Clash: Encounters of Bears and Wolves

Yellowstone National Park is a world of predators, scavengers and opportunists. In this vast and complex kingdom, two dominant predators reign supreme: the grizzly bear and the wolf. Size and power square off against speed and teamwork, as mighty grizzly bears contend with powerful packs of wolves for control of the food supply. Though these two fearsome hunters would normally rule their ranges uncontested, in Yellowstone they must share resources, or face starvation.

A grizzly in his prime is the undisputed master, able to take down prey as easily as he is able to dominate the fresh kills of other predators. The wolves of Yellowstone must use their numbers to their advantage, organizing to take down their prey and defend the spoils of their hunts from the bears. Together, a strong pack of wolves can challenge a solitary grizzly, and defeat it. As these two fierce competitors test their strategies for survival against each other, an entire food chain of scavengers survive in their wake. Crafty coyotes and cunning crows take advantage of the predators’ feuds to make the most of any felled feast.

It’s a test of skills and wills in the often harsh environment of Yellowstone as two of the continent’s greatest hunters take each other’s measure. Now, join NATURE and discover who will triumph in Clash: Encounters of Bears and Wolves.

  • houa

    I would like purchase some Nature DVD for myself.Are there a store that sell this DVD? Or from the internet?

  • Spiritwolf

    I want to see this that would be so cool i love wolves

  • Lorraine

    These don’t look like wolves to me.
    Probably just wild dogs.
    I like wolves.
    I wouldn’t want to meet a bear.

  • Tara

    They most certainly ARE wolves. Tundra or Rocky Mountain subspecies of the Gray Wolf, to be specific.

  • Nicole

    i cant wait to see this one!! it will be amazing as usual!! i <3 wolves as it is…so this is definitely my favorite place to see them!! =)

  • Willy D

    Can not wait to see this! I have personally watched the Agate wolf pack chase off a bear, and have also seen the current alpha male of the Druid Peak pack of the Lamar valley in Yellowstone. Both scenes rocked my world and were absolutely fantastic. Been hooked on wolves since! Can’t wait to see (and own) this episode!!

  • Mike


  • Cecilia

    I can’t wait to see a program about wolves.
    They are smart, organized and family oriented. Too bad that old children european tales had given them a bad reputation, while the bear had enjoyed all the good PR: teddy bear, cudddle bear etc.
    Viva El Lobo!!!!

  • AndroidBoy

    A lot of posters seem to forget in real life any top predator must always be regarded as the last animal you will ever see. Every encounter I’ve had with bear or wolf has ended well for all involved but I harbor no illusions about the next time we meet. As humans impinge on animal habitats we become competitors in ways we weren’t in the recent past–so any statistics on humans killed by top predators have less relevance than they would have. For example, in the last 20 years attacks by mountain lions are way up. We must remember that we are top predators as well and as such we will always be in competition with these wonderous creatures.

  • Scott

    Yes this will be interesting to see, A pack of freindly harmless wolves and a freindly harmless Bear in a confrontation. The Wolf cant win as they hurt nothing!

  • Tyson Potter

    Just finished watching this, incredible. Grizzly snow angels on December 25th? Another great job by PBS

  • Willy D

    Really disappointed in the lack of footage on the wolves. This _almost_ could have been called “The Lifestyle and Trials of Bears.” It didn’t really cover much at all on the wolves…

    Please Nature- do more shows on the beautiful, majestic, devastating, powerful wolves!

