Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions
A Live Discussion with Filmmaker Ginger Kathrens

Ginger Kathrens

Filmmaker Ginger Kathrens

On October 25, 2009, NATURE hosted a live discussion with filmmaker Ginger Kathrens to allow viewers to ask questions about Cloud and the making of the film.

Linda H. says:

What can kids do to help Cloud and his family and all the other wild horses so they always run free?

Ginger says:

Linda: thank you – Kids are crucial and can save the wild horses again- they did in the late 1960’s with Wild Horse Annie (you can read more about wild horse Annie on the web). Kids should write President Obama, their Senators and Congress-people — and most importantly: teach your families and school mates. Kids can share what is happening to wild horses with their clubs. There is a sample letter and more ideas on our website, — if 100,000s Kids write Obama maybe we can stop these ongoing roundups.

Shelley Sawhook says:

Can you tell us which of the horses in the video are no longer free to roam with their herds? Also, in light of the proposed BLM gather schedule of over 12,000 additional horses in FY 2010 can you tell us what efforts are underway to stop these gathers or what we as average citizens can do to protect our herds? What plans do you, as an activist and a film maker, have to ensure the genetic viability of not only Cloud’s range, but all wild horse and burro ranges? Lastly, has anyone determined if the mare Baccardi and her foal, who were left on the range without herd protection during the gather, are safe and unharmed from the gather “activities”?

Thanks for all you do and my whole family LOVES Cloud, his herd and you for showing us their unique qualities. My 10 yo daughter wants to be just like you when she grows up!

Ginger says:

Shelly: In the September 2009 roundup in the Pryors, 57 horses were removed. Among those are many that you meet in Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions- the following were removed. They are in good homes but they have lost what they value most: their families and their freedom. Cloud’s daughter: Rain is now in VA; Cloud’s granddaughter, Arrow (the bay filly with a big star) is now in Colorado; Ember and Image are in Ohio together; Cloud’s dun mare (who he gets in this show) was removed, as was his brother, Sax — who I adopted and now is part of the band at my ranch with Cloud’s sisters and Trace. The massive roundup of this herd was unnecessary and costly: $150,000 to remove 57 horses. Among those were the entire bands belonging to stallions Conquistador, Bo, Trigger and Shane. These horses, along with blue roan bachelor who was traumatized in the processing chutes, are now on a ranch in Montana. The Cloud Foundation, due to an incredible amount of support, was able to rescue these horses, and keep the bands together. It is our hope that this sub-population can be returned to their home in the wild. Summer, Shaman’s granddaughter who was with Bolder, and Bolder’s only daughter over a year old, were removed as well. The black bachelor, Stiles, who you see chasing Sitka and Flint at the beginning of the film, was also removed. He has since been gelded but was rescued by a sanctuary in New Mexico. Millions of people know Cloud’s band and herd so well but the 12,000 other horses and burros being removed now are equally important and we must stop these massive roundups.

We saw Bacardi and her foal, (who were left behind while the rest of their band was driven down the mountain – the foal could not keep up) on September 25th. The foal was very footsore but he and Bacardi are back with Baja’s band now. Many foals who were just a month old or less were driven by helicopter over 12 miles down the mountain. With other great organizations such as yours
( we are working to create a grassroots effort that demands the immediate moratorium of all roundups. The more people learn about wild horses the less they understand why these roundups are taking place. If we all and take a few minutes to call and write their Senators, Congresspeople, local media and President Obama I think we can create enough of a stir to save our horses. Right now our government is not listening as an increasingly educated and aware public demands a stop to this mismanagement.

Katie Schultz says:

After a mare gives birth, does she make any noises to the foal? And what is her behavior to the foal?

Ginger says:

They do, as you’ll see in this show, mares often vocalize to their foals. They nicker to them and vocalizations are an important means of communication for horses. I was especially lucky to hear vocalizations to a newborn foal in the wild — and I’m glad I can share this with you in this new show!

Here are some ideas on what you can do — I hope that Cloud and the horses of Montana have inspired you to save them all. Thank you, Ginger

1.     Send your letter demanding an immediate moratorium on all roundups to President Obama and Secretary Salazar (a copy will be cc’d to your Congress people and Senators).

2.     Follow up with faxes, letters and calls to call both your Senators and Congresspeople. Ask that your Senators support the ROAM Act (§1579) to return wild horses to lands stolen from them & end the mismanagement of America’s Wild Horses & Burros.

3.     Sign the Save Our Wild Horses Resolution petition & join the Cloud Foundation mailing list to stay informed (join us on FacebookTwitter & check our Blog for frequent updates too).

4.     Please watch the most recent report from CBS’s George Knapp, this short news story outlines how BLM has moved from over-management to the clear destruction of our wild herds. Click here to watch his one-hour report Stampede to Oblivion

5.     Last but not least, contact media—this story of mismanagement of our mustangs and burros, truly living history, needs to be explored & shared. Find local media contacts here. Write letters to the editor and ask National outlets for better coverage.

Ginger says:

Many of you have asked what is really going on with the Bureau of Land Management’s Wild Horse and Burro program – and I’m sorry to report that the mismanagement is only getting worse. The BLM has proposed, and is currently in the process of removing, 35% of the wild horses and burros left in the wild. Please join me in calling for an immediate moratorium on all roundups before the BLM is successful in completely managing our wild horses on our public land to extinction. Take some time to call and write your senators and President Obama – the loss of our wild horses in imminent if we don’t demand a stop to these roundups. We will have a sample letter and more information on There you can also sign our petition to stop these roundups. Wild horses were saved in the early 70’s by an outcry from America’s children and many adults – we need to do this again. Over 80% of our wild horse herds are now below genetically viable numbers – Cloud’s herd is now among those after last months cruel and unnecessary roundup.

Through the Cloud programs I hope that we have expressed to you how vital it is to you to keep wild horses in the wild – their freedom and families are of the utmost importance to them – as they should be to us as well. Secretary of Interior Salazar has proposed moving 26,000 wild horses to the east in preserves. Non-reproducing herds of horses are not wild horses- this $96 million plan is not acceptable.

Alison says:

I give money to Frontline Range Equine Rescue and sign petitions to president Obama. What more can I do to keep these horses free?

Ginger says:

Alison – please write your Senators and ask them to support the ROAM act now in the senate. Ask them to stop the roundups until an independent census can be done and further investigation of the mismanagement. Tell your friends and family about the wild horses – and please write letters to the editor and ask your favorite media outlets to investigate this further. The BLM relies on few people knowing what they are doing. But these are our horses on our public lands and I do hope the American public will not sit by while all our horses are removed. Herd by herd we are losing them. Please keep writing and calling. Thank you.

Steven Long says:

Ginger, will there be another Cloud film?

Ginger says:

Absolutely – there is nothing I love more than watching and filming the Pryor horses. I have been lucky to make this fabulous area a second home over the past 15 years – starting when Cloud’s father, Raven, allowed me to film them without running away. I will continue to document Cloud’s herd and I hope that there might be another program about Cloud in the future. The more I know about wild horses the more I am surprised by their intricate family dynamics. In my wildest dreams I never imagined a story this dramatic.

Frank says:

Why do the BLM feel a need to keep horse numbers down in the first place? What harm do they see more horses doing to the land or their interests?

Where all the horses in the area rounded up by them?

Ginger says:

Frank — The BLM is acting not on science but on their disregard for wild horses. There mismanagement of our american wild horse and burros is becoming almost as legendary as the horses themselves. There is an excellent report out from Las Vegas CBS — there are interviews and quotes that will explain more. The BLM needs to be stopped and the situation reevaluated. We are losing our horses at a cost of millions to taxpayers who are not aware that we are losing them. It is not understandable, Frank, but we need to bring transparency to this now and demand that science and logic play a role in the management of all of our western herds.

Emily Murdoch says:

Ginger Kathrens, you are a hero to wild mustangs everywhere. Thank you for all you do, and for your mustang heart. My question is, is there a way, presently, that land could be bought for the Pryor mustangs so that those rounded up could be “adopted” from the BLM and put back on the land to live wild and free? While I appreciate their adoption by concerned citizens, and in that, the horses avoiding slaughter and the slaughter pipeline, it saddens me that these mustangs are no longer “free”. If there were a fund to donate to for this land/sanctuary, I’d be first in line. Thank you again, Ginger, for being on the front lines of such an important issue as the Pryor Mt. mustangs.

Ginger says:

Hi Emily – Today I was with our 15 horses that were rescued at the Pryor auction of the wild horses. We were able with the help of friends in Billings, MT to reunite these wild horses families. What a wonderful experience! We hope to release them again back in their home in the Pryor Mountains or in the Bighorn Mountains across the canyon. Conquistador and the other band stallions are doing great and are with their mares. Band stallion, BO, and his little daugher are so close. It is our hope that these little bands can help the main herd survive genetically.

Nini says:

Please update viewers on what has happened to Cloud’s herd — and what is happening to their wild horse relatives all over the West right now. Thank you!

Ginger says:

Nini – Cloud’s herd is getting back on their feet after the roundup.  Cloud was lame upon his return to the wild, so were Bolder’s mother (now with Cloud again!) and Firestorm.  Velvet and Cloud’s 2009 daughter, Jasmine, was extremely footsore and could barely walk. 12,000 more wild horses are being removed this year — the BLM called this roundup “a model roundup”- but that only tells you how bad the others are.

Christina L says:

Hi. My question is about Cloud. At the end of the show, you talked about what happened to a number of the horses, but didn’t mention what happened to Cloud. Is Cloud still alive? Has he been adopted or was he set free a second time? I the BLM is starting to euthanize the wild horses because they don’t have the space or resources to take care of them. I really hope Cloud is alive and well!

Ginger says:

Christina, Cloud is alive and well – I last saw him before the auction, where he and his family walked slowly to the water hole – without their usual exuberance. They released Cloud and his much smaller family band two days after they were rounded up and ran 10-15 miles down the mountain in 90+ degree heat. There is a write-up and photos of his capture and release on the Cloud Foundation blog. Cloud actually turned and faced the helicopter during the roundup – he’s been rounded up twice before and knows what is coming.

Annette says:

I want to know what has happen to Diamond and Red Raven.

Ginger says:
Annette, during the bait-trapping operation, Diamond was injured while fighting with another stallion (Stiles – who was removed last month at age 11) and we thought he might die – he lost his entire band. However, he has since made a full recovery and has his band back. Red Raven and Blue Sioux are still together and have their 2007 daughter, Halcyon with them. Another blue roan mare, Adona, is also with them. Adona is 9 and has never foaled – she was darted with a contraceptive drug that the BLM uses to keep the population down– the same drug that caused Shadow’s out of season birth. The drug (PZP) seems to have caused the three out of season births from last year too. I oppose the use of these experimental infertility drugs because they don’t always work as designed (causing out of season births, sterile mares, mares constantly cycling etc). The Pryors can be managed naturally by nature! The mountain lions, if not hunted to such extremes, they manage the herd perfectly.

Jocie says:

well how will (in the new film) it be a problem for clouds son and flint will they spread apart?? you’ll probably tell me to watch the movie but just tell me has anything happened to raven?? and do you think Obama will help protect the wolves or wild/endangered animals like the mustangs??

Ginger says:
Hi Jocie and Cheyenne,
Thousands have written the President to protect our mustangs but we have seen no improvement with this administration yet; in fact it has only gotten worse. This is not a reason to give up — rather: keep writing and calling the President. If he hears from tens of thousands of people than we can make these roundups stop now. The worsening situation is due not to new presidential policy but to a lack of oversight while the same people mismanage our wild horses. It would seem that the BLM is trying to manage our wild horses to extinction before any change reaches this rogue agency.

Raven, Cloud’s father, died in his mountain home sometime in the late winter of 2008. He did have one very fine day in June of 2007 when he had a band again for a few hours! Raven was an amazing horse and I will always be grateful to him. Shaman, too, has passed away. He died just a few weeks before the roundup at the age of 24.

Brian says:

Have you ever been to Theodore Roosevelt National Park? They have a lot of Wild Horses in Theodore Roosevelt National Park!

Ginger says:
Hi Brian – I haven’t been to Teddy Roosevelt but alway wanted to go. Now, I am hearing all the horses are going to be removed. What a shame!!!

Maggie Hall says:

I admire your work and you continue to inspire! How do you feel about the government’s current plan for the wild horses, and how would you feel if Cloud and his herd were removed from their own land? What about Madeleine Pickens plan – does it need improving?
thank you, Maggie Hall

Ginger says:

Hi Maggie – Madeleine is trying to do her best to protect our mustangs held in holding facilities. But, we need to focus on the horsesstill in their homes in the West with their families. 1/3 are schelduled to be rounded up in the next year. Please let your Senators know that they need to have hearings on reining in the BLM; to put an immediate moratorium on round ups and to hold hearings on the behavior of the BLM. Our horses in the wild need our help!

Dennis Manske says:

What does thisd mean for the BLM adoption program? On one hand I feel that this encourages the BLM to increase the gather, on the other hand, I am concerned that if the horses they have captured aren’t placed, they will suffer and or meet an untimely demise.

Ginger says:
Hi Dennis – As you know I am a wild horse adopter and am a new adopter of Cloud’s half brother, Sax, captured and removed last month. Unfortunately, only about 3,000 mustangs are adopted each year in recent years yet the BLM is removing 12,000 this year (unless we can stop them)—far too many for the adoption program. The BLM program must be revamped and Congress must call for a moritorium on round ups now, before it is too late.

Suze says:

Ginger, Can you let us know how badly Cloud and his mare are injured? With winter already settled upon the Pryors, I am so concerned for their welfare. They need to be perfect to survive. Thank you for what you are doing for OUR mustangs!

Ginger says:

I think Cloud will be fine, and I am hopeful his lameness will go away. People who have seen him since I have reported that he is fine as are his mares. I look forward to being up there with them soon.

Michael says:

Ginger, Are there any large influential groups working on this issue who can get to the administration & congress? I am working as creatively as I can nationally & locally, tried to contact someone at AWHPC but got no response. There must be some large organization such as Sierra club who is willing to take this on. Please let me know if I can assist any actions your group is taking besides the letter, editorial activities. Thanks,


Ginger says:

Hi Michael – You can find out more at The Cloud Foundation. Hope you will sign up on our email list so you can get all our updates and learn what to do. Thanks so much for your concern.

