it to my friend who is a elderly, she will have it show to the youth in our circle, that the lessons here may be preserved! please do one on Dogs also.
    Thank you.

  • Lorenzo

    Majestic, free and strong…The Bald Eagle…just like The United States of America. Thank you PBS for an inspiring and amazing video. For the people who were involved in compiling this masterpiece, you truly are masters for you have shown and shared nature in a very special way, a way in which I would have never experienced if it weren’t for all the talent and creativity that went into the creation of this video. Thank you.

  • Chris Benson

    Thank You PBS for another outstanding video Your programs are Amazing! Keep up the good work.

  • kino

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  • Jim Womeldorf

    Part of this video was filmed from the window of a barn my Dad built in the 1940s. Pretty special for me. I now live about 1/4 mile from the nest

  • LuLu

    faneffin’tastic!! Talk about an emotional rollercoaster. What a struggle just to survive! What a bird what a bird! LOVED it.

  • Christal Sigala

    When I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now every time a remark is added I get four emails with the identical comment. Is there any approach you can remove me from that service? Thanks!

  • Diane

    Great information. This was refered from the ustream/tv/channel/decorah-egle site chat room.
    I loved it!

  • danank

    im watching it now

  • Janet

    This video was so amazing! thank you Bob and whom ever helped you film it for us to watch.
    God Bless you in your work with our American bald eagle!

  • lindsey

    I just love this! I’ve watched it 3 times and will watch it again and again, never get tired of it.

  • Michelle

    This pair of Eagles just hatched there 1st and 2nd eaglets of this year 4/5/2011 Go to to watch them on the
    Decorah Eagle Cam. you can watch them 24/7 hours a day, Very neat!

  • Deborah

    What a beautiful story and such breathtaking footage. I am from Iowa and so very blessed to be able to watch by cam the male and female in this story with their new hatchlings they are raising. The cam was set up by Raptor Resource and what a wonderful job they are doing allowing us to step into the life of a pair of Beautiful Eagles….

  • Curt

    The third of this year’s eaglets is currently hatching.

  • Nancy Lee McDaniel

    How can I buy a DVD of this program?

  • Laura Clark

    I would love to purchase this too. I’m a teacher and we are watching the UStream in our classroom (5th grade). The students are amazed! I would love to show them this film!!!

  • Diane

    Excellent video. I have been watching the Decorah nest this year and have found it fascinating.

  • n8urnut

    I too have been watching the Decorah nest. I was lucky to have stumbled upon the live cam via Facebook and luckier still that I actually got to see the third chick hatch. It’s been hard for me to pull myself away from watching the cam. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Full Episode video here too. We sit in the comfort of our homes and sometimes forget how much these wonderful creatures have to struggle from day to day to survive. How precious all life is. Thanks for reminding us.

  • Marilyn Gauvin

    Thank you for wonderful video, have sent web site to all so they can enjoy also. we have all enjoyed the Decorah eagles and will be watching everyday.

  • Donald

    Great info. I visit friends near Mason City and there is a nest there but nothing as as good as the job Niel and Bob do at Decorah. Was wandering where I could get the video of the PBS DVD?

  • SHeryl48

    What a wonderful teaching tool. We are seeing our first nest on live web
    cam at Decorah Iowa. Our grandkids and neighbor children love to come see
    these nesting eagles and their pips.!! It is awesome that us in our 60’s have
    never seen this in the wild, there is a GOD!!THnaks for sharing

  • avengergrl64

    thank you for this video made me see something in my life time that i would hope that my kids get to experience this in theirs. I have much more respect and much more love for these birds my heart goes out to them

  • rosebud140

    Wow! This is the perfect pairing for your Decorah eagles webcam! It took a lot for me to tear myself away from the live shots to see this, but it is oh-so worth it! I have a “thing” for bald eagles – have to pull off the road all the time to differentiate them from turkey vultures – so the video and the cam just make my heart smile!

    Thank you so much for making this available!

