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Despite the odds, there are countless stories of the most unlikely cross-species relationships imaginable: a goat guiding a blind horse; a doe who regularly visits her Great Dane surrogate mother; a juvenile gibbon choosing to live with a family of capuchins, and so on. Instincts gone awry? The subject has mystified scientists for years. Now, NATURE investigates why animals form these special bonds. Informed by the observations of caregivers and noted scientists Temple Grandin and Marc Bekoff, the film explores what these relationships suggest about the nature of animal emotions. Buy the film. Animal Odd Couples premiered November 7, 2012. (Video limited to US & Territories).

  • Audrey

    Thank you so much for this. My goal is to be an ethologist and specialize (if possible) in positive interspecific relationships like the ones in this film. Watching this stuff is pure heaven to me.

  • Anne Marie

    I’m so sorry not to be able to watch this in the UK. The preview is wonderful and everyone has sounded so excited about watching it.

  • Ned Bruha

    Incredible show, incredible editing – this IS good TV. Annette Tucker from Wild Heart Ranch, her talents and animals were incrdible as well as Ms. Grandin and the rest of the participants. This is the good quality TV I grew up on. The world would be a much better place and the people in it would be better if other TV networks had this type of quality and integrity in their programming. Thank you PBS!

  • Candace

    Will this be avail to watch online in Canada? :(

  • Cat Louise Piggott

    Another disappointed UK resident… We’ve been keeping up with the Wild Heart Ranch and have been looking forward to this show for a long time now. Is there any chance we will be able to see it? Would be happy to make a small donation to PBS… I am American and have been living in Britain for 23 years and I must admit I really miss PBS (it’s where I first watched British sitcom Butterflies).

    C Piggott

  • Lisa S

    After dinner I turned the tv on to bbs last night and caught the show just at the end of the horse an goat, what I saw tell the end was great. I came to the web site to watch what I missed and can’t as I am in Canada. :( Please make you video’s assessable to all!

    Thank You


  • Alex

    LOVE LOVE LOVEd it!!!! :) Awesome film!

  • Dale Thomas

    That was the best show I ever seen about odd couples (Animals).

  • Paulette DePaul

    When will the full episode of Animal Odd Couples appear again on WTTW in Chicago? I missed the first part and by the time I tuned it I had missed most of it.

  • Lissette Harris

    Thank you so much for this film. Oh my heart grew warmer after watching this, animals are amazing creatures and this film reminded me of how connected they are to this planet and everything around them. It also gave me a greater appreciation for the people who care for these animals, it is there love that transpires through these animals.

  • John

    Wonderful film, a real eye-opener. The dog who the Busch Gardens keeper refers to as a Labrador Retriever is clearly NOT a lab, but some sort of lab mix. One would think he’d know better.

  • Susan H.

    I am having problems viewing any Nature programming, which has not happened previously. It does not matter which browser I use (Safari, Chrome), it will not play. Any troubleshooting suggestions?

  • Susie

    Great program.

    I’m surprised there was nothing shown about the lioness in the wild who adopted an antelope on five different occasions ( That’s an amazing story because it happened totally in the wild with a lion who was not introduced to the other species when young. The same can be said about the dog whose best friend was an elephant, again introduced as adults (

    And when this program asked the question about whether animals grieve and understand death, I thought Koko the gorilla would be mentioned. Koko had a pet kitten for about five months until the kitten was run over by a car. “When we told Koko, she acted like she didn’t hear us for about 10 minutes,” Cohn said. “Then she started whimpering–a distinct hooting sound that gorillas make when they are sad…Koko then said, “Sleep. Cat.” by folding her hands and placing them at the side of her head.” (

  • Zurima

    This was truly an unique and moving show ,animals continue to teach human how to be more compassionate , another reason to support programming on PBS ( I have no affiliation of any type to the channel) As any person who has a dog or cat can testify both human and animal can feel fear love compassion friendship playfulness between them it’s really interesting to see that with wild animals and I’m happy scientists finally are starting to broaden their horizons and include ” emotions” in animal studies.
    Thank you, fantastic show keep them coming .

  • Mark

    Would love to watch, but not available on my device (iPad).

  • ann pavai

    My Apple computer is too old to get Adobe Player. Is there any other way to get “Odd Couples”. It breaks my heart not to be able to see the complete episodes. I did get a clip of one. PLEASE find a way for us to get it…..OR….re-run it over on PBS TV …. over and over again. We love PBS (and happy Big Bird still has his job). :) Thank you for being there for us.

