Animal Odd Couples
Video: Studying the Emotional Lives of Animals

In this video short, Dr. Marc Bekoff, former Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorado featured in Animal Odd Couples, on the scientific study of animal emotions, animal friendships, and the elements of the brain that allow for such bonds to form.

  • Lori Rushok

    I saw your story on the great dane and fawn and I have to tell you, I have 7 great danes. 6 are 2yrs old and there mom is 8yrs and all 7 of these gentle giants have been caring for and protecting a baby deer. 6 months ago a fawn aprox. 1 week old was abandoned and near death. my dogs found the deer and from that day on the dogs and deer are best friends. they clean each other, the deer sleeps snuggled up to the dogs, he now plays ball like the dogs, he plays chase, if he gets in the house through the dog door I will find him sleeping on the couch with the dogs. Its so amazing watching how he interacts with the dogs and how he thinks hes 1 of them. I do not have the deer confined in any way at all and he does leave my property when he wants but usually only for a few hours. 1 good thing is is that he is afraid of other dogs, I was worried about that. this has been the most amazing thing to watch.

  • Janice & Peter Kay

    Hello – we are subscribers to the KCTS(9) guide/newsletter and have been occasional donors, usually when viewing one of the fund raiser programs. We live in Calgary and our viewing provider is Telus Optik TV. While we get the PBS KSPS channels (Western basic and HD) we do NOT get some of the programs we see listed in your newsletter guide. One in particular is the Nature: Animal Odd Couples. I’ve contacted Telus Optik TV customer service to have them explain and they have no answer, except to say they think I can view the program online…….I tried that and got the message that the video was not available and sorry for the inconvenience. I did view the preview and meet a few players. It looks like a charming show and we’d love to see it. Do you have any explanation why Calgarians on Optik TV don’t get all your scheduled programs? Thanks, Jan & Peter

  • Rita Feld

    I loved the program but was astonished and dissapointed you did not include Tara and Bella….I mean come on! People, ck out ‘The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennesse’……… incredible animal friendship story. Your heart strings will be greatly pulled.

  • Cheri of Martinez

    I love the program series Nature. I love the line of story this particular program is about. A similar show that reports along the same lines is Why Dogs Smile and Chimpanzees Cry. I saw this on PBS quite some time ago. I love them. The one thing that is distracting, irritating and interferes with the program is the action narrative all through the program.

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