  • marc

    Strange as it may sound. When I was 14 my family went rving at yellowstone. Was mid summer. I went hiking along the river. I was oblivious to the time. All I knew for certain was, I followd the river, Well soon I noticed. It was getting dark. Somehow I had wonder away from the river. I began following a trail back in the direction I’d came from. Before I knew it was too dark to see the trail or hear the river. I figured if I kept walking in the direction of the big campground. Eventully I’d find our camp. Soon I noticed what appeared to be a man walking ahead of me. At long last I saw flickering lights an campfires. Finally I heard my mom calling my name to the person ahead of me. Soon I was walking on asphalt again. Then could make out the neighbors RV. Then my moom called out to me again. I answered this time. She replied, Be carefull there is a bear in front of you. I told them he must be heading for the garbage dumpsters. I told them my hero the bear led me back to camp. I’ve also crossed paths with a cougar one day. As I went camping alone in my mid twenties. There was a natural hedge. With a small arch openiing @3feet high. Which I crawled through on hands n knees. All the while there was a blue jay in a tree. Who had been squaking all my way along this trail. Just as I cocked my head up preparing to stand up. I saw the most beautiful cougar. No more then six feet in front of me. He paused looked back towards me. All I could do was say gooday mr cougar. As he kept walkiing through the paster. I felt so joyfull having just seen this. Then thought had he wanted to I would have been his dinner. I honestly feel these an other experiances I’ve encountered with nature. I await my next nature experiance.

  • Sierra

    Aww.. I loved watching this today; the motherhood of the animals really touched my heart. Along with the footage, I was really curious as to what music they were playing in the background. Lol, the piano pieces were really nice. :) If anyone knew, can you please tell me? Thanks.

  • Catherine

    I looked forward to seeing this one – and I was not disappointed! Another great story about life in Yellowstone. I loved Christmas in Yellowstone,also(bought the dvd, too). The footage presented of wildlife in Yellowstone is, to me, some of the best I have ever had the privilege of seeing. To me, both the bears and wolves command the respect from eachother,that they work their entire lives for – and it is well deserved. I particularly enjoyed the image of the big bear at the end – was it 211 Scarface not sure? lying on his back, rubbing his tummy, note a care to be had – unbothered by the snow. Peace in the Valley. Another great episdoe of Nature- thank you, PBS for bringing it into my home.

  • Andy

    This looks very interesting. Anyone know where/if I can see this online?

  • jubilee

    This is an amazing video! Wow! thank you so much for the great educational content and views of grizzly ebar and wolves in our changing wolrd. I have tried to shop online at pbs.orh and connot find this product…i would love this for our educational center.
    Wonderful! Amazing! Inspiring!

  • Mark

    Outstanding! This is an excellent video. Very informative. How do they get that shot?

  • Sheila

    I missed the episode about bears and volves last nite. The only other time I see it on is at 3am this coming week-end. Seriously, can’t WTTW re-play it at a normal time?

  • NATURE Online

    For those of you asking about DVDs for purchase, please click the “shop” link at the top of the site.

  • Dan

    Clash: Encounters of bears and wolves fabulous video. How and when can I purchase a copy?

  • Deb

    Great film. The photographers, outdoor technicians and all the unseen dedicated people that it takes to put this type of work together often go without applause! Kudos to all of you!!

  • Lynette

    Watching wolves in Yellowstone is an amazing past time. We have watched them for 14 years and everyday is a new experience. Mr. Landis works very hard getting the footage, he is out every day twice a day except for the few it take to put the films together. I have been lucky to stand beside him with my little video camera and have taken some of the same footage. He does amazing work.

  • TLM

    Folks that view wolves on TV – and don’t have to live with them think they are cool. Where I live, the wolves outnumber the people. Its getting out of control when you have wolves running around in towns, and howling at night from the school yard.

    Life with wolves is NOT a movie! I wish they would stay in the wilderness and the national parks, but they don’t.

  • davidbowen

    wild life shoud be managed by the people who ,states,live and occupy the land. man,s use of the land comes frist.

  • andrew l bodicky

    I advocate animal legal rights, and that they should all be allowed freedom of the wild, they should be protected by federal law with strong enforcement. (if hunters need to hunt living things let them hunt each other – at least it would be a more even fignt). Where do the hunters get the ideal that wild animals belong tho them? I have two wonderful cats, I do not consider myself as ‘owner of these animals” but I consider myself the “steward” of them . To provide their freedom, protection, food and shelter as they see fit. I get so angry at people when I hear complain about deer in their back yards, and you see developers cutting down forest ( the habitat of these animals. ) Then these people want hunters to come in to shoot the deer. Wolves, bison, caribou, bears must be allowed to roam freely on public land.

  • William Hulse

    Which species is more important, wolves or grizzlies? Last year while visiting Yellowstone National Park, we watched a pack of wolves kill two grizzly cubs while their mother fought the pack to try to save her cubs. It was terrible to watch. After the cubs were killed and dragged away, the wolves left them for the ravens to eat.