  • halleydj

    What a fabulous video! I am a retired teacher with a published children’s book. As I travel to schools to do complimentary presentations, I will be recommending your video and the webcam to every classroom full of young Americans I encounter. It is so important for our youth to realize how important our environment is and that we play a part in its health. Thank you for your dedication!

  • DeeBee111

    This is a great video. Thanks!

  • shady

    I absolutely loved this video, as I watch the Decorah webcam daily. I have so much appreciation for these wonderful amazing raptors. I am currently organizing a bird trip to find and hopefully glimpse one of these awesome creatures in my state. I have newfounded respect for these and related truly beautiful creatures!!

  • notwithit

    I have so enjoyed watching these Decorah Eagles. These birds just make my heart sing. i have been concerned since the storms on Sunday as I have not seen one bird relieving the other. I have not been able to see who brings in the prey the ;ast couple of days. Please tell me both adults made it through the storm.

  • Amy

    Interesting and educational.

  • andimal23

    I would like to thank everyone at the Raptor Resource Project for everything they have given us these past few years. I watch these animals in amazement, and they just take my breath away. This PBS special helped me learn so much more about them, and I am so happy that our Decorah Eagles were featured in this film. So sad that the first female mate died, but our current mommy has melted my heart (and daddy has, too).

    What fascinating creatures these are…and it just reiterates to me that there truly is a magnificent creator in heaven; who can deny it after watching the miracle of life with our current hatchlings? God bless all of you at RRP, thank you for giving us all such a wonderful experience to watch and learn from. I don’t know what I am going to do when these babies leave the nest; I’ve been watching them non stop for weeks!

    I guess I’ll have to wait until October or November to see them again. In the meantime, I live in the Illinois River Valley where we have hundreds of eagles, most of which migrate to our area to fish in December through February – the river does not freeze in one spot due to the dam, so they fish here. It’s amazing to watch them, but now I have a greater understanding and will watch with even greater joy this winter. Thank you again!

  • Cindy

    Thank you for all you’ve done, I’ve been enjoying the Decorah eagles! What an honor is it to be witness to this miracle!! I’m presently without work, and they bring some enjoyment into my life … thank you thank you thank you!!!

  • Pat Lewis

    Absolutely beautiful! A moving tribute to the Decorah eagles. I have been viewing your webcam, which prompted me to view this video. Through film and webcam, a greater awareness has been brought to my attention. Exceptional. Very well done. Thank you!

  • Susan

    Beautiful ! Loved watching this.. Can you please tell me if there is other archived pictures or videos of the first female eagle from the decorah nest? so sad to have seen the eagle died. But the current eagle now is fasinating to watch her care for her eaglets now!!

  • Sandra F.

    Thank you so much for allowing me to view these beautiful majestic birds up close and personal through this video and Raptor Resource Project . Hats off to you all for a job well done!!!

  • Peggy

    What a wondrous video to watch, as we’ve watched the webcam for nearly 6 weeks. Beautiful photography! Seeing both their majesty and their frailty makes one pause and marvel. We are cheering for all 3 of the eaglets! We thank our creator God for his marvelous works! Thanks for this opportunity to see this!

  • Joke

    Wat een prachtige beelden
    Dit getuigd van een wonderbaarlijke schepping

  • GoldieLin

    this is so fascinating to me, I can’t put my lap top down for more than an hour or so at a time without taking a long peek at the eagles. keep up the great work and thank for this opportunity to see nature at it’s best.

  • Debra

    I have been watching the Decorah Eagle family for several weeks now. This video really puts into perspective the difficulties these eagle face on a daily basis. This only makes me love this pair and their newest eaglets even more. Beautiful camera work and story tellling!! This gets two talons up from me!!! Thank you Neil and Bob!

  • ejwkyle

    It was so impressive to watch the PBS doc on the Eagles! I learned so much…I think the professionalism of all involved says so much for our educational system in this country…Excellent work and made me feel connected to our natural world even more! Thank you sincerely….

  • Bossbeck

    Very interesting. I learned things I did not know before. Love watching the Decorah Eagles!