Pam says:

The horse’s herds seem to be a pretty complex social structure. Doesn’t it stress the horses to separate the herds, like it would stress people to be pulled out of a family unit? Why can’t the BLM keep the herds together when they thin them? Thank you for the wonderful film/story telling work you are doing.

Ginger says:

Pam, you are absolutely right, the horses have an amazing and complex social structure that is literally shattered when the helicopters arrive. The individual bands are torn apart during roundups but it is advisable to only remove younger horses if a herd does really need to reduced in population size. The Cloud Foundation recommended that no more than 20 young horses (aged 2 and younger) be removed from Cloud’s herd this year if a roundup was to take place. When the BLM failed to listen to the public and even to their own science, and when our temporary restraining order was denied in DC district court, the helicopter took to the air.  On the first day of the roundup we were informed that the BLM planned to remove whole family bands off the Pryors. Bands like the one led by 19-year-old stallion Conquistador, who Cloud challenged in the fog nearly 10 years ago; the family led by 13-year-old Trigger, who I’ve been filming since he was just a few days old; and the band belonging to the stallion Shane, who we rescued after he rolled under a barbed wire fence as a foal.  Even 21-year-old Grumpy Grulla (Raven’s first mare) was removed. In the end, BLM stopped the roundup early. With so many of us watching, I think they feared a horse would die in the extreme heat during their long run down from the mountaintop.

Two weeks later a total of 57 horses were auctioned off, including four of Cloud’s grandchildren, his daughter, Rain, and his brother, Sax.  With an amazing crew of volunteers we trailered Shane, Bo, Trigger and Conquistador with most of their mares, as well as the traumatized blue roan bachelor stallion, Floyd, to their new home north of the Pryors. Watching Conquistador and Cavalitta walk calming off the trailer together brought tears to our eyes. Seeing the greeting that Bo gave to his mare, Chalupa, and their filly foal made this entire effort worthwhile.

Only with the help of our many supporters and immediate action on behalf of volunteers were we able to mobilize and adopt these horses and keep them together in their family bands. It is our hope that our lawsuit against the BLM will be successful and these four bands, along with the bachelor, can return home. Until then they are under our care although they remain as close to wild as possible. With the BLM planning on rounding up a staggering 12,000 wild horses and burros this year we can’t stop fighting for the freedom of all.  We so
appreciate your support and ask for your continued work on behalf of all our wild horses and burros. The BLM is rounding up a 1000 horses in Wyoming this month and next month. Half of Nevada’s horses (over 25% of the total number left in the west) are to be removed in the coming months. The BLM is acting illegally and if they are not stopped we won’t have any horses left in the wild. In 1974 there were some 54,000 wild horses in the wild- by next September there will be only 22,000 or so. And over 40,000 in costly government holding pens, pastures and “preserves.” This is not the way to manage an icon of the American west.

Larry says:

While watching your program, it looked like there were acres and acres of open land. What is BLM’s problem with these horses?

Ginger says:

Larry, Cloud’s herd lives on a nearly 40,000 acre designated range and in addition to that, they “illegally” live and move in and out of another huge area in the Custer National Forest (where they have lived for centuries). The BLM has determined that only 120 horses over one year of age can live on this 40,000 acre area – despite the fact that anything less than 150 is not genetically viable. We’ve been working to get the range legally expanded to allow for a 200-300 horse herd that would preserve these unique Spanish genetics into the future. The BLM could have managed this herd at 170-200 horses if they had spent money on range improvements rather than rounding up 146 horses and removing 57 of them at a cost of over $150,000.

Further investigations into the BLM’s Wild Horse & Burro program are called for. Secretary Salazar’s recent plan to move 26,000 wild horses to expensive eastern preserves in sterilized and segregated herds is not the answer. The west is the home of the wild horse and 54 million acres of public lands were set aside primarily for their use as free roaming wild animals in 1971. Nearly 25 million acres have since been taken away from them and it is time lands were returned. Less than 33,000 wild horses remain on our public lands, down from an estimated 54,000 in 1974. Meanwhile, over 3 million head of livestock graze on public lands – many owned by huge companies, not by family ranchers. Federal public lands grazing is estimated to be a $123 million/year net loss and the true cost to our environment is much higher (estimated upwards of $500 million to $1 billion per year in damages). We would save money and wild horses by simply paying legitimate ranchers not to graze. Wild horses are outnumbered on the range and yet are blamed for any damage. If there is no damage they are removed. I would encourage you and all interested to watch the recent investigative report “Stampede to Oblivion” which is now online.

  • Janet Ferguson

    Would you like to do another Cloud film in the future?

    Also there was an early winter this year in the Pryor Mountains. How are the new foals doing? How common is it for new foals to be born on the mountain in the fall of the year?

  • Rick

    There is a proposal on the table to create refuges for wild horses in the midwest and the eastern US. One of the greatest challenges that I faced as someone gentling a mustang a couple of years ago had to do with his sensitivity to bugs indigenous to the east coast. If we were to import wild horses to the east, I wonder if we would be creating a nighmare of sweet itch and allergic reactions for these animals.

    Additionally, there is talk in these parts about the possibility of oil companies finding oil and gas reserves on lands set aside for horses by the 1971 act. This is unconfirmed but might go a long way towards explaining some of the actions taken by BLM of late. Is there evidence of such activity or any talk of this in the western US?

  • Emily F.

    What I would like to know is:
    -When did Sitka die?
    -When did Cloud + Sitka’s son, Storm, die? Why did he pass away?
    -How are Flint and Bolder doing? (For Bolder: Any grandfoals yet?)
    -What’s going on with Bolder and the Texas mare? I saw her marking, it does look like Texas!
    -How did a black Rain come out of pale palomino Cloud and blue-roan (?) mare, Velvet?
    -Who are Image’s mother and father? Isn’t Rain his mother?
    -Why were Arrow, Image, Rain, and Ember removed in the September roundup?

    Sorry, I know a lot about Cloud, but not these. Please take your time, and you don’t have to answer them all!

  • Ronnie

    I know you cannot update about the Cloud herd round-up by the BLM this Sept. 2009 on this PBS special, Oct. 25, 2009. PBS will not allow.

    However, I pray you can have ANOTHER episode about Cloud & family REAL SOON! So many have been loving and following Cloud via your episodes on PBS. They deserve to know what happened to Cloud and family. There is good, not-so-good and bad.

    However, there is joy. Cloud persevered. He lived! He had courage and defiance facing the helicopter. He snaked his mares, wanting to save, protecting. He is back in his beloved range, although without all his family. And the adoptions of his family, although sad to us as we wanted all to be free, is uplifting, as most went to the same rescue. Family together.

    Conquistador is a story to be told, too! This magnificent stallion! Adopted, but so happy to be with his mare! Yes!

    I don’t know if you can get into the politics of the BLM, ranchers/cattle, oil/gas on the range, but maybe there is a subtle way you can. Then the viewers can ask their own questions and research. The full story can then be told.

    Never-the-less, I know another episode about Cloud will be very BENEFICIAL TO CHILDREN. Yes, they will have grief and sadness. But they will be able to see the love and protection of family. That Cloud had losses, struggled to make all right, but in the end, he overcame.

    Children identify strongly. They have been following Cloud for years. But now there was a “bully,” the BLM. And the family is broken up…like divorce/death in children’s lives.

    But adversity can be dealt with and peace again in the family, in the “school yard”… And as for grief and loss, children too experience this very much. Again, children will be able to see their lives through Cloud (subconsciously/unconsciously). They will feel so not alone with the sad and bad in their lives. And the joy they will feel, happy Cloud survived and is fine. Children, like Cloud, are resilient. They too can get through and survive.

    Thank you.

  • Joanne Milne

    Hello Ginger – I’d just like you to know what a storm you have caused over here in the UK, Scotland. Thanks to your documetaries we have become heavily involoved in the protection of mustangs, particuarly through your Cloud Foundation whom we have fundraised for and campained to let everybody know what the BLM is doing to destroy these unique herds. I know I want to dedicate my life to wild horses and it is my lifelong dream that one day I will travel to Montana to see them for myself. Our question to you is what is the best way we can help in the protection of Americas wild horses? We don’t have senators etc to write to but america needs to know that it’s not just the american citizans that care – it’s the whole world. How can we make our voices heard? Thank you PBS and Ginger Kathrens!

  • Cheyenne

    Hi, how’s Cloud?? Will Obama stop the BLM from rounding up the herds? I hope so, I’m a big horse lover. If we don’t stop the BLM, we can try to compromise to only roundup two or three herds every three or four years. How does that sound?

  • Cheyenne

    Ginger,are all of Cloud’s foals alive?

  • Robynne

    Ginger, thank you for your determination in documenting these wonderful mustangs. Can you tell us approximately how many wild horses remain in the west? I made several phone calls to Senators, Congressmen, and Ken Salazar, hoping to be of some help in keeping the horses free. We are also vehemently against moving any of the herds to the eastern part of the country, for fear they won’t survive. We agree that they should remain where they are, where they have always been, in the west. There is plenty of forage, water and shelter for them. We believe the government should not intervene, and that protection groups such as yours should be applauded and supported by the BLM. Thank you, and please know that our prayers are with you and the wild horses.

  • Makendra Silverman

    Thank you to everyone for your questions!
    Robynne: there are about 33,000 wild horses left in the wild although the BLM is planning to remove 12,000 wild horses and burros this fiscal year (Oct. 2009-Sept 2010). There are about 33,000 wild horses in BLM long and short-term holding. You can read a press release about the Cloud Foundation’s ideas for managing wild equids in the west here:
    Livestock outnumber wild horses 100:1 on our public lands and yet the horses are removed and blamed for the damage. We need the ROAM act (s. 1579) to pass the Senate. Please take a moment, everyone, to write your senators in support of ROAM. This will also mandate the return of the 20 million acres taken away from wild horses since 54 million acres were legally designated for them by the Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971. Action information here:
    More soon– thank you!

  • Barbaran Warner

    How are Conquistador and the other horses doing in their new home ?
    Also I hope Cloud and the other injured horses and foals have recovered . Have you seen them recently?
    My sincere thanks for all you are doing , Ginger, to help our wild horses. Their plight is heartbreaking.

  • Marlene

    To counter BLM claims of over-breeding as I know, it is a fact that some mares are not fertile and those that will conceive and may not carry to term or deliver a healthy foal in any given year. Most mares will have years when they either can’t conceive or do not carry to term or the foal is not viable.

    Have you kept breeding statistics? What number of mares do not conceive or do not carry viable foals in a given year as compared to number of mares whose healthy foals survive to 2 years of age.
    I realize you have focused on one herd so may not have statistics of births and deaths due to the course of nature; injuries, weather, predators, etc.

  • Aero Ferguson

    I too would like to know if a follow-up program will be shown at any time in the future regarding the BLM and their treatment of our wild horses and burros. We are all behind you all the way…for as long as it takes to preserve these magnificent souls.

  • Emily F.

    One more question: Will there be a 4th Cloud program????

  • Morgan J Williams

    Thank you Ginger & the Cloud Foundation for another wonderful open forum opportunity.

    Since Mustangs on The Hill, what has the Committee of Energy and Natural Resources done with The ROAM Act, bill #S 1579? Did the bill become placed on their calendar for the year? Can Senator Landrieu ask for an immediate hearing so a vote must be taken? Does the Committee also have bill #S727? I understand that the rally was to make sure those bills were not thrown out by the committee when they set the calendar for the next year on September 29th.

    Is Ken Salazar’s proposal to spend millions of taxpayers dollars on new horse sanctuaries in eastern and midwest states a diversion tactic with the public & equine advocates? That Ken has NO real intention of saving Mustang and Burros in BLM prison pens from slaughter houses – or ‘humane euthanasia’ as Salazar, Abbey, Reid, Schweitzer and Wallis call it?

    Will Madeleine Pickens eventually get her ecotourism horsepark? How many Mustangs and Burros could she possible take then?

  • Heather Bruen

    What happened to Cloud’s father? Are Conquistador and his new herd allowed to roam free in their new home? I heard that they now live at the bottom of the Pyror Mountain with there new owners but, is it possible for them to wander back to where they were before the round up started? If so, would the BLM leave them there?

  • Connie Stone

    Ginger, have Cloud, Firestorm, Pococeno, (others?) recovered sufficiently from injuries before severe Winter sets in? (IF not, can ANY thing be done for them?)

  • Connie Stone

    I haven’t heard much about Velvet, or Shadow, for awhile– how are they? Is Velvet still foaling? (are there 2 dark foals in Cloud’s band?) Then is the 1 called “Jasmine”– foal of Velvet/ Aztec/or Pococeno?
    I noticed that there seem to be very FEW descendants of RAVEN, or PLENTY COUPS, (as well as CLOUD) left on the Range– who are they? What happened to other longterm mare of Raven, “the Claybank”?
    I’m unsure whether Mariah (of Raven/Phoenix) is the same filly as palomino “Blanca”, because I thought she was born 1997 along with Electra and bro. “GreyBear” (while Blanca’s birth given as 1998)? Then, is Bristol = “Grey Bear”?

  • Connie Stone

    I have also been wondering about the stories /history of Conquistador and close relatives! (or is that a whole “new” book to be told? :) I surmise that He is related to the late Wounded Knee, and/or Hightail?

    Has ANYONE ever received any sort of answer from BLM regarding WHY they “decided” to forego and contradict their OWN “mission” and long-term plans “to preserve the most rare and under-represented genetic color alleles”— by removing so many-all of Buckskins, Palominos, Palomino-Roan/Cremellos, Red Roans, Blue Roans, Sorrel-combos, and primitive-marked Duns from the Range all at once? Was this a ‘last-minute, unfortunate, unapproved decision’? (if so, was that person/persons FIRED for it?)

  • Connie Stone

    Has ANYONE heard even one word from our ‘new, open-transparent presidency’ that suggests that President Obama or any of his Immediate staff (NOT Salazar)even GOT any of the thousands of messages we sent their way?
    Do you think he/they did not GET them, or do not CARE, or do not UNDERSTAND, or do not think this is IMPORTANT enough to deal with (considering the ‘obvious full plate’ facing this administration)??

