Chasing Big Cats

The big cats of Africa have always been favored subjects of wildlife filmmakers. But as little as 15 years ago, no one had captured the unforgettable image of a leopard in its ghostly nocturnal stalk. Viewers had never seen intimate portrayals of the sleek and elusive serval, or witnessed the nighttime romps of the beautiful black-eared caracal.

The team of Owen Newman and Amanda Barrett filled those gaps with a series of spectacular breakthrough films in the 1990s. Among the first to apply infrared light and night vision goggles to wildlife studies, they combined technology with intrepid determination and a strong dose of luck, illuminating the cats we hardly knew, and giving us fresh insights into those we only thought we knew, such as lions and cheetahs.

Join the team of Newman and Barrett as they pursue unique and amazing footage of Africa’s five most spectacular cats: cheetahs, leopards, servals, caracals, and lions in Chasing Big Cats

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Online content for Chasing Big Cats was originally posted November 2004.

  • Kate

    I love You!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sharon

    I kove watching shows on big cats

  • manfredo aguilar

    men encanta ver promagas a cerca de la NATURALEZA especialmente los felinos this is a great show, thank you pbs.

  • lilly

    umm how come that one of the episodes that im trying to see is not letting me because it airs on the 2nd of november and its already december the 5th?

  • Jennifer

    Big Cats is A Very Good show :)

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    big cats are coooooooooooooooolllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    how can i see the full episode?!?!

  • NATURE Online

    This program is not available to watch online, but you can order a copy on DVD by clicking the “shop” link at the top of the site.

  • megz

    i luv cats! but i h8 BIG cats! you guys are weird!

  • shanda

    i love big cats especially cheetahs tigers pumas leopards they are my favorite animals

  • f

    iv been to a cheetah farm.its nice (except you dont get to touch them)

  • Jenna

    Cheetah’s are neat to watch on tv shows and online!

  • Bella

    I adore all kinds of cats!!!! They’re awesome!

  • Kailyann

    i wished it was against the law that any kind of cats and big cats are not allowed to be killed.

  • john

    i watched the show on toki and his brother …was a great show…

  • Khizar

    i,m the biggest animal lover in the whole world i guaranteed no 1 can beet me ,………
    open challenge…………..

  • Tiana & Georgie Everheart

    OMG! we love cats! They are SOOOOOOOO CUTEEEEEE!!!!!! we’re gonna get lyke 30 different ones!
    BTW we fully accept Khizar’s ” fan challenge”. Khizar we’re comin’ atcha! respond 2 us ASAP. if u don’t than i guess we win by default!

  • kelly

    i too love them and i have animal’s on my farm !!!

  • cindy

    mie favorite big cats is lions and tigers they are awesome and i love the movie kalled lion king and winnie pooh and tigger i have this stuffed lion that i sleep with 4 every nite and his name is simba simba keeps me company 4 every dae 2 kome and yeah lions and tigers is 1 of mie favorites

  • eugne

    I love to watch the big cats hunt and the way they stalk their prey.

  • Grace is awesome!

    God is so amazing!!!! God makes such beautiful things!!! I love all the cats that God as made. If anyone reads this I hope they are a Christen, If not I would believe in God right now!!! because you will go to Hell if you do not believe in God but if you do you will go to heaven:) By:Grace:)

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