  • Judy

    Absolutely wonderful video. I learned so much more about eagles from this video. We boat on the Mississippi River in Red Wing, MN and share an area by the lock and dam spillway with a pair of eagles for years now. We will anchor out for a weekend and watch their antics and feeding. They have swooped down in front of our boat to catch fish in the early mornings, one even dragged a turtle out of the river and proceeded to feed on it on shore. As noted in the video they are certainly territorial – chasing out any hawk that dares to enter their domain. So looking forward to summer again to visit them.

  • nilekete

    Lovely, informative and quite moving………..thank you! :)

  • tom

    April 16,2011

    This was a lovely tribute to the Bald Eagle, thanks

  • jocelyn

    Très beau..

  • Kathy

    I love this site. It is Fantastic. I love birds of Prey! Too Cool!!!!

  • Arta

    Thank you for a beautiful look at such a magnificent creation

  • sonnytrox

    Truly amazing. I have found a new love <3

  • kathleen

    Thank you for helping all of us continue to learn how magnificent the bald eagle is and should be cherished by everyone. God bless America and God bless all creatures great and small.

  • Kathye Vance

    This is a magnificent video of the eagle with all its real-life episodes – well worth the time. I am definitely a fan of this species.

  • Deb

    I haven’t seen the Eagles in a couple of days. Please tell me the babies are ok.

  • Ron

    What an awesome video, wish we had more of them in the southern tier of NY, very seldome are they seen here.

  • vickie christiansen

    I have enjoyed watching the Eagles video very much! Thought it was fantastic,thank-you all so much!!

  • Romeo

    Vedere questa web è un qualcosa di emozionante, si resta ipnotizzati ma ciò che affascina maggiormente è il grande spettacolo della natura.

  • Janice Mahon

    I just made a donation to this wonderful entity. As soon as I get up, I turn on the Decorah eagle webcam to see how the little ones are doing. A few days ago, there was a freak snow and ice storm. Mama and Papa had their little ones snuggling under them, Mama spread her wings to cover them. How could we have seen this wonderful sight if not for the dedication of RRP! I hope others donate, it just takes a few dollars.

  • Jim Robinson

    Did one of the eaglets die?? I have been watching since they hatched. It is awesome.

  • Debby Rabe

    It is awesome, the circle of life. It is so important to remember that man has the ultimate control over the environment and if everyone would do their part to clean up the environment what a beautiful place it would be for all mankind, from the smallest creatures to man. It is amazing what chemicals can do to destroy our environment and cause illness, destruction, and death. What an amazing thing to see the American Bald Eagle soaring in the sky, above the treetops, with the river streaming full of fish. It is so wonderful to see the little eaglets grow so fast. I looked back at video of them and see such a hugh change in their coloring, their size, and the way the waddle around the nest. They sure to consume alot of fish in a day. Mama and Papa sure are busy.

  • Lotus

    How come I can’t see video anymore, I’m on Mozilla Firefox, I was seeing the Eagles just fine and other wildlife webcams, then all of a sudden I can’t get the video to load up, all I see is the circle, any suggestions? I really miss seeing the Decorah eaglets and parents, I’m hooked.

  • Joellen Megan

    This video is an incredible wittness to the circle of life that we have surrounding us. We have to be good stewards of the gifts around us and do everything we possibly can to proliferate and support wildlife on all levels; for as Gandi said, we will be judged by the way we treat the creatures that abide along side of us here on earth. Thank yous to Bob Anderson, and all the others who forge along to keep wildlife safe and able to prosper. (0: Sincerely, joellen megan

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  • CeeCee

    As others have mentioned before me, I have been watching the Decorah eagles since before E3 was hatched. Thank you PBS, for this informative video. Thanks also to Neil and Bob for their outstanding effort in giving us a glimpse at the lives and struggles these magnificent birds deal with daily.

  • Lesley

    Wish I could say thank you PBS, but I cannot view your video, some sort of restriction – could be that I am viewing from Australia.

    So I can only hope that one day, free to air TV, in Sydney, will buy a copy and screen it for us all down under. :)

  • Lora

    Beautiful job. Thanks for sharing. I cried and smiled. God bless you.