  • Mary Adkins

    If the BLM has another round up in 2012, will Cloud be removed since he will be more than 10 years old?

  • Lenore Mitchell

    How can we visit the Pryor horse herd? Also, do you believe that other designated BLM wild horse herd areas, such as Colorado’s Little Book Cliffs are also under seige for planned herd reductions?

  • Cathy

    checking reception

  • Linda W.

    How can we impress upon the Obama administration the critical importance of acting NOW to protect the wild horses and our public lands? It has been totally disappointing that things have gotten so bad so fast for wild horses since the new administration took over.

  • Ben

    I greatly enjoy your work! Do you currently have any films planned for the future?

  • Cathy

    Ginger, in light of BLM’s new plans: relocation, segregation, sterilization, neutering, how will the R.O.A.M. change this? Seems it protects against ‘Meat for Sale.’ Otherwise, there will be roundups for above and the rest of the birth control program. The BLM ignored the 1971 Act protection from capture, branding, harassment and death by taking part in all and will again. Amendments to the R.O.A.M. are needed. I love the Cloud series and I am looking forward to 3rd and 4th if there will be one. I am also looking forward to finding out how Cloud and the others are health wise. Thanks Ginger and all for your Great Contributions!

  • Cathy

    Thanks to Ginger and all for their great contribution in bringing the Cloud Series to us. I hope there will be another! I am looking forward to knowing if Cloud and the others are healed. Regards to all!

  • Shelley Sawhook


    Can you tell us which of the horses in the video are no longer free to roam with their herds? Also, in light of the proposed BLM gather schedule of over 12,000 additional horses in FY 2010 can you tell us what efforts are underway to stop these gathers or what we as average citizens can do to protect our herds? What plans do you, as an activist and a film maker, have to ensure the genetic viability of not only Cloud’s range, but all wild horse and burro ranges? Lastly, has anyone determined if the mare Baccardi and her foal, who were left on the range without herd protection during the gather, are safe and unharmed from the gather “activities”?

    Thanks for all you do and my whole family LOVES Cloud, his herd and you for showing us their unique qualities. My 10 yo daughter wants to be just like you when she grows up!

  • Ashley Tippetts

    Hi Ginger,

    First I want to thank you for your work, and also thank you for being such a great example for horsemanship. I am studying the Parelli program at Levels 3/4 and anytime I see you do anything with your horses, it is always beautiful and as natural as possible. Thank you.

    I was wondering, have you continued to study the Parelli program, or any other program, with your personal horses? In videos and photos, I can see you are still using some of their equipment. Do you have any future plans with Parelli, such as another course?

    Also, I think Electra is my favorite horse from the Pryors. I got to “meet” her last year in May on the way to a Parelli Tour Stop in Billings. I was glad to hear that she avoided the round up, because I heard she was going to be targeted for removal. (?) Anyway, can you give us an update on how she is doing?

    Last, I know previously you were upset about the contraceptive drug PZP being use on the mares in the Pryors. Has your opinion changed at all about the method/drug? Are there still many foals being born out of season? How do you think the mares will be affected who just received PZP while being processed in the round up?

    Thank you again for your work and the introduction to these wonderful horses.

  • RJ Daum RPLS

    Could we have Congress remove the Wild Horse and Burros from the BLM within the Senate version of the ROAM act.A completely new agency with private and public leadership.Remove all funding from BLM and have Senator Conrad of North Dakota have hearings on previous and proposed spending. The new agency would determine herd areas and best herd management practices bases on DNA and ranges available.Land used could be public or private land with application of public trust doctrine and wild doctrine with judicial, adminstrative and executive decisions.Every ten years the agency would have congressional Sunset review.

  • Carole Menninger

    I am urging all my friends, customers to get involved and contact legislators and Obama – to stop more roundups and return all these horses to the land that is theirs. Please continue these programs on Cloud and the wild horses, i really believe if enough people see just how wonderful these creatures are and how much at risk, they will want to do what they can to save them.
    God bless all of you who are working night and day on the front lines to help them!

  • MJ

    Has Cloud and all the horses recovered from the Labor Day BLM roundup, or are they still lame?

  • TS

    How often do you go to the mountains and how do you know where the horses are? Do you plan to continue the series?

  • Barb Beck

    Ginger, thank you for educating the American public about the fate of all our wild horses. We will continue our fight to pass the R.O.A.M. Act. I would like to see the horses out from under the “protection”-HA! of the BLM. Do you think that will ever happen?

  • Amanda

    My mom got me out of bed so that I could chat with you live! I haven’t yet seen the third installment in the Cloud series but plan to watch it tomorrow (Mom taped it YAY!). I absolutly (my mom too) LOOOOOOOVVE the CLOUD series! I own the books and the shows (excluding the third installment)!!!!

  • Amanda

    My mom got me out of bed so that I could chat with you live! I haven’t yet seen the third installment in the Cloud series but plan to watch it tomorrow (Mom taped it YAY!). I absolutly (my mom too) LOOOOOOOVVE the CLOUD series! I own the books and the shows (excluding the third installment)!!!!

  • Amanda

    My mom got me out of bed so that I could chat with you live! I haven’t yet seen the third installment in the Cloud series but plan to watch it tomorrow (Mom taped it YAY!). I absolutly (my mom too) LOOOOOOOVVE the CLOUD series! I own the books and the shows (excluding the third installment)!!!!
    That SOOO stinks about the auctioned off horses on your update!!! Did Cloud get released again?

  • Katie

    My heart just breaks as I see this – thank for you all that you have done to stand up for the wild horses. How sad – when is the next scheduled roundup? How is Cloud?

  • MKR

    What happened to Cloud and the other stallions? did they get released with some of the older mares.

  • lissa

    The whole thing makes my heart hurt. I wish I could reach out and protect them with my own hands. I hope you follow these horses and others, their stories need to be told for the sake of us trapped in the city!
    God bless you!! You too, Cloud!

  • Lyndsay

    I’ve been fascinated by Cloud’s story from the beginning. I do hope that all turns out well for the horses. They are such a treasure and it would be terrible if they were to disappear. Thanks for your work, it is so important.

  • Jana

    I was in tears when I found out Cloud and his family had been corralled and auctioned. What is going to happen to them? How can I help? I have followed Cloud’s story from the beginning, and I love him and his family. And you are exceedingly wonderful and dedicated for enduring such harsh conditions to photograph his story.

    Just so you all out there know–I am writing a chlidren’s book to help preserve our natural prairie flowers and plants that we are losing so rapidly here in the Midwest. I live in the St. Louis Metro area, and urban sprawl is threatening our beautiful and neccessary wild plants.

    We all must try to keep hope alive for the wild things. Just look at how many people have joined this blog. We must continue to fight to save the wild.

    Jana Mayer, O’ Fallon, MO

  • Rachel

    Since Cloud was released years ago in a roundup because of his unique coat color, why wasn’t Image released? Thank you for your programs!

  • Kathy G

    Why is BLM removing the horses. Didn’t catch all the show tonight. Am a lover of horses and glad to see your dedication. Is there anything I can do to keep Cloud and the others on their mountain ranges?

  • Amanda

    Oh, and THANK YOU for your heart for horses and going out in the cold and heat to film these absolutely marvelous horses!!!!!!

  • Lisa Friday

    Just wanted to let you know that Rain is doing wonderfully. She realizes that a lead rope is for being led and that a blue tarp won’t bite. She has had a blanket on her and a hack-a-more as I drive her. She is a precious filly whose eyes have been again lighted. Her sense on humer, unbottoning my jacket, and her emerald green eyes are amazing

  • Lacey Engelberg

    Hello Ginger, I love that you have captured the innocence of the wild horses. My question for you is that since the young foals have been captured and auctioned ( which is just not right) what has happend to the older mares and stallions? I would think that they could not be broke for they would be to set in their ways and not used to human conntact at all. My only concern is that they have been sold to people willing to do what I consider unlawfull things. I would like to hear that they have been relocated to another region, mountain top, or something, just as long as they were kept free, not caged. I have become to love these horses as you do, and watching your program I felt as though I was right there with you watching them frollic in the sun and graze in the grasses. I felt the passion cloud had for his mares and the saddness when the foals didn’t make it to their grand muscular horse stage. I do wonder what became of Image, he is such a magnificent colt and if I had the chance would love a horse like him. So please be honest to us all and tell me what become of the foals and the old mares and stallions.. thank you for your great work..

  • Becky

    I too, would like to know if you are planning a fourth Cloud documentary, and will you be able to show any film of the BLM roundup last September? How are the lame horses recovering? I personally reached many, many people about the plight of our American Mustangs, and urge all to write to President Obama and others.

  • Randi

    It is obvious that even in the harshest of conditions these horses can manage themselves. I am all for keeping the wild horses in the wild and unmanaged. How can we get them out from under the BLM’s “management”? Are roundups ever truly necessary? I understand the east coast’s island wild horses survived and thrived for centuries on limited land and with no predators… lack of food in the lean years limited reproduction. Why the use of contraceptives? Thank you.

  • Nancy

    Thank-you for these mesmerizing shows. I had no idea what the BLM was up to with our wild horses But now I will become active in the fight to ensure that they remain together, intact in their herds and forever free.

  • Dawn Pollock

    All this has moved me. I signed and wroted to my senators, what else can I do?

  • Catherine

    All I can say is that I am very gratful to you for the wonderful work you do and please keep us all informed as to what is going on.I joined the Cloud Foundation after one of of your programs on PBS and received an alert email about the round up.I was shocked.Is there anything else we can do to stop this terrible path the BLM is bent on?

  • Amanda

    May God bless you! <3

  • Angela Sellitto

    Ginger, thank you so much for everything you are doing. We’re working hard here in IL lobbying for the horses and burros.

  • Kathleen

    I have followed your series on cloud and have truly loved it. You have allowed (me) us to view a part of nature not easily known. In one of the earlier comments a person from Great Britian asked who they can write to help keep the horses free and this is something I would like to know as well. I live in Canada and would like to know who I can contact to let them know my feelings on corraling these wonderful animals who were meant to be free. Thank you for all you do for them. Keep up the good work.

  • Julie

    Thank you Ginger for all that you are doing for the wild horses. We are behind your efforts 100%.

  • josie

    I am so upset to hear what happened to Cloud and the other horses. It was such a shock after deeply appreciating all the work you have done following these horses and bringing such a tender eye to their lives and bringing to life the drama and family stories. It is so disheartening that the horses were not respected and preserved. I deeply hope that enough support can come to help. Being from Canada we have our own fight to protect a wild horse band here with equal devaluing of their rights. I thank you for your work for horses and I pray for freedom or at least kind hearts to be around to treasure the horses that must now exist among people.

  • Sierra

    I am so thankful to you and PBS to bring this to light. I’ve enjoyed watching all 3 of your documentaries about the wild horses. Please keep helping them. I can’t believe that so many were captured and frankly somewhat horrified how their rounded up, the injections that change their mating seasons, and even ability to produce offspring. We must hold BLM accountable and get them to stop this, I hope that we will! Thank you! Sierra

  • Carol Drummond

    What happened to Cloud, and do any other of his family who were rounded up still need your help?

  • Sheryl :(

    I am so mad and sad !! Why did they do this to Cloud and his family! I will call my congress and I am sorry. This wrong. I have had tears since I saw this outrage! Don’t they know the Cloud following? Please everyone make noise! Let it be known!

  • Gerard Joseph

    Ginger, awesome show,my wife and I enjoyed it immensely, its unfortunate whats gone on regarding these Wild Horses, they need to let them live out their lives without human interference and harrassment especially from the federal government…I’ll definitely be making calls to Washington and out to Montana this week letting them know of my concerns regarding this matter. Again the program was superbly done,thanks PBS! Support the Wild Horses…Hoka Hey Ashke~nawe.

  • Sonja R

    BLM acctually stands for “botched land managment”; it’s always about the money anyway: ranchers and oil interests vs. the wildlife, but this time with Ginger Kathrens film we can stand-up and fight. Fight with your VOTE via phones, e-mails, and letters to your congressman. The vote is mightier than the dollar! It’s out national land and we want wild horses and other wild creatures to rule and live there, not ranchers, oil interests, or grazing rights prevaricaters.

  • Jane

    I just finished watching the third documentary on Cloud, Challenge of the Stallions. What an incredible and inspiring show, but how devastating to learn at the end of the fate of so many of these beautiful horses. I have signed the petition and written my two senators – what else can a person do to put a halt to the BLM roundups, and support and aid these wild horses to retain their freedom? What harm were these wild horse bands doing in the Montana mountains? The BLM should be ashamed of their abominable and appalling action.

  • sally morgan

    What does this new development with the BLM capture and mismanagement of Cloud’s herd and other bands mean to the future of your films? Are there enough of them remaining for you to make future films? What has happened to Cloud? Will you consider doing a follow up on some of the individuals in their new domestic lives as well? Many many thanks for your wonderful work and effort to protect wild horses.

  • Susan

    Hi, I`m Susan and I`m a teen activist, I`m involved with HSUS and HSL, along with some other Humane Society programs. I`m wondering, was Cloud returned to the wild? Or is he being kept somewhere? I`d also like your opinion of the experamental birth control drugs. I`d also like some information about the auction conditions…are kill buyers allowed? Thanks for all you do for the mustangs! :)

  • Juliet Connery

    I saw the program tonight (Oct. 25, 09) and it was so wonderful to see Cloud and his band once again. Thank you Ginger for bringing this wild horse story to us all. I was shocked to hear of the Labor Day Roundup by the BLM. Keep up your work and tell us what is going on so we can help keep the mustangs free for ever – which is part of our treasured heritage. I will be writing legislators and the White House.
    J. Connery

  • Cassidy

    Hi! Thank you so much for the wonderful documentary! Seeing the beautiful horses was breathtaking! It is very sad that many are no longer free. :( I was wondering: Have the horses that are free again recovered from the roundup? Are the horses that were adopted doing well? Is there a way to take the management of Mustangs away from the BLM? Is there another bill besides S.1579 running around that will help the Mustangs? In the next FY is the BLM removing ALL the horses from certain areas, or just chosen complete herds? Would there be a way to release Shane, Bo, and Trigger and their bands back to the wild? Thank you for all your hard work!!!