  • Beth Irving

    Thanks for this movie. I have a white dog (female) and black cat (male) that are in a close relationship and live in their “apartment” under my bed. He nursed (even though he is a weaned 5 month old) on her and it made her lactate and they have been a couple ever since.

  • Gloria Roldan

    It made sense to me since God is love and He created everything. His love is inside us and all the animals. I am very grateful for all of the wonderful programing. Thank You!

  • Julie


  • Cathy A

    Thank you, PBS. I absolutely loved this as did my dog Zoro who also watched it with me. Super loved this!!!

  • fultonk

    For those of you who have asked about future air dates for Animal Odd Couples, you can check re-broadcast times here: You can also watch the full episode on our website or on the PBS iPad and iPhone apps.

  • fultonk

    Hi Mark,
    You can watch Animal Odd Couples on your iPad by downloading the PBS iPad app.

  • odenchristian

    Wonderful show! Will tell my nature lover friends to watch this film. Amazing stories about the compassion & love animals have for each other. And how unusual combinations of animals support each other when needed. Keep these kind of shows coming. Thank you.

  • halebuck

    why can’t we just all get along…wonderful show. i am so grateful for PBS…the best on TV

  • Avacado

    Anyone wanting to watch this outside the US: all you have to do is use a proxy server. You can either search for proxy servers in the US (there are LOADS of em), or use something like Tunlr (Google it). Once you change your proxy, you should be able to watch any U.S. video you couldn’t watch before if you don’t live in the U.S. Hope this helps!

  • mich

    Incredible show!!! Can I buy it on a DVD? I could watch this over and over for years to come. Excellent programming MPTV.

  • Linda Bridge

    Will you be televising this wonderful episode again? Linda

  • Saajid

    For all of you saying that you can’t watch this, just go to youtube and search it up.

  • Holly

    The full program is not available. Is this temporary or permanent. Saw a clip on and need to see more!

  • mlaiuppa

    Well, of course they grieve.

    Ask any dog or cat owner. They’ll tell you their animals grieve. Sometimes for the loss of a companion, sometimes for the loss of an owner.

    They certainly have emotions. Dog owners can tell you if their dog is happy or sad. We can read their facial expressions. I know my parents’ dog well enough to be able to tell when she’s not feeling well or when she’s having a joke on us.

    I was a little disappointed there was nothing about Owen and Mzee or Tara and Bella.

  • Kathy

    Maybe there is hope for me. Really, those animals were wonderful. If they could do it, so could I. Thank you so much!

  • Rob Holtz

    This deer is right at home with the dogs.

  • Rob Holtz

    These are a few still shots of the little deer and our dog nursing.

  • Wendy

    Such an awe inspiring and heart felt show. It is so nice to see something so warm and loving during this time of year.

  • Sue

    I downloaded the latest Flash Player but still can’t view. Looks like it’s not available in Canada. So Sad :(

  • Joe

    Thanks ‘Nature’ and PBS!

    What a wonderful and emotionally powerful episode. I think we all got a hit of oxytocin while watching it! Very thought-provoking and touching. Collecting evidence on how other species grieve has to be a fascinating a furtive field of study. Long may we have the endowments to pursue such inspiring fields of inquiry!

    Thank you!

  • Lynn Dearing

    I watch very little TV usually, but I always stop on nature shows if I’m flipping channels. GPB is so important to society in the way it brings us such important information as this and the world around us. This program “Animal Odd Couples” is on right now and I am mesmerized. What a fascinating collection of stories and relationships between these different animals. I am moved and have logged onto your website to donate right now!

  • Henri Fournier

    Funny how you will gladly accept donations from “viewers like you” who live in Canada, but then make your online content only available to US viewers… nice.

  • Joan Rogers

    I am disappointed that I am unable to watch this video! Looks amazing! I live in Canada.

  • Brenda McKenna

    I am just fascinated and enchanted with this Nature program ! P B S, how come our Canadian neighbors cannot view? I am part of a group in New Mexico advocating for the coyote. The segment of the coyote and lion in Nevada really hit home with me. THANK YOU, P B S. And I am so relieved I don’t have to worry about Romney removing the $455 M from your operating / existence budget.

  • Nick Ibarra

    This episode and many others of nature are fascinating! It’s beautiful! A different type of world than what a city person like me is used to.

  • Wisenheimer


  • Karen

    This was an amazing show….Thanks and hopefully more people can understand the compassion that Animals have and learn from their beautiful Nature….

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