  • Yvonne, California

    I have been watching the current eagle family in Decorah, Iowa and instantly recognized the nest in this video. This was mama’s first year raising a family and it’s heartwarming to see that she has become a great mother, raising three eaglets this year.

  • Dyanne William and Autumn Moore

    Thank you for making us more aware of the how when and where of these beautiful birds. Now we understand alot easier just what we have been watching in this nest. Thank you! See Decorah Iowa Eagles in the film too

  • Jean Wenzel

    Missed a few days over the Mother’s Day weekend. Now its Tuesday and I think I only see 2 eaglets. Am I right? What happened?

  • B. METZ


  • Faith – Michigan

    If i could, I would present all people involved in this filming with THE OSCAR. You deserve an academy award for this awesome and beautiful presentation of the life and journey of our national bird, the bald eagle. It was just awesome and never was there one dull moment in the whole 50 minutes. Just wish I had watched this much earlier before I started viewing the nest on UStream, but just did not want to look at anything else until the screen was down today. Should be a pre-requisite for everyone viewing the live cam of the Decorah eagles nest. God bless you in all your future endeavors with this nest and future filming! Thank you, Faith (Eaglespotter)

  • matinva

    We’ve been watching the live camera stream of the Decorah Eagles since just after the eggs were laid this year. The chat moderator posted the link to this video this afternoon and I just finished watching it. What an absolutely amazing work! Our founding fathers could not have selected a more appropriate symbol to represent our nation; strong, resilient and protective…all the best of the nation we are.

  • Joe Bartges

    Have forward to all in my address book your site for them to enjoy the Bald Eagles. Have home in N-W Pennsylvania on the Allegheny River where in the last six years the population of the Bald Eagles has increased two-fold. Now see 2-3 almost every day on the hunt. Afraid that the polution of the Allegheny River will again put this animal in danger. Thanks, Joe

  • Courtney Hunt

    I learned about this from the Decorah eagle cam FB page too. It is a fantastic film that I appreciate even more because I’ve been able to watch the 2011 story evolve in real time. Fortunately the Decorah family has avoided the tragedy that befell the Norfolk family, and the drama experienced by the Sidney family. I plan to visit the Decorah family live this summer, around the time the eaglets will be fledging. I can’t wait!

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    This video was fantastic! I chuckled and teared up as I watched it. I, too, have been watching the Decorah eagle family and am thrilled to see earlier filming in this area. It is inspiring to see how resilient and strong the eagle is, and comparing our national bird’s journey to our country’s is very appropriate. I pray that our country recovers and thrives as well.

  • Faye Reichle

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  • martinn54

    That was very interesting…..Makes you more aware of how the eagles manage to survive….I loved it…Thank you!!

  • Jo Ann Booth

    What an amazing story, photography is something to be handed down from generation to generation on the history of the Bald Eagle. I cried the whole way thru. Only because I started out watching the nest, from egg, to birth, to wingcerxing, and understood each step. I cannot wait to see my eaglets fledge. Absolutely AMAZING! Thanks so much for making this film. Thanks to all those who put up the webcams to make me a eagle addict.


  • pamela wetzel

    Just finished watching this, and I am totally amazed! Thank you very much to Bob Anderson and to all who do what they do to teach us about these regal birds! I have been following the hatchery pair the last two months sometimes for hours at a time on UStream and it was a treat for me to learn about prior history of this pair. Again thak you for this treasure of a video!

  • mjmitch10

    Life is great! Thank you so much for this masterpiece. Now I know what to look for when the bald eagles finally make it down into my neck of the woods. I only hope that the huge wild turkey’s that sleep 60 feet up in the trees nearby don’t scare the eagles from nesting. We humans still have much to learn. I hope that there is a part 2 to this made really soon. I think I can speak for the thousands of people watching the Decorah eagle pair this spring that we are all hungry for more.

  • distan

    I’ve been watching the progression of the eaglets at the Decorah IA nest since the first of 3 eggs hatched and have fallen madly in love with these magnificent creatures. Thank you for showing this PBS special on the eagles and was happy to see that it was filmed by “our” crew at Decorah and what a great job they did. I’m looking forward to the “fledging” but will sorely miss my “daily fix” of watching the eaglets progress everyday. Again, THANK YOU!!!!