    Also, why is the BLM removing the older horses??? The older horses know where to go for food, water, and shelter, and they teach the younger horses, right? And by removing strong, healthy herds, doesn’t that ruin the ’survival of the fittest’??? That is how the Mustangs survive, by the strongest, healthiest, smartest horses winning the right to parent the next generation. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :)

  • Michael

    Ginger, I too only caught the last of your show tonight, but saw enough to be hooked in the story and will watch it again in the wee hours when it plays again later. But like everyone else, I was horrified to see our Government once again meddling to the heartbreak of all, and I didn’t see what the reason was, to justify it. How can I find out more about the fate of the family, and what lesson from this can we learn to help prevent it in the future — if there is a future for these wonderful animals.

  • Jeanine

    I am sad also, I love animals of all kinds, but to me when they capture these horses, they also take away a piece of our history as a country. It also makes me sad that even though they know Clouds bloodline and the horses he runs with, that they would even round them up at all!! To round any of them up is a mystery to me, and it is very, very upsetting. What do they do with the ones who are not sold? I don’t know if I want to know the answer to tell the truth. I have signed several petitions and will continue to do so as I don’t have the money to donate. Thanks for all you do to draw attention to this matter.

  • Cathy Coulthard

    Ginger; thank you for allowing us to look into the extraordinary lives of these magnificent animals. I have been following this series for a couple of years with my elementary school classes. It has opened their eyes up to the horse and natural world and to the treasure of the “Nature” programming. I pray that Cloud has survived this unjust ordeal.
    London, Ontario

  • shirley stevens

    Is any headway being made in the direction of the BLM and it’s cruelity and ethics on this issue. They are auctioning these horses off to slaughter ranchers

  • shirley stevens

    Is any headway being made in the direction of the BLM and it’s cruelity and ethics on this issue.

  • Doug

    I didn’t see the whole show, but I did see enough to get on line, read what I could, and sign the petition. I’m always a doubter, particularly when I feel like I don’t have all of the facts. Unless the issue was addressed early in the program, I was disturbed that there seemed to be no explanation about why the roundups were being conducted. After minimal research it appears that this is about grazing rights for cattle ranchers. Is that your finding as well?

  • shirley stevens

    These are not adoptions, these are auctions. does anyone know this?

  • Catherine

    Sheryl is right WE must take action. Do we want our government to do this to our wild horses ? No we say NO NO NO !! So we must make our voices heard . I urge all of you to join The Cloud Foundation . It is easy,and they have a petition on their website you can sign and then send it to your friends to sign as well. Don’t forget the hurt and outrage you felt when you learned of these horses fate .They need us to speak for them . Stand up to the BLM and we will win!

  • Penny Nicoll

    Why do they Round up the horses? Who benefits? What can I do to help keep these horses free?

  • j fowler

    Who has Cloud now amd is there any way for him to be return to be wild?

  • Dorease Rioux

    Ginger, Tim and I deeply appreciate you and all YOU do to make unwavering strong stands for OUR wild horses. We wish PBS would have allowed you to tell what is really going on, behind the scenes, with the BLM’s horrific mismanagement of Cloud and all mustangs everywhere — OUR GREAT AMERICAN ICON.
    Sadly, you weren’t permitted to assert the troubling “truths” and to illicit the help of the American Public for a “public outcry”. Even so, YOUR tremendous ongoing contributions as a knowledgeable and passionate VOICE FOR THE WILD HORSES is powerful. We join with you in writing & calling our legislators, Salazar, & our President. GOD BLESS YOU, TRACE, AND ALL THE WILD HORSES YOU’VE RESCUED AND THOSE STANDING IN HOLDING FACILITIES, AND THOSE WHO STILL, THANKFULLY, RUN FREE ON THE PUBLIC LANDS THEY DESERVE TO ROAM……. We keep you and our much-loved wild horses in our prayers and warmest thoughts. Dorease Rioux, Colorado Springs

  • D. Masters

    Ms. Kathrens:
    What I don’t understand is the current ferocity of round-ups and removal based on such small numbers. In centuries past there were over 5 million wild equines; turn of the 20th century approximately 2 million. In 2009 there are less than 33,000 roaming (debatable) and over 30,000 in holding. How can these few thousand devestate ranges and require removal at these costs…the numbers just don’t add up? In addition, the DOI/BLM/USDA are uncooperative AND deceptive with regard to disclosing monitoring data, removal criteria science and round up results that doesn’t guarantee no slaughter. How is it that a government enterprise can go so unchecked? Finally, why is a “wild mustang/burro” which is a Federal Property/Protectorate being allowed to be handled by counties, states, park systems and private land owners without a comprehensive plan managed and approved by the Feds based on objective science?

    Thanks for your work.

  • Jessica

    I love this show! I saw it on TV many years ago but it seemed like a random occurance. It can be so wonderful and yet so heart breaking. I would love for Ginger Kathrens to send me an e-mail telling me of different ways to help the beautiful animals and places that she films. I would also like to better understand what happens at a round-up.

  • John Masterson

    Tears, Tears fill my heart. As they did the first time Cloud was captured in his first round up. Who thinks they should have the power to control the ” Birth Right of Gods Creations”. They have tossed these aminals a dirty deal. It has changed the way the horses cope and surive. Thanks Ginger for your years of being there.

  • chava

    I am so saddened. That these animals have been traumatized. I pray we will become enlightened enough as humans to give rights and respects to our fellow earthlings.human or animals. why do humans act as if we own the world? instead of share it? The beauty of these horses is extraordinary.namaste

  • vicki

    Hi, Ginger. The program was wonderful but sad knowing many of the horses are no longer on their land. We’ve heard from many that this program will always be special because it was the last time they were all together. Let’s hope our efforts will end the round-ups and they can live their lives on the range. Thanks so much, Ginger.

  • Laura

    The public needs to know that BLM does not do a proper background check for people who adopt horses through their program. There is a neighbor who submitted someone else’s green pasture as her own and the truth of the matter is that there are two beautiful mustangs forced to live in a barren paddock for the rest of their lives.

  • Carol Hall

    Thank you for this wonderful documentary! It was so beautiful to see the Mustangs living free in their natural environment, as they should be. The roundups are just so very wrong, unnecessary, and cruel. The Mustangs are truly a national treasure. Let them be!

  • Sarah

    I can’t believe anybody could do that to wild animals! Cloud is my favorite of all times! He was the horse that got me interested in horses, and I fell in love with him the MOMENT I saw him! My horse, Easy, is only mine bc of Cloud, bc Cloud made me want horses. How could ANYONE sell a wild horse? I loved Cloud bc he was beautiful, wild, free, spirited! He was perfect! He had hat look in his eyes that I have been searching for in my horses eyes-that “Devil may care” look! That’s what I fell in love with! Now he’s going to have that broken look that most horses do, that look that just says, “Kill me now, end my suffering. Please.” My horse, Easy, came with that look, and every horse I’ve ever seen has had that look, but Cloud didn’t! Cloud is what I fell in love with, the wild, beautiful, perfect Cloud! And people have to barge in and steal him and his family! If I had known beforehand, I’d have gone up there and bought him myself, even if it cost me everything I’ve worked for and everything I’ll ever had, I’d have bought him, set him free again, and stayed with him to make sure NOTHING ever happened to him again! Image stole my heart, too! I’m seventeen years old, and ever I know that it’s wrong to do that to ANY animal for personal gratification or gain! It’s disgusting, and whoever did that to Cloud, or any horse, needs to be prosecuted against! They’re killing these beautiful animals, and they don’t even feel bad about it! All they EVER want is money, land, and power when they don’t realize that you can be rich knowing that you helped animals, not killed them, ad you can have land by gaining knowledge, and you can have power by using that knowledge well!

  • Terry

    Ginger I would have no idea how or what to write any congressperson if are collecting a list of names to send to washington I will sign itand keep signing it till some one hear what we are saying as a horse lover I have a few and there like my children…

  • Nathan

    As much as I enjoyed the program, I find it disturbing that nature would argue for wild horses without sharing other side. Wild horses are causing untold damage to wild lands. Many other animals are being threatened by the large numbers of wild horses. The BLM is helping the overall health of the land, not hurting it. Before acting, please read peer-reviewed scientific journal articles before sending letters to the president or other elected officials. We can’t let our emotions rule when it comes to the environment.

  • Dennis Manske

    Nathan, It sounds like there is a film in that statement…If it could be balanced.

  • K..Chain

    Just as the birthright of humans is to be free so should that of all living creatures.

  • Justin

    Thanks you so much for your hard work in bringing the world of these amazing horses to the rest of the world. Thanks also for inspiring people to help end round-ups.

  • shirley

    We go to great lengths to save all of the wild in other countries, why are we allowing the BLM to deciede what to do with America’s wild horses. There was a adoption recently and a 2 year old stallion jumped the fence hitting some poor ole guy with his hoof and sending the man to the hospital. A foal was seperated and adopted away from his mother, went into shock from terror and died in the horse trailer. Now the BLM makes a statement that the horses will be sedated before another “auction” or adoption. It is not the mustangs that need managed, but the BLM.

  • jo bunny

    why is the blm so hellbent on removing so many horses from the pryor mountains? they claim “no food” but the lands are lush, green, fertile & those horses are FAT & HEALTHY. the blm claims “no predators” to keep the numbers of the horses in check, but we know that mountain lions certainly do prey on the wild horses, & in large numbers (one entire YEAR’S worth of new foals, gone?). are they trying to bring in cattle? mining? hunting? power plants? like they are doing in most other wild horse & burro areas….what is up with their drive to remove these pryor mountain horses????

  • jean lee dalloway

    I was horrified and angry by the government rounding up these wild horse.Selling them…I’m speechless. If we do not speak for the wild horses there will not be any soon. what can I do to help? the BLM is the oficial arm of political hacks in Washington who are great on setting up studies slanting these studies to favor their proposals. Look at the BIM if you want to see our Government at work. Native Americans have suffered under it’s Aparthied system for many hundreds of years.Drive through a resevation some time, educate youself in the field.

  • chava

    I hope that soon humans will become more enlightened and learn to respect and honor our fellow earthlings. These horses are so inspiring and wonderfully wild. We cannot act as if the earth is ours alone/ it is a shared enviornment. We as a human race simply cannot continue to abuse mother earth! animals have rights!

  • Lisa Jones

    The horses that were captured and sold…what is their fate? Will they go to a slaughter house?

  • Cherie Swanson

    Ginger, Thank you for your incredible work. I was fortunate enough to spend a couple days with the Pryor horses this summer and can’t describe the experience. It was one of those times etched in my memory that I will always take with me. What a blessing the wild horses are. Cloud looked like he had a rather significant scar on his back left hip. Can you tell me what happened to him? What an amazing herd. I am so sorry they have been seperated in any way. I hope they are as relaxed next year when I make that trek again. Thank you again for all you do!

  • Katie Dunn

    Why does the BLM feel the need to remove these wonderful creatures?

  • Lisa Jones

    The horses that were captured and sold…what is their fate? Will they go to a slaughter house? Do you know what the intent of each individual owner is?

  • Eileen H.

    Thank you, Ginger, for adding an update at the end of this latest Cloud show for the benefit of people who didn’t know about the roundup. Might you make a documentary about the Pryor wild horses roundup? I know a lot of advocates were there and there must be a lot of film and photographic footage, including Cloud staring down the helicopters before his capture and later trying to go back and retrieve his family after his release. It would be interesting to see what happened behind the scenes. While we wait for a moratorium, couldn’t every scheduled roundup be challenged in court before they occur, as in Colorado, where it was stopped? When humane observers are banned from roundups, can this also be fought in court?

  • Connie Stone

    Ginger, Since there ARE and have BEEN several acre areas (per last 5-8 EA’s) that are currently BLM-managed land, and are “parts of the Nat’l Park, Forest, and/or Administrative pastures” that “could be opened and used by the PM Herd” — then WHY isn’t BLM required to open and use these areas, before considering the removal of even 1 horse from the range? I realize these may (or may not) be Huge areas, but the fact remains that the forage upon them still belongs TO the horse herd– and if the herd truly “had too little forage to survive (hah!)” then even 2 blades of grass that already belongs to them should be available? Why were these areas ‘cut-off’ from the range to begin with? Do any have to do with the “Wilderness Areas” still (so called) under consideration that are within the HMA? I don’t understand the wording or reasons cited by BLM (IF there IS any reasoning). Why doesn’t the Crow Reservation allow the horses to have access to part of their land as well? They seem to be historically and currently connected/involved with the Wild horses and their well-being, so why aren’t they more involved now (or are they & we just don’t hear about it)?

  • Lona

    Ginger, Ann and Makendra, Thankyou for all you do! Please keep in touch. Would love to hear updates on Conquistador and Shane and all the others in MT. Shane really stole my heart in Britton Springs!

  • Michael

    The comments by NATHAN (above) are typical of naive POV people can have about our Government “knowing what’s best.” Try to catch 60 Minutes of Fraud & Health Care (aired this evening); or this week’s FRONT LINE, regarding Brooksley Born, who tried 11 years ago to forewarn our Government of the time bomb lurking on Wall Street. Now the same people are advising Obama. Nothing changes. But ANIMALS are another matter, and once again the BLM, like all Government pencil pushers, underestimates the reverence we [the public] give to creatures. Whatever costs Nathan refers to as “untold damage” to wild lands, seems out of context to an argument of nature and animals that preceeded our intervention by hundreds of years. Especially in consideration the proportions the wild horse herds have been whittled down to — thanks to us. 30,000 wild horses hurt nothing, that can’t be adjusted for if we just tried. Hopefully Ginger’s work will help achieve that.

  • Elizabeth McKenna

    Hi Ginger. I am thankful to you for this show tonight. I only wish PBS would have allowed you to show it prior to the round-ups. I saw that some of the horses had been returned…is this really true? And if so, who and how many were set free again? And, do you know where the horses went after their adoptions? Were you able to adopt anyone? Thank you again for being there for Cloud, and all other wild horses. And thank you for being a role model to those of us who love these horses so much…..