  • Paul Kehoe

    I wonder if those two wonderful cats you own are the same ones that come up on my back porch and tear up the pad on my new total gym. Animal rights activists are the most irresponsible people among us. Truly, their people haters, not animal lovers, as they represent themselves. The wolves are just a platform to deliver their hatred towards other people, and this hate is easily recognized when they speak, or write online. They wear ” co-exist, ” tee shirts, yet maintain a selfishness that borders, insanity. Yellowstone, IS, a park. Every mountain range in the lower 48 is surrounded by homes and freeways, Deer and elk are forced to winter in chest deep snow because the lowlands have been developed across our country, its certainly not their choice, but they manage. The decision to re-introduce wolves, resembles the behavior of an angry person that throws a pipe bomb into a school cafeteria. It was a hate crime from the very beginning, it had nothing to do with loving animals or bettering our wildlife resources. You wanted to ATTACK our resources with your resources. Hate is Never healthy.

  • Judy Goodrich

    I think P Kehoe is right. I’m not sending any more money for lost causes. White Rhino, Eagles, Wolves, Polar bears, Dolphins, Sharks, Social Security, Medicare, Labor Unions Alaska, Schools, GLOBAL WARMING Now the gov’t (T Party mostly, I suspect ) WANT ALL THE PBS STATIONS, so we will never know what’s going on in the world except for New’s of our wars which is not always true? Biased. If Libyia and Egypt i.e. claim their own countries could they take care of their own instead of wanting to come here to take us over.
    We don’t have free speech any more, not really, you have to watch what you say in case it’s misinterpreted and we have to acquiesce to all the foreigner’s coming in to this country. We are losing this battle. Look what the Republicans have done and are doing just to keep their banks and businesses rich and so themselves. I’m not happy with the democrats either but it was all we had, now we’re handing it over. Foreigner’s don’t want to be Americans, they want America so they can still practice Suttee, HONOR KILLINGS AND KEEP WOMEN SHROUDED. Too bad we didn’t wake up years ago starting with the animals, it would have helped us human animals. If we had incorporated our Blacks made them equal bet we wouldn’t have had them turn Muslim or be Basketball stars. Most all the monies given the last 50 years were usurped into some fat cat’s pocket. God help us if Palin’s elected President and more republicans take over. Yee gods. 2012 may not be the end of the world completely but it’ll be our end. Andy Rooney should be President but know he wouldn’t take the job.

  • Aaron

    Wow this is very cool how these two predtors can live in the same aera and one does not just wipe out the other also jpw did wolves get here anyway???

  • C. Lee

    Relax!! Get a grip! Re-read your post. It is somewhat difficult to even attempt to follow your train of thought.. You seem to have some interesting views, but your scattered thoughts, rants, and weak grammar/typing skills make it difficult to understand your point of view. How did “Nature” turn into Social Security, Labor Unions, Libya, Egypt, Republicans, Tea Party, foreigners, honor killings, shrouded women, African Americans turning into Muslims and basketball stars, Andy Rooney for president, etc. Phew!!! Your first sentence makes sense along with “God help us if Sarah Palin’s elected to president”, but most of the rest sounds a little “out there”. I hope you clear it up!

  • C. Lee

    This was a beautifully presented show. I’m not yet sure how I feel about the relationship between the bears and the wolves. The wolves were wiped out for a number of years but have been re-introduced. I have listened to opinions from both sides of the fence concerning this topic and I’m not sure how this will work out for Yellowstone’s animals, and if it is “right” or “wrong”. For whom, or why this would be “right” or “wrong” depends upon whose vantage point you use. The relationships between all of the different creatures is fascinating, though.

  • Tom

    I was fascinated to see that a male grizzly followed the wolf pack in the winter to feed off their kills.. Did it not go into dormancy at all? Did it share the kills at all?

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    bears are the smartests animals ever. dochodzenie odszkodowań

  • D N

    Western GOP senators are taking gray wolves off the endangerd species list, in an effort to kill wolves, because of pressure by rich western ranchers.

  • outrage

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