  • Bob Pleasant Valley, Iowa

    I live on the Mississippi not far downriver from where the film was made and now have an even better appreciation for the birds after this close up view. We counted 90 eagles one day a few years ago in December on an island just across from me. These were most likely northern travelers looking for open water just below the dam here. My front yard had 7 in the trees and a few of them dropped their eaten fish on the ground. I let my cat out one day and watched him very close.

  • Ron (flylikeaneagle)

    This PBS show should be mandatory viewing before they even let you look inside an eagles nest.
    It cleared up a lot of the questions I had about the Decorah IA nest site.
    Everyone should see this first, you’ll be glad you did!

  • cloclo

    superbe, je ne me lasse pas de regarder tous les soirs, voir l’évolution de ces fameux aigles/ et surtout voir les aiglons prendre leur départ, comment ils feront voler pour la première fois et est ce que la “maman aigle”sera là pour veiller leur départ, je suppose que les aiglons seront maladroits pour voler la première fois………
    je ne vois pas le troisième aiglon

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    I have watched all the eagle cams this year. They are wonderful. I even took pictures. I’m new to this pc invention so when I was told about the eagle cam I went for it. I love Bald Eagles. I envy Neil and Bob their closeness to thesemagnificent birds. I live in a litle town in NY State–we are getting them here in greater numbers each year. I think that is wondeful. Thank you very much for this video, I’m going to buy it.

  • Nancy Gonzalez

    What a wonderful tribute to the American Bald Eagle. Such majestic animals. Who would have ever guessed that they would be such doting, caring parents. Our three 2011 juvies have fledged and are now on wing every day still coming to the nest for meals. Chat room is now down and I am going through withdrawal, however, Bob says the cam will stay up as long as we see birds. Thank you, Bob and all of RRP for educating all of us about this magnificent animal, the symbol of freedom that our nation so steadfastly defends. Will be watching our Decorah eagles as long as in view. It is wonderful to see how the female’s parenting skills have so vastly improved and amazing to see God’s nature up close and personal. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this incredible journey.

  • Jerry Smith

    We tried to watch this video without success. It just shows a message saying that the video is not available for my region of the world.

    What about the millions of americans that live, or are travelling abroad and want to watch?

    What about the millions of people who lived in the US, got used to watching PBS, returned to their home countries and now cannot watch it anymore?

    We are deeply sad because PBS is broadcasted only within the US.

    The american government broadcasts the boring C-SPAN live

    why not PBS? Why do you call PBS Public Television anyway? you shoud call it PRIVATE television instead.

  • K M Lewis in Arizona

    Thank you for such a tribute. such detail, great photos, great perspective. I am new to the eagle nation, and really enjoyed learning so much. You are to be complimented. Thanking God for your time and talent.
    k lewis Arizona

  • Dana Murray

    This video was outstanding!!! I truely love the Eagle and wish them all the best. And I thank Bob Anderson for making me awhere of what a great bird this is. I have watch the Decorah Eagle nest this last winter watching it up to 6 hours a day. It was outstanding, and I am looking forward to watching the 2012 family start all over again. Bless all who helped get this beautiful family on video so we could all watch.
    I can’t thank you all enough.
    Again, god bless all that made this possible.
    See you in the 2012 nest.

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    I’ve been watching these birds since they laid their 5th clutch. I’m so happy to see what their background was, what the male went through, how inexperienced the female was, and just how far she’s come! They are an amazing pair, having successfully raised 14 eagles!!! It doesn’t get better than that!

  • Robert Carlson

    I have watched this Eagle video several times but become irritated by the inoportune ad sequences. The narration is overshadowed by the sound of the ad and interrupts the flow of the narration. Can’t somethng be done about this?

  • Digit Embroidery

    Wonderful! Amazing movie! Thank you. That large eagle protected with snowfall awaiting a break was great.

  • Avi kurinsky

    I really enoy watching eagles they are such amazing creatures
    Thank you for doing this!

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