  • Deborah Ziska

    Who is BLM working for? The cattle and beef industry or the preservation of our land and its wildlife? These wild horses, whose domestic cousins were critical in the development of our nation, deserve our protection. I need to learn more about why they have been so horribly mistreated with my tax dollars. What happens to our civilization when all of the wild animals are tamed, in zoos, in circuses, and no longer wild or free? I am no longer eating beef and may even become a vegetarian. Thank you for your incredible work and the story of Cloud and his family and for continuing your efforts on behalf of these beautiful creatures.

  • Terry

    Ginger what a great show, I it is sad to hear what they are doing to these horses on public land I hope when they goto the auctions no kill buyers are permited and I hope they keep tabs to make sure the horses are being treated and have gone to good homes. It is sad to see the familys broken up. Ill sign my name to send to washington…


  • amy

    Ginger, like others who have commented, my heart hurts for these horses. Why do we as a nation put up with the BLM trying to put an end to the way these horses have lived, struggled, survived and thrived? How long before there are no longer any truly wild places left? Thank you so much for these amazing shows, please continue.

  • Joseph

    A ban has been enforced on horse slaughter so horses cannot be slaughtered now and although it is sad if not controlled the wild populations of horses would continue to grow and would cause immense damage(the reason why they began to be captured in the first place)

  • Dennis

    I have to say, the land where cloud roamed, didn’t exactly look destroyed. I know a lot of ranchers need to share BLM lands with the wild horses for grazing of cattle. This creates a heavy competition for grazing rights and the more powerful lobby will always be on the beef side. So far, as is usual in these situations, everyone is willing to put name to paper and send it in the President saying make it stop. What really needs to happen is a viable plan for balanced use needs to be developed so that the President and Congress can actually take measures to help. It isn’t enough to complain. If you aren’t part of the solution…you are part of the problem. Maybe put your energy into learning what the impact is for both sides, then figure out a program that supports everyones needs. We have left it up to the government to figure out what to do on their own once before…we got the Mustang Adoption Program. One should be careful for what one wishes for.

  • Julianne French

    Ginger, why did the BLM and officials that selected the horses for auction not consider that the world knowns Cloud and his band and the country would feel betrayed by their callous actions by removing Cloud’s family members?

  • Karen

    I wanted to say thank you for filming these horses in the wild, i had the chance of seeing a herd a few years ago and i honestly feel that there is nothing more beautiful than wild horses its as close to being as free as you possibly can be, it absoutly took my breathe away.

  • Wayne Cummings

    Are there private rancing interests behind the BLM’s desire to trap and relocate the wild horses? If the BLM isn’t acting on science, then surely other factors are in play here.

  • Emily

    Thank you for making the wonderfull show of cloud I enjoy watching all three I love horses and want to go and find wild horses to watch as much as posible thanks again.

  • Julianne French

    Why does the BLM and the Billing’s office not considers that actioning off Cloud family would cause public outrage?

  • jo bunny

    since the burns amendment came into being a few years ago, do we know how many of the wild horses in blm “care” have been shipped over the borders for slaughter in mexico & canada?

  • Lisa Jones

    To Nathan: I’ve worked on a research study that published results in a peer reviewed journal. I know how flawed the data, and therefore, the conclusions can be. Don’t trust everything you read.

  • Catherine

    Thank you Michael(above),for your very eloquent input. You said what many of us are feeling and trying to say.Personaly I am very up set by this. We must stand together to help these horses.

  • Evan

    Hi I was wondering would you ever come up to Canada to film Cloud’s Northern cousins?. It might be harder to find them as there are only around 500 left in all of Canada most being in Alberta. Also hope Cloud and his family are doing well

  • sarah

    This is amazing! cloud seems like a lovely horse. What happened toyour other horse trace?

  • Julianne French

    Why did the BLM allow the Billing’s office to target Cloud’s family for auction?

  • Toni

    I have watched these films and felt the “rightness”, of how these wild horses live in their herds and how their lives play out until the BLM steps in. What is their rationale for removing the horses and is there a private group that wants the land for something else?

  • Jennifer leigh

    We LOVE the Nature shows..better to see some of it for real, but NOT always possible/practical. THANK YOU for passionately presenting God’s art work to the majority of people who would not otherwise ever be able to see these animals and know their ’stories. WHO ARE these ‘PEOPLE’(blm) and WHY do they have the RIGHT to remove animals from where GOD inteanded them to be?? Isn’t it strange that they Target the ones that you are following?…MEN have destroyed enough and this is just another BLATANT example!!WHAT is behind this?

  • Lynn M.

    Ginger, I just watched your program and have followed the round-up information. I have sent concerns and requests to some of the powers that be. But nothing seems to be getting through to these people. What can really be done to help as they don’t seem to be listening. I hate to say is usually the way it goes. Please let me know what can be done to help. It is so crazy that they just don’t get it and can’t just leave these horses alone to live life the way they have for so many years. Thank you for all you do.

  • Debbie

    Ginger, thank you for a truly beautiful and thought provoking show. When you say that horses have “been removed” – what does that mean? Has Cloud returned to the Pryors?

  • Donna

    I just want to add my thanks to you for your very inspiring work to protect wild horses and burros, as well as to PBS for airing this program. I hope that President Obama’s administration can be convinced to bring change to these arrogant bureaucratic agencies that pursue policies that only benefit the greedy whims of the few instead of protect the inheritance of our children.

  • Mar Wargo

    Ginger, Have you been spending time with Sax and starting his training? Is he gentled? Best of luck, Always, mar

  • Dennis Manske

    Deborah Z ;+)

    I couldn’t do the vegetarian thing, sorry. But I will take a closer look at some of those free range chickens if you think it will help!

  • dan mclaughlin

    Are these the same wild horse that are located in the Pryor Mountains?

  • Terry

    Ginger can I go out and help you on your next jurney to film the horses I love horses so much and am hurt by the actions of the goverment/BLM killers.. Ill help you anyway I can…. Thanks, Terry Jones

  • Katrina

    Hi Ginger, I am from Alberta Canada and have been following you and Clouds story for a very long time. I have went to school for Equine Business Management here and it pains me to see what is happening to these horses. These babies that have been taken are the heart and furure of these herds and carrying on the line. It makes me angry that this is happening I have donated and will do everything I can to help keep these horses and their future generations in that area. My question to you is, you have previously said that Cloud has been herded 3 times now. Are they keeping him out there for his color? If he is captures are you going to try and get him? Keep up your awesome work and thank you for bringing this amazing stallion into my life.

  • Susan

    Ginger, I tried from 9 pm on to get in a question, but the site was down! Guess that means lots of interest; surely hope that is the case. Pls. put on your website how Cloud and the mare are doing; whether they are recovered sufficiently to withstand winter in the Pryors. Didn’t know the Pzp was allowing mares to cycle year-round; this is an awful situation for herd stability. Between that and having foals born at unnatural times of the year, the fate of the remnant of Pryor mustangs is just unbelievable. Thank you for trying to protect these Spanish mustangs. Susan

  • Emily

    Ginger, Do you think you will be able to see cloud and the other horses ever again? I hope you do it looks like you enjoy what you do. it also looks like it would be sad to see all those horses die over the winter do you think so? Do you like seeing all of those beutiful little foals grow into great horses like cloud? Can you answer the first one at least please!

  • Valerie

    Ginger, thank you for all your hard work and giving wild horses a real face. I remember as a kid on the colorado river and seeing the mustangs for the first time and really knowing that there was such a thing and not just stories. I’ve had horses all my life and strongly believe all wild mustangs need to be free and not round up for the BLM to truck them out to Canada or Mexico for slaughter! Shame on the BLM trying to look like the good guys and you cowboys working for them helping out. There is a place for those people. I will not buy any more horses as there are too many mustangs that need good homes and as you know people are giving horses away left & right. People, lets try to do what ever we can to bring the truth out in the open about what is happening to the mustangs. Shame on you BLM! the horse community really knows your actions are NOT for the good of the mustangs but rather to rid the problem of wild horses.

  • elaine

    Ginger, I Thank you for your dedication to these wonderful animals.I will try and contact the proper goverment officals to state your case. I have a 40 acre farm in ohio and have a horse of my own. I would love to help your organizetion.Thanks again

  • Linda Lowson, Esq.

    Hello Ginger, thank you so much for your “divine” (in the true God-given sense) and truly exceptional work. I have never been more moved than by your Cloud series, and it was heart-wrenching to listen to your postscript about the BLM. Please continue the Cloud saga–it is so important to stop the BLM from their senseless, mercenary, heartless, and even murderous activities. HOW DO WE KNOW THE AUCTION BUYERS WILL NOT KILL THE CAPTURED WILD HORSES FOR HORSEMEAT? At the very least the BLM is destroying the lives of every band it breaks up, depriving them of the precious family life and freedom these horses live to protect and which they so deserve. Have you contacted any major NGOs to help you lobby Congress to pass a law that will restrain the BLM from their misguided, ignorant activities? The BLM is destroying natural resources that belong to all of us and public sentiment can be marshalled in the current climate to pressure lawmakers. We have had unprecedented success in 2008 and 2009 in getting animal protection laws passed, thanks to the HSUS, Defenders of Wildlife, Conservation International, and other major, well-funded NGOs. Please let me know what I can do to help. I am doing work in this area. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Barb Beck

    Ginger, thank you for educating the American public about the fate of all our wild horses. We will continue our fight to pass the R.O.A.M. Act.

  • Catherine

    Ginger, I have watched all your shows and like you and so many people fallen in love with these horses .Now our hearts are heavy with sadness because of the suffering these animals have had to indure.Your work is so important because with out you we would not know about this terrible situation . How do we call for the investigation of the BLM ? Who do we contact first? Please help us to restore these horses to their land.

  • Marilyn Wilson

    Loved the show!

  • Linda Brown

    Ginger , I too want to thank you for this series. And all that it is doing to make more people aware that this horrible round-up is continuing to go on year after year . I can’t believe that some people have not yet learned to stop messing with Mother Nature . Thank-you again and I will be looking forward to the next show.

  • D. Masters

    In my previous post I forgot to add two pieces of information that seem to critical to the Federal/State governments justification for removal out side of the remaining numbers:

    (1) Some anthropological may substatiate some wild horse advocates that during the last Ice Age, not all herds were lost; supporting the premise that these animals (not all) are truly indigenous, not reintroduced. There is some Native American Oral history that supports this theory; and,

    (2) Many wild horse/burros “managers” insist that they have no natural predators…well Ms. Kathrens, I suggest that your Nature series disputes that so called “science”. Factoring in age, life style, weather, wolves and moutain lions (which the hunting and livestock enthusiasts can’t whack soon enough) with a ton of help from Man…seems the “no natural predators” cunard is easily dismissed.

    Hope you have another episode coming soon.

  • Dudley Blanchard

    Ginger, how do you stay impartial, as an observer, during some of the more unpleasant activties that involve the horses, such as when the stallion killed the foal in a previous Cloud episode, or when stallions are brutally fighting one another, or when Cloud’s family was wandering into the BLM’s bait trap??? Even as a documentarian, it would have to be very difficult to not try to intervene or interfere!

  • Tim

    First off, great film, really enjoyed it. Yes it is sad to see family groups seperated, but it happens with most all wild animals, and domestic as well. What about domestic mares an colts that are seperated all the time, not to mention cattle. There has to be some kind of natural control on wild horse numbers. just like domestic livestock or wildlife. Remember wild horses are not really wild. Historically predators and native americans kept our wildlife populations in check or balance with their habitat. If left unchecked wild horse herds will eventually destroy the rangelands they depend on and eat themselves out of house and home. Maybe on the Pryors Mountain lions can keep the horse numbers in check, if this is the case I don’t think the BLM would need to be rounding up the surplus. I have adopted 2 wild horses, both geldings, one 15 that I have had his since he was 3, and the other is 2 that I have had him since May. They are very happy and well taken care of and live with my domestic mare and her filly. The wild horse numbers have to be controlled somehow, for the sake of their habitat and the other wild animals that depend on these habitats also. I think roundups are a necessary and good solution.

  • Evan

    I have one more question how do kids from other countries I.E Canada help the American Mustangs?

  • Amy

    Ginger, I tuned into the show and I want to thank you for all your hard work and educating the public about the situation on wild horses. It makes me angry that these animals are not being recognized as a wild species and not getting the protection they deserve.

  • Lona

    re: D. Masters and anyone else who is interested…per D. Masters first paragraph, please google “Wild Horses as Native American Wildlife Species” by Jay Kirkpatrick, PhD, and Patricia Fzio, PhD..
    I do agree however, that a few secluded hers have ALWAYS been here, not reintroduced as the above mentioned document suggests…there just isn’t any physical proof to support it…YET! (that does not mean it doesn’t exist)

  • Regina in Colorado

    Reality is: Congress can only be influenced by this. The BLM is promoting a program that wastes taxpayer’s money. As pointed out in previous posts, the wild horses only account for 5 (FIVE) percent of grazing in the areas in which they roam. A much larger percentage is the cattle and sheep grazing that is a losing proposition, as explained in detail in an earlier post.

    America is LOSING MILLIONS OF TAXPAYER’S DOLLARS subsidizing “certain” rancher’s bottom lines by allowing for leasing these lands for a pittance while the costs of rounding up and holding the mustangs are well over 30 million a year in TAXPAYER’S dollars!

    In addition, Secretary of the Interior Salazar is now promoting an idea of releasing thousands of mustangs in holding pens into “refuges” on acreages in the Midwest and Eastern US that have not yet been PURCHASED COSTING MILLIONS MORE TAXPAYER DOLLARS. This is to replace the lands the BLM ALREADY MANAGES in the West that the mustangs have been removed from over the last decade for vague reasons.

    Salazar and those now running the Dept. of Interior are now looking into the idea that a way to feed the World’s poor is with “cheap, nutritious mustang meat”. There is a rancher & BLM sponsored seminar coming up in November where this idea is being promoted.

    I’ve personally seen a thousand sheep de-nude a half mile stretch of vegetation from a valley in NW Colorado where the wild mustangs roam and I assure you, the wild horses did NOT damage the land anything like the sheep. This was in October when the land couldn’t recover!

