Born Wild: The First Days of Life
Photo Contest Winners Gallery

Check out the winners and runners-up in the Baby Animal Photo Contest. Five winners will receive a copy of Born Wild: The First Days of Life on DVD.

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  • brian

    Ah man! I didnt win! I wasn’t even in the runner ups! :( Oh well! I didnt really wannna win anyways! I just did it for the hell of it!

  • yaj adinepse

    born wild really??? whats that baby squirrel in a blanket…

  • Andrea Cowart

    They are all good. I really do like the baby squirrel! Congrats to all!

  • brain

    I dont really like that deer picture! That blue thing is in the way! To be honest, I’m surprsied by the results! If I judged these, they would’ve been way different!

  • Emm

    That’s a baby cow in a pen, not a deer.

  • brian

    Hmmm! Well maybe if that blue thing wasnt in the way, you could tell what it is!

  • Trixie

    I think the “blue thing” is the wooden slats of the stall in the stable.

  • Jill

    Great pictures but my favorite is the baby bird!

  • Loyuk

    Baby cheetah! cute!

  • brian

    No offense to anyone, but this is how I think it should’ve been!

    1.Zebra Family in Masai Mara Game Reserve
    2.African Elephants – Amboseli National Park, Kenya
    3.Baby Elephant in Amboseli National Park, Kenya
    4.Baby Turtle
    5.Baby Burro Suckling
    7.Baby Giraffe
    8.African Penguin Family
    10.Tree Kangaroo
    12.sea lion and pup

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