    For those who believe the BLM’s claims on how the horses are “overrunning” the land, there are just as many experts who say the land is in fine shape and is supporting the horses well at this time.

    Just because Obama is now President doesn’t mean that the BLM isn’t going to benefit those who have the larger lobbying dollars/efforts… that the Interior Dept. isn’t still going to purchase land from hand selected owners rather than use already BLM managed land they have removed horses from because of special interests who lobby to use those acreages. So what’s a few thousand wild horses and burros to be moved when there is money to be made?

    Ginger, thanks for bringing the truth to light!

  • Lori

    I have two donkeys that were captured by the BLM about six years ago. I adopted a mother and her 8 month old son. The mother had spent 10 years in the desert of Southern California. The mother has, all these years, remained wary of people and always stands off to the side even though her son is very friendly. After watching this program about Cloud and his family I feel so bad for my mother donkey. I can see the wild memories in her eyes and she still seems sad. I wish she was never taken away from her wild home. I’m sure she belonged to a large family of donkeys. For many years no veterinarian would come out here and neuter the male (son) donkey because of his “wild” background. As a result mother and son had a foal together. This donkey is totally normal and there is nothing wrong with him. In the meantime I finally found a veterinarian who came out and neutered them both. I love my donkeys but feel so bad about them being taken from their wild home. I would like to be involved in anything to keep this from happening to other horses and donkeys.

  • Treva Cummings

    The senseless roundup of these wild horses is an appalling waste of American heritage and precious tax dollars. It won’t stop until citizens demand better management and financial accountability from the BLM. A moratorium on wild horse roundups is possible but all concerned citizens must speak up! I intend to write lots of letters and e-mails to my congressmen about this issue.

  • Valerie

    As a lover of animals and especially horses, being a person that rode horses for 12 years myself,it breaks my heart to think that these beautiful animals are being round up and taken out of their naturla habitat. I know we can write our senators and the president, but I just wish there were something that we could do in the immediate present to see that this roundup and future roundups do not take place. I have been watching the cloud series from the beginning and the beauty of these horses is extraordinary and I just want to see it continue. It really breaks my heart to see what is happening, happen.

  • Jacqueline

    Such Great Dedication you have! Great Documentary, very moving :)

  • Daniel

    I just want to say how beautiful and heart-warming your program is. I was devastated to hear about the horses being broken up from their families. How is that legal? Very sad.

  • D. Masters

    Tim: Sorry…but there is a serious scientific debate that may suggest that equids never totally left the North American continent (as my previous post illuminates). Then comes the debate about recently releasled equidae (200-500 years ago) that survive and are they worthy of maintenance. Well, unless you can prove each animal captured isn’t worthy (and if they are surviving, begs the question…why can’t they remain), who chooses?…and why? Because right now, Sir the science is nontransparent, questionable and worthy of debate. Right now under Salazar they are gathering at record speed with the 1971 law in place, diluted by the Burns Amendment. How about a moratorium until disinteredted logging, mining, livestock concerns can be given a legitimate hearing?

  • carole and reeve

    What a beautiful film, Ginger. Thank you for your postscript about this summer’s roundup and the fate of those lovely foals and horses auctioned off the mountain…We are so sad to think of the impact these BLM activities are having on our public lands. We’ll all keep working! Soon I will have the privilege of teaching high school students about wild horses, and your work will be among their curriculum. Love, Carole and Reeve

  • Bocci

    I can’t stand the BLM. While it is cruel to split up the families , aren’t horses a non-native species ?

  • Michael

    Tim — and anyone else who thinks these roundups are a good idea — there may be some need for preservation of certain elements that runs parallel with preservation of the horses habitats and herd existence. But it is not a doctrine defined by any man made boundaries. You cannot reduce 2 or 3 million animals of 200 hundreds years ago down to low five figures, as “we” have done, and say that we “need” to do anything. The balance of nature was upset too long ago, by us. But my real point to be made, and hopefully echo loudly, is that EVERY example of ANY faction of the U.S. Government, that I patriotically love as much as anyone, has screwed up every task they have ever been entrusted with. There is no “common sense” prevailing at any level of power and decision making which would initiate ANY program that effects the horse herds, the Pythons in Florida, Medicare, or the endless war we’ll be in forever in the Middle East. When an employee continues to fail to do his job, and continues to cost you money, you don’t just keep giving him another task, you fire him. We cannot have the BLM (that’s “LAND MANAGEMENT” — NOT HORSE management) deciding what to do with the herds. They simply don’t have the capacity, financially, empathetically, politically or humanely. That’s all.

  • Shannon Strong

    Thank You, for bringing such beauty to all. The Cloud documentarys are FANTASTIC. I have owned mustangs and horses. What the BLM does is SHAMEFUL, wild horsess were the reason we as Americans got to where we are. Keep up the battle on all fronts. The PBS site crashed earlier because of YOU. Horses are wild and so are the Pryors should not the BLM just leave the horses alone? YES!!!! Again, THANK YOU, Shannon

  • Carol

    Ginger – thank you so much, this is exactly the info I hoped to find on this site. I’ll send these letters and emails over coffee tomorrow. How privileged you are to see them living their lives in such beautiful surroundings. Thank you for making the film; look forward to more.

  • Jami

    Ginger, why would they adopt out Image when they let Cloud go in the same situation to pass on his coat color?

  • Cindy Phelps

    Thank you Ginger for bringing such an eye opening film to the screen. I live in Northern Nevada and have adopted 1 Mustang and 1 Estray. I have protested on the Capital sidewalks with one of my mares concerning the unnecessary round ups. I hope that everyone that has seen this show and wants to see these majestic animals survive for our Grandchildren to see will become active and write letters and make the necessary phone calls. Thank you once again. Cindy Minden, NV

  • Charlene Smith

    So glad that people are trying to save these beautiful animals. We loved the program tonight but so much left to do with Cloud and the others and their dilemas. Thank you Ginger so much for your continual care and involvment.

  • Yvonne

    I’d be willing to volunteer to help you film any future segments. I could help lug equipment. I’m good with horses and wild animals. It would be an honor to help you.

  • Karen

    I would like to thank you for your wonderful work in documenting the lives of these beautiful horses. I have through the years watched the series and come to love the all the horses. It is wonderful to see that Cloud has developed such a loyal following of fans. For me it generates hope that through efforts of you and those who follow the Cloud series that the BLM will someday come to an understanding of how important these animals are to keeping at least a part of America wild. What do you suggest as the best way to advocate for these animals? If these round-ups continue, how can we ensure the animals are relocated to appropriate homes?

  • Susan

    What can we do to halt the remaining roundups? And stop the ones in the future? I have written and called the BLM, the White House and my Senators, yet the horses are rounded up by the thousands. Why won’t the BLM stop? I can’t imagine a less intrusive place for these wild horses to be than on the top of a remote mountain range. What can I do???

  • LiAne

    What’s the “why” behind these round ups that the BLM claims must occur?

  • Catherine

    Ginger, I am curious why you did not remove the bait from the traps? I support your work and have sent donations.

  • Winthrope Hiers

    I find it interesting that the BLM claims to be so worried about the impact of a few horses on land that has been under hoof since before the United States existed…before there was any land management beyond the sustainable practices of the native American horse cultures. And before horses were reintroduced by the Spaniards, untold millions of head of bison roamed thoughout North America without a single BLM agent measuring their environmental impact. My family and I have been to Pryor Mountain. We saw mustangs. But they were far outnumbered by cattle grazing right up to the fence which dilineated the wild horse range. Is the BLM going to order ranchers to thin their herds so the number of head of cattle per acre is in line with the numbers they are proposing for the mustangs? So much for genetic diversity! Will cattle be darted with experimental birth control drugs to maintain those numbers? I think not. Thank you Ginger for filming this latest installment in Cloud’s saga. My family has been enthralled by the Pryor mustangs since we discovered your first two programs. Your work is powerful and important. The impact you have had on my little girl’s life is amazing! She has unwaveringly “lived and breathed” Cloud for most of her young life. I pray your trail is a happy one!

  • Darla

    Amazing show! My whole family watched it! We all want to thank you for this beautiful show and we hope and pray the wild horses will be saved and be aloud to roam free as they should! We have two horses of our own, and love them dearly, but there is nothing like these beautiful creations of God roaming free! Sincerely, thank you!

  • Lydia

    Thank you for your hard and good work. It is heart breaking to watch these sensitive and magnificent wild ones struggle to survive against the ravages of nature and flourish only to be dashed by man’s ignorance and harsh treatment. Please continue your efforts to stop the BLM’s abusive handling of wild equine herds. It appears from your reporting that there is enough natural predation and atrition to control numbers in the region you study. If they must be managed, better techniques are certainly necessary. I will help as you’ve indicated. Cloud and his kind are living history, living beings. Mass round-ups and random drugging are not fitting management techniques for these national treasures.

  • Marcia

    As with everyone who has written, I love your work, Ginger. I just discovered the Cloud Foundation website and intend to pore over it. That said, I am beside myself that Cloud and everyone else was rounded up and … horror of horrors … sold! Not OUR horses! Your work with Cloud makes every horse the BLM rounds up special. And worth fighting for. I will see what all I can do to be at least a squeaky wheel about the BLM. I can be one molecule doing something constructive … and if enough of us molecules get active … Thank you for adding to the wonderful world that my lovely toy poodle first introduced me to and Linda Kohanov and Liz Mitten Ryan have widened. Now to make the world safer for us all.

  • Barbara

    Ginger thank you for your wonderful Cloud Series!! Ginger is there anyway we can keep the horses in the west and move the cattle east? I love the wild horses and I think we should keep them in their home. They look so fragile yet beautiful.

  • LiAne

    Why are the horses being rounded up? Who decided on the necessity of any of the “management” of the wild horses. Unfortunately, the horses are not backed by the millions of dollars that other land users have.

  • Michael

    Winthrope! Here here! Dito!

  • Pat Houser

    Ginger – I was unable to get into the chat with you earlier this evening. The site was down, but it may have been over anyway, since I’m on the West Coast. I was one of those little kids who read about Wild Horse Annie back in the early 70s, and wrote my letter to the president. I’m sure you’ve already answered all the questions about the fate of Cloud and the others to the best of your ability. I’ll read all the info available. If you need a letter from me again, 35 years later about this same issue, I’ll gladly write one. I’m so heartbroken to hear of what’s happened. You must be devastated.

  • Amber T

    I just wanted to thank you for sharing these wonderful documentary’s and hopefully you will have some updates in the future. My mother and I love watching videos, we now live in different towns, we just talked on the phone while watching tonight’s airing : ) again thank you..
    best wishes with finding the horses(I’m sure your already tracking them down) I look forward to watching some of your films..
    ~Amber T.

  • S.L. Wagoner

    $150,000 would have bought a heckuva lot of horse feed to help get those horses through the winter. I frankly don’t understand why the BLM isn’t adjusting its roundup figures to account for increased predation from the mountain lions. Between a decreased genetic pool, the roundups and the mountain lions, not to mention the stress and injury to the horses and foals from the roundups, how on earth are the wild horses going to survive?

  • Marybeth Song

    I’m a lifetime lover and keeper of horses, but i’ve also seen areas in So CA where there’s no grass at all and the poor animals have to eat browse; they look horrible (my husband is a botantist and I’m an ecologist/science teacher so we’re in the field a lot). also, the predators are limited. Why is there no distinction made between these areas where horses and their surroundings don’t make a good pair, and your abundant places where nature does its own to keep populations intact and healthy? Thx for your amazing films and gorgeous skills with these animals, btw. you model the best of horsemanship for the rest of us. Marybeth, Long Beach, CA

  • Rhapsody

    Can you explain why are the horses being rounded up? Who decided on the necessity of any of the “management” of the wild horses. Unfortunately, the horses are not backed by the millions of dollars that other land users have.

  • marilyn

    ginger, does the blm’s almost manic drive to wipe out the wild herds rise from big money’s desire to clear the land for strip mining and oil? perhaps “qui bono?” needs to be the applied question…even though the answer seems to be a given. your films are an inspiration.

  • Karen

    My husband Michael and I just watched your beautiful documentary. I will take some time to read up and see what we can do to help in writing the government. We feel such shock and sadness and anger. Why can’t they let them be? Thank-you for continuing your beautiful work. God Bless You and them. We will pray and do what we can.

  • Bob Hall

    Are the horses being rounded up to open the area for cattle grazing?

  • Melody

    I just happened to turn on PBS tonight to catch my first show on these mustangs. Then my heart sank at the end to think of the cruety of the way the were rounded up and separated. I hope the government is not a part of the meat slaughering that is so common in Europe for horse meat where it is a delicacy. It make me sick to think we are not protecting our natural resources and that they are spending our government money to do it. There is always an eco system that needs to stay in balance and the mustangs are a part of it. So sad.

  • Ken VT

    There is nothing open or fair about this or any govt. administration. I am so happy you were able to spare some of these beautiful animals from certain death. Please put pin to paper to stop this senseless roundup!

  • Linda Jacobson

    Hi Ginger! I am from Arizona and have been fortunate enough to travel to the Pryers to photograph Cloud and the other wild horses. My question is what has changed politically? Are the ranchers complaining about the competition for open range for their livestocks? With Cloud publicity why the change about removing his family?

  • Britta

    Do the populations of wild horses need managment? If so, what is the best way to do it rather than rounding them up? I only caught five minutes at the end of the show and have not browsed all of the comments to see if this has already been answered.

  • Vicki

    We loved watching all 3 of the Cloud series. We hate to see what happens when the BLM messes with nature. My husband recently had the privilege of see one of the wild horse bands in the Montgomery Pass area of Nevada near Bishop,California. He was told that the mountain lions control the wild horse population naturally as it should be. It was such a thrill to be able to observe them in their natural environment and observe their behavior in the wild. We are involved with helping keep the wild horses running free in the Reno/Virginia City area of Nevada. Every time we visit there, we have the pleasure of seeing these wild horses and hope to continue doing so.

  • Kathy Weigand

    Ginger, thank you so much! A wonderful Program – again! My question… it seems to me that BLM targeted Cloud and his direct bloodline during this last round-up… was it to get back at you and the large public outcry? Please tell me which of his direct children & grandchildren still remain after September. I know that many were removed, like Image, Ember… and I know that Bolder is still there. Perhaps too, he will become King of the Mountain like his father is now!
    Thank you!

  • Barbara Ellen Ries

    I am sadden and disturbed that the BLM decision to moves all the Wild Horses to the east or the midwest. Transportation would be costly and physical damage and dislocation wild horses from their climate and home would tramatize the wild their families and disrupt a quality of their lives for gererations. I will sign peitions and write my senator and hope and pray we can make progress to stop this poor decision. I applaud your efforts to take a stand for Wild Horses!!

  • Rhapsody

    Who decided on the necessity of any of the “management” of the wild horses. Unfortunately, the horses are not backed by the millions of dollars that other land users have.

  • deanna

    The BLM battles are forever it seems but the ranchers,represented by Salazar have no more rights to the grazing lands thann the horses and animals already there…we know its not right to sell horses across the borders to be slaughtered in Mexico nor is it right to continually make eretic decisions against our delicate wildlife balances in wildlands…I want to see wild horses living and being documented by dedicated horse lovers and I support humane management of herds…

    whate do western Indian tribes think and could their help be employed in these decisions since their history with horses is so important in their past? I know the only way to change this situation is to be outraged and that has to take the place of concern and scientific study or compassionate decision….so sorry this is happenning..i have been to a mustange auction in Redding and they happen continuously around the west…these are expensive ways the park service saves animals…now theysay there is less money to keep the auctions and training going so the government can write off a plan or program with the pen…Not right!! so I will do all I can too! deanna beery-howard

  • Catherine Jackson

    Ginger, Please tell me…..where is Cloud?

  • J. Drats

    Beautiful horse show, and thank you. We love horses, but we also love cougar and would appreciate if you would not demonize our apex predator and our only big native cat for the sake of non-scientific sentimentality for alien horses brought by Europeans to conquer Native Americans and wipeout bison.

    Also, I am in no position to defend the BLM, but the plea at the end of your program sounds like “Save the beautiful and majestic horses from the evil heartless BLM?” Love is blind. Is Ginger’s love for horses the best thing for our native species and environment? Could the money spent on wild horses help save big horn and other imperiled natives?

    I would prefer if Nature in general averted programs that lack scientific merit, work on manipulative anthropomorphic basis (like giving the horses cute pet names and guessing what they are thinking with voiceover narration), and offer hardly any biological info. Big let down. Boring.

  • Diane Carter

    Dear Ginger,
    First of all, thank you for a wonderful third film about Cloud and his family! And thank you so much for all the work you do to save the wild horse. I receive your newsletter, as well as one from Frontrange Equine Rescue, and donate to help these horses. I have written and called my local and federal legislators, including President Obama and Ken Salazaar.I believe he wants to send the wild horses east so he doesn’t have to deal with the public outcry. I have not received replies from anyone except my state Senators Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray. Senator Cantwell seems sympathetic to the cause. What else can I do? What is Sheryl Crow or any other celebrities doing for the wild horses? Why won’t Oprah, who is such an animal lover, have you on her program? I feel so helpless. My daughter and I have been following Cloud since your first documentary. We have the Breyer Cloud, all your videos and books; we have attended wild horse adoptions; and now my daughter is a holistic equine veterinarian who helps out at equine rescues. What more can we do? Just keep writing and calling? Has anyone organized a group to protest at the capitol? While watching the show tonight, my husband, who half heartedly listens to me talk about the plight of the wild mustangs, said “They look so healthy. What is the BLM taling about? They don’t look skinny or crowded to me.”
    Diane Carter

  • Madelyn

    Dear Ginger Kathrens,
    I am wondering about the fertility (or shall I say, sterility) drug that is used on the mustang mares– in your documentary you mention that it is “experimental”. Does that mean that the BLM uses other drugs as well? Why have they started using this one?
    I live in California, and a law was recently passed stating that cages for chickens should be a certain size, so that they are free to move around– where are the people who oppose cruelty to animals?? This law about the chickens was needless (a farmer isn’t going to ruin his source of income– duh). But you’d really think that this would rile people up… do they just not know about it?

  • val shore

    Ginger – I am in Canada and appalled by what you describe. How can we help from here? One question — when you say a horse has been “removed” what do you mean? I refer in particular to Boulder. Is he alive? Or is “removed” a euphemism for killed? And what happened to Flint?

  • Valerie Jennett

    I am 74 years young and have been honered to live with horses for 40 years. I have a 17 year mustang mare and I love and respect her dearly. I was spellbound this evening watching the Challenge of the Wild Stallions. I have watched all of the Cloud series. I have contacted our senator and Obama about the ROAM act. Prayerfully, there will be a good outcome to this. Even though the horses were split and some sold, it was heartwarming to know that others were kept together. It was also good to read that Rain is doing so well in her home. The beauty of it is that horses are adaptable to their surroundings and have always been companions to people, but never really losing their inherent “wild” ways. I loved the fact of family and freedom. Isn’t that humankinds highest aspiration. We could learn a lot from the horses. I love the name Horse. My wonderful husband use to tease me and say about me “Horses,horses and more horses” He would have loved to have seen this segment of Cloud. He did get to watch the first Cloud film. Thank you, thank you Ms. Ginger for your wonderful dedication to the filming. When you were forced to leave the mountain tops, I bet your only thoughts were when you could return. If I was younger I would certainly follow in your footsteps. God Bless all you do.

  • Simone Netherlands

    Dear Ginger, well done, hats off to you for all the awareness that you are raising, and for the horses to whom you were able to deliver a happy ending. My question to you is, do you believe that the wild horse advocacy and the anti horse slaughter advocacy could succesfully be intertwined and combined, in order to gain in power for both issues and all four bills? S.727, S.1579 and H.R. 503 and H.R.305

  • Kae Gurnee

    I live in Nevada and love seeing the wild horses. Your film is such an inspiration. I need to act instead of just watching all this feeling helpless.Thank you for information and your organization.

  • Teresa


    I adopted a 2 yr old stallion from the Sulphur Springs herd back in 2003 in Utah. I have been involved with these horses since 2000 when my daughter and I bought a 4 yrs old Sulphur mare from a private owner. It is my experience that quit a few of the people that adopt these horses don’t really know how to deal with them. They are used to dealing with domestic horses (which are very different in temperament than wild horses), I have found that these horses are sold from one owner to another because people don’t know how to train them.

    If the BLM really care for the health and welfare of these horses they wouldn’t just let anyone buy them for a few hundred dollars or the highest bidder.

    I know that the majority of the adopters come to these auctions with the best intentions in mind. They want to preserve our western heritage and maybe get to tame and ride and live with there best friend. But there are several people out there that are breeding these horses just to capitalize on those feeling people have for these wonderful horses.

    I believe that these horses need to be left alone to live as God intended. If there numbers are a concern then the BLM can choose to dart them with birth control ever 2 yrs. That would keep them in check. It is obvious to me that the weather and predators do a lot of culling naturally.

    Thank you for your wonderful documentaries. I have been enjoying your films since your first one back in 1999. Please keep filming, it give me quite a wonderful feeling to see God’s creatures running free as he made them to be.

    Take Care,

  • Andrea

    I too used to believe the information the BLM gave as good reason for the round ups. (Overpopulation, not enough food or water resources to sustain them. They were starving in the desert, etc.) I have changed my point of view in recent weeks as an investigative report special on a Las Vegas local station shed light into what is really going on. I am horrified that many wild horses here in Nevada will never have any life but to sit in preserve farms where we pay for their existence. It seems better to protect the natural resources they have in the wild and keep them out there. I have so much to learn from these round ups and the reasons behind them. It was heartbreaking to witness the helicopter round ups. They were so terrified and confused. I register my car with “Save Wildlife” plates. if this is where my money is going, I think I am going to revert to regular state issued plates. We are apparently protecting wild grasses over the horses… crazy! Wild Free-Roaming Horse & Burro Act of 1971 was inducted to protect them from going to slaughter houses. However a few years back, there was a crack down where it was found that a lot of the horses were sent to slaughter houses in Mexico and other places. Bocci, there is EVIDENCE that horses may actually be native to North America through the E. caballus species dating back 1.7 million years ago. Lastly, and more importantly, Ginger, thank you for sharing your experience with these bands of horses. I enjoy receiving all the information I can get to better understand what is going on. I realize how naive we as a public are and put our trust that they are after their best interests. I needed to open my eyes wide to this information. It was a beautiful special.

  • Mary Jo

    Thank you for your well done program that inspires to do something so the wild horses may still exist. I enjoyed the program and to see horses be so smart about life, is inspirational. You have done a great job in getting the public to not be passive, but active. Thank you.

  • Diane Carter

    Dear Ginger, thank you so much for another wonderful film about Cloud and his family, and for working so hard to save the wild horses. What else can I do? I have called and written to everyone mentioned. I have only heard from my state senators who seem sympathetic. Do you have a detailed family tree of the Pryor Mt. herd? Which horses have died? Which ones captured? Which ones still free? Have you been able to enlist the help of any celebrities, such as Sheryl Crow or Oprah?

  • ruby parsley

    I’ve been so mesmerized by your specials about Cloud and his friends and family. To follow Cloud’s life from birth until now is truly amazing. You have such a caring heart to have developed such a close relationship with the wild horses. I would like to be able to find the area on a map where you were filming their lives. If you can post that somewhere, please do. I thank you.

  • Paul Vargo

    seems to me that their is more than enough land to go around look how they brought back the grizzly bear and our heard of bison they will more likly do something about it when the wild horse is about all gone SHAME ON AMERICA

  • Michael Los Angeles

    Thank you so much for the great footage. Those animals represent what the world once was in terms of beauty. I hope that you find a way to preserve some of the beauty for at least one more generation. As a musician I believe that those horses must be free or we too will find ourselves being enslaved and auctioned.

  • Donna

    I only wish I owned ranch land. I’d make a home for as many mustangs as I could. Thank you for doing all you can. I’d love to follow you on your next trip. I’d carry camera equipment. The Cloud series should be mandatory showing to all school children. I’m sending a contribution tomorrow.

  • bonnie

    To bocci yes they belong. These horses are the ancestors of horses that have built America. They have served us well in commerce, war, pleasure and any number of endevers. Write and call to stop the govenment mismanagment.

  • Cheri

    Ginger, Thank You for your work and the wonderful series on Cloud. My family and I look forward to more in the future, particularly with the impending problems. I understand that an argument posed by those wanting to eliminate horses in the wild is that horses are a transplanted animal in this country. They were brought here by the Spaniards and other explorers. Therefore, they do not belong, and it is all right to remove or eliminate them.

    While this information is correct, it is incomplete. Fossil records indicate that horses originated and evolved on the North American continent and traveled to other continents from here. Although it is true that they did go extinct along with approximately 1,000 other species of animal during the late Pleistocene, the horses return constitutes just that, a return to native soil rather than a transplant.

    I would think anyone who know anything about these animals, i.e. the BLM, knows this. But the opposing argument seems to be used anyway. Perhaps reminding the Powers That Be that these animals predate our existence on this continent might add to our position, along with asking the question, “Are you interested in conserving wild animals in this country at all?”

    Unfortunately, we are headed for a sad sorry time when the only animals on this planet will be in cages.

  • Melody

    Out of curiosity Ms. Kathrens, how much money have you personally earned for the Cloud series? How much is estimated for the future? Could that be part of the reason you’d rather keep them out there no matter what?

    There are areas where the drought has taken its toll on the land & there really isn’t enough food or water for all the horses to survive (parts of Nevada for instance), would you rather they starve or die of thirst? Isn’t it really better to have smaller numbers of healthy horses than horses dying? What would some of you say if the government said OK, no more gathers, then when there were more horses than the land could support just left them to die? Would you rather be able to see smaller herds of horses or dead & dying horses? Think about it.

  • Shroomduke

    The Bureau of Land Mismanagement… has been hijacked along with America’s Government, our Airwaves, Healthcare system, Justice System and everything else of value in this country. All I can say at this point is “God help America”! Her people are lost in their Meglomania, Sociopathy, Arrogance, ignorance, infighting & confusion.

    THIS is what happens when America falls alseep at the wheel and leaves it up to everyone else to Maintain their Democracy.

    The deal is more and more of YOUR PUBLIC LANDS are being Auctioned off and given away to Special Interests, oil, mining, timber, etc

    Conservation Coalition Protests Utah BLM Lease Auction: 100,000 Acres of Public Land for Oil and Gas Development

    Student Who Stopped Auction of Public Lands Needs Our Help

    Remember the Dubai Ports Deal? your country is being sold to the highest bidder, this Economic Disaster was no accident! Don’t trust me, do your own research!

    When Americans No Longer Own America

  • Ecenith Le Vae, BC, Canada

    Thank you Ginger for an absolutely moving film! I just want you to know that you have so much support up here in Canada. The Canadian Defend the Horse Coalition is behind you and everyone working to protect these beautiful horses from extinction. They wrote about the story in their latest Newsletter and sent it all across the country today, right in time for the show this eve. I am praying that your good work continue and that we make progress soon, on this extremely important issue.

  • Linda Alice

    The human population is the only one destroying this planet and yet their brain is supposed to be superior to others. Who decided this? It is easy to see Nature and all the creatures are more superior and share more joy. When will we, (the humans), learn this… The only one overpopulated is mankind.


    Hi Ginger long time no see! My daughter Makia and I have been anxiously awaiting the 3rd cloud documentary! Makia is 6 now and through mom (Jo Anderson Horseshoe Bend Motel) and the joy of the ongoing news from your travels she has become a true spanish mustang prior mountain horse lover. We have Clouds picture on the family wall. through your documentary and the knowledge of these beautiful wild horses must always be free! I have called and written statements to 2 Senators and to Obama. After having witnessed a BLM roundup I see the inhumane treatment of the stallions and am hopeful that the government will do something to protect these prescious animals.

    Congratulations Ginger! We are behind you all the way!

    All our love Geana,Jimmy,Jes and Makia

  • Jyoti

    The Bush era of letting private industry have whatever they want is still the case when it comes to the public lands which are not really “public.” They never will be the public’s lands until we can get the corporate private industry cattle and sheep off of them and stop the Dept of Agriculture from killing cougars and other predators on behalf of those private ranchers who are exploiting our public lands. The public’s objections need to really increase if we are ever to stop the roundups of the public’s wild horses.

  • Karen Plaia

    Hi Ginger… thank you so much for this wonderful third episode of Cloud and the wild horses in the Pryor Mountains. Horses in their natural environment is rarely experienced even by lifetime horse lovers like myself. I have become an advocate for our wild horses: making donations to The Cloud Foundation, writing my Senators & President Obama and enlisting my family & friends to spread the word to save the wild horses. I wish I knew what driving force is behind the BLM’s massive roundups. The BLM has been spending our tax dollars to eliminate our wild horses & burros on our public lands. Plus our tax dollars pay for the BLM’s salaries! At this point, I feel that the BLM is corrupt, a cancer, and only solution is to remove the BLM as the managing agency of our wild horses & burros. If there is a big enough outcry to President Obama & Ken Salazar from the taxpaying public, our living American heritage, the wild horses will have a chance at survival. Please everyone: write, call or fax your Senators, Congressmen, Ken Salazar & President Obama… they will have to listen to us, there is power in numbers!

  • Ecenith Le Vae, BC, Canada

    Thank you Ginger for an absolutely moving film! I just want you to know that you have so much support up here in Canada. The Canadian Defend the Horse Coalition is behind you and everyone working to protect these beautiful horses from extinction.
    They wrote about the story in their latest Newsletter and sent it all across the country today, right in time for the show this eve.
    I am praying that your good work continue and that we make progress soon, on this extremely important issue.

  • Amber T

    I just wanted to thank you for sharing these wonderful documentary’s and hopefully you will have some updates in the future. My mother and I love watching videos, we now live in different towns, we just talked on the phone while watching tonight’s airing : ) again thank you..
    best wishes with finding the horses(I’m sure your already tracking them down) I look forward to watching some more of your films..
    ~Amber T.

  • Chris Nelson

    It is good to see so many people have responded. I don’t know why this is so painful, this issue of the horses being taken away from their natural habitat. Their freedom seems to mean a lot to me. I will call Salazar and Obama in the morning and hope to hear Salazar is replaced with some one who values wildlife and the balance of nature. Thank you for your films.

  • Teresa

    Ginger, thank you for the wonderful programs about Cloud and the wild horses. I am encouraged by all the people who have responded and I expect you are too. I am disturbed by the inhumane and questionable way the BLM is proceeding. I hope you will keep us updated on The Cloud Foundation website. I signed the petition and will contact my congress people.

  • Linda Alice

    Re: Laura Oct25, 10:41pm Something must be done about the woman who falsely acquired 2 mustangs to be in a barren paddock for the rest of their lives. Is there anyone who can free them. Laura please share the location to others. They can’t free themselves.


    Hi Ginger How long do you estimate it will be until you will be alble to return to the mountain to check on cloud and his family? Mom said they have already had freezing temperatures and im sure they will have snow soon. What is the message about cloud and his mare being injured what happened?

  • Claudia La Cava

    Ginger, I’ve been following Cloud since his birth, as have many millions, thanks to you. Sent the petition to our President to everyone I know, which included the information that Cloud was captured and released in a “lame” condition AFTER your made this latest segment. Please, can you tell all of us how he is doing??? Many thanks for all that you do. You are amazing.

  • Cassidy

    Hello Ginger! Who is Ember’s mother? And what happened to Bigfoot? Thanks!

  • Tami from Houston

    Blunt question. Wouldn’t it help tremendously if people just stopped eating so much meat??? The cattle ranchers are destroying everyhing – including the Amazon Rainforest. It’s easy to tip-toe around the subject, but the fact is, if we wouldn’t eat so much meat in this country, this wouldn’t be such an out-of-control problem. Vote with you dollars….we’ve all heard that before. That’s how you make a difference. They are only supplying the demand to US for wanting our steaks and burgers. I’ve been a vegetarian for 27 years. I am extremely healthy and look at least 15 years younger than what I am. Meat is not the answer to health…just the opposite. The only way to stop cattle ranching is to stop eating meat! Just think, you could help save the horses, cows, the environment, and your health all by one single action.

  • Diane

    Dear Ginger, I want to express my appreciation for bringing my attention to Cloud and his family. My daughter & I have been following Cloud and his herd since we happened upon your first documentary by chance. Now we have the Breyer model of Cloud and his family, we receive your newsletters, we donate to help save these horses, and my daughter has become a holistic equine veterinarian dedicating some of her time to equine rescues. I have written and called all of the politicians, to no avail it seems. Has anyone tried Michelle Obama? Any celebrities? My husband has had to listen to me endlessly going about the wild mustangs, and even attended adoptions with me. Unfortunately we do not have the space or money to adopt one of these beautiful creatures. I am especially concerned about the older stallions that were rounded up? What will happen to them? I witnessed one very frightened stallion snorting and stomping alone in a round pen at one BLM adoption event. He would not turn his back to any human. I can’t imagine that he would completely adapt to captivity. Unfortunately, many of these horses are adopted out by people unable or unwilling to put in the time and effort to gentle them. Then they end up in the kill lots, where several equine rescues try to buy them back. At the last adoption event I attended, one poor starved young mustang was up for adoption. He had been previously adopted and then given away to someone else (illegally) while BLM still held the title. Officially the BLM is supposed to know where these horses are. They have a contract that states the facilities required for ownership. Do you know it states that an adopter is only required to have a 20×20 space for a horse? I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t see any of the 8 mustangs adopted that day. It’s so sad that 30,000 or so of these beautiful wild horses are languishing away in small BLM holding pens across the country. Why don’t they just let them go? How can we get the word out to more people about how much money is being spent on the mismanagement of our public lands?

  • Anjie Pham

    “Tami from Houston” is right! The BLM is nothing more than the legalized protective arm of powerful ranchers & cattlemen. The conflict are between the cattlemen versus wildlife as more and more grazing land are needed and taken away from other animals (like Cloud & his herd) to feed cattles and support our heavily animal-laden diet. How sad it is that Cloud’s family are routine gathered and “auctioned” off one by one. Did you know that means THESE HORSES CAN BE SENT TO A “PROCESSING PLANT” WHERE THEY ARE SLAUGHTERED FOR MEAT AND A HOST OF OTHER PRODUCTS? OR BE SHIPPED AS LONG-DISTANCE LIVE ANIMAL TRANSPORT TO OTHER COUNTRIES LIKE THE MIDDLE EAST WHERE THEY HAVE TO ENDURE HELL JUST TO BE ABUSED & KILLED, AGAIN FOR FOOD? How ironic it is to see that while the BLM routinely restricts these beautiful horses to a small population of just a FEW HUNDREDS, they allow for the continuous breeding & grazing of MILLIONS of meat cattle on public land. All this, unknowingly paid for by our tax dollars. How you can help: Contact your local senators and representatives and please write to President Obama and insist that this injustice be reversed immediately! We need to speak up much louder and stronger for those who cannot. It’s not for only Cloud and his herd but for all other wildlife in danger at the crossroads in America.

  • Kari

    I would rather they be rounded up and possibly treated humanely than forced (as a side effect of medication) to give birth in the middle of winter. I’m glad somebody made the effort, though, to control the population before capturing them.

  • Dee Brandt

    As an avid horse lover and enthusiast, I viewed your production and was captivated and enthralled at how you were able to become apart of Cloud and his band. I have owned and loved horses for over 25 years and hate the fact that the Bureau of Land Management thinks they have to control the population of horses to the point of almost wiping them out completely from the wilds of Montana. I would love to be able to do what you do by going out into the wild and view and photographing the magnificient horses. When they capture them, they loose all their majesty and I have seen into their eyes and to me they are sad at their plite. I would like to get involved with saving these beautiful being and the land they call home. After watch Series 3 and then when you said that Cloud and his band were captured and then the fouls were actions off; I wondered what happened to Cloud. Did they return him to the wild with a few of his mares? I truly hope so. That is where he belongs for whatever time he has and I my truthful feeling is that he should be left free to run wild. When this series was over I was very sad that Cloud and some of his band were captured. He has a right to be free and I want to know how I can get involved with keep his kind free and wild forever. For as sophisticated as were are; we still need to have something we call the wild still left in this world. I always let my boy Joey be as free as he could be and never restrained him at all. Joey was my registered Appaloosa gelding and lived with me until he was 22 years old and that was when I let him go over Rainbow Bridge. Joey has a free and safe life and he got to experience the outbacks of Washington and Idaho by doing the many trail that I did. I will always have an affection for any horse and respect what you are doing. I wish I could travel with you sometime to experience the wild horses. Thank you.

  • Paula

    womderfull and moving show PLease all wrote your comgressmen and president amd senators STOP theis madness of roundups

  • Naomi

    Dear Ginger,

    What happened to Cloud? I am 12 years old and I love horses. I heard that he was rounded up, and you said in the first film that a blue stripe down his back prevented him from being sold. Is he still running free on the mountains? Is Velvet with him? I want to know how I can stop this insanity of plucking beautiful, strong horses from their homelands and upsetting the balance of nature.
    Thank you.

  • Amelia Fernandez

    Ginger, thank you so much for your extraordinary films on Cloud and wild horses. How sad that Cloud and his family were captured! I hope that something effective can be done and he is soon free again to roam in his beautiful mountains. These round ups have to stop. Please keep us posted. Thank you again.


  • Kathleen McGrath

    I watched the program Sunday night, and skimmed through the blogs this morning. What happened to Cloud? Is he in captivity now? If not, does he have any in his band left? The wild horses seem to have so much to deal with, e.g., weather, mountain lions, etc., it really puts stress on them to dart them with anti-fertility drugs and to break up their bands. Is the BLM just trying to completely decimate the wild horse population altogether?

  • Kelli

    Ginger, I love the Cloud videos. Horses are my all time favorite creatures, and all three have inspired me. No two horses are alike, all have amazing personalities shown in your videos. I was awed when Cloud went after Velvet instead of Sitka. Thanks so much for documenting these videos, can’t wait for the next one!

    Oh, and are you sure Sitka is dead? She was my favorite mare…

  • David Phelps

    Thank-you for the wonderful documentary on American Wild Horses. I think the BLM should have watched these presentations before they acted.

  • J. Ed Casillas

    I have to say thank you very much first and foremost for bringing the great story happiness and more generations of happiness, bountiful fortune and misfortune of the reality natural cylcles without mans intevention .Your artful depiction and cinematography stands alone before the compelling story that engages beyond realms of which include accountabilty and love of nature reborn as new. secondly however; Just as vital thanks for exposing BLM ,our resposibilty as they are but public servants. I am so very sorry about all of us allowing thier misguided efforts in serving the deep pockets of whomever has forced poor decisions of exploit and willful destruction. Today we have domestic horses having to be destroyed in huge numbers as humans are becoming homeless unable to care for already domestic horses. how can we allow profitering or whatver the reason in allowing more horses into a world of human inadaquete care? On top of all that the herds should be protected by laws unenforced due to inabilty of our law enforcers and law makers to do thier jobs. the public should not have to be forced to rally at our expense everytime they are corrupt. If so who should we bait into traps and cage? Let’s go after the politicians if they do not act.

  • Sarah Welsh

    Hello Mrs. Katherine, it’s SOO cool that I’m writing to you. In my eyes, you’re a fighter and a celebrity. I am 20 years old and I love horses,(even though I’m afraid to ride them.) I watched the new addition to the Cloud series last night, it was Great. I was sad to see that Sitka and Storm didn’t survive, along with many others who died of the elements or the many, many horses who were rounded up. It seems that the BLM is taking advantage just to get more $ in their pockets. I was also shocked at even the “idea” of using, (basically) “birth control medications” on the mares, lessening the chances of survival for them and having their babies being born at the wrong and most dreadful time of the year. Even though it was emotional through the whole film, for some reason I would perk up when I saw a new foal, especially Image, who looked just like his proud father. I hope you will write another book about Cloud, Bolder, and all the other horses that have touched our dreams and hearts. I love getting the extra info about Cloud and the others that isn’t mentioned in the movie. I know that it would have been hard for you, but I wish you would have filmed just a little of Cloud and Queen’s filly. I don’t know if she had a blaze, but she had 2 back white socks. I saw pictures of her in the Cloud’s Legacy book. If you don’t mind (and if she would have survived) I would have named her Burgandy because of her coat color, or Esperanza, which in Spanish, means Hope. It was sad to see so many of Cloud and Bolder’s offspring get auctioned off, all we can do is hope that they go to good homes, where their owners will treat them with the love and respect they deserve. Or better, if possible, release them back to their mountain home and close-knit families. I hope that Flint becomes a band stallion someday. I’m sure he’d be a great father and I bet that his foals would have his toughness and will to survive. (I hope there aren’t too many questions.) Did Chino get rounded up? What about Lookingglass? How is Cloud’s mother? What happened to Sand? Who is Firestorm? How is Cedar and her filly? Are Electra, Mateo, and Cascade still alive? When I saw the 3′rd film and I watched Shaman fallow Bolder and his group for days on end, it reminded me of Cloud following Mateo everywhere he went. I pray that you will be victorious. If God before us, who can be against us. God Bless and reward you for what you and your group is doing to fight for and save these wild horses and their homeland. XOXO Thank You.

  • holly

    I wrote to Obama and Salazar today about the round up of these magnificent horses. I frankly don’t think it will do any good. I’ve been writing to them for months about the wolf issue in the west, but the wolves are being killed as I write. I will write to my senators today. You do absolutely brilliant work. My heart positively broke at the end of your show last night.

  • Dee

    Excellent documentary about Cloud and all of the wild horses in the Pryor Mountains. Why is it that the BLM has become so mis-managed? The BLM should not even be there and it must stop. I saw no structures, no Starbucks, no people and very few actual access roads. Why must wild horses be harrassed, rounded up and made to run by being chased by a helicopter. Of course injuries occur and the BLM won’t care. Why is it that so much money is spent on horses that maintain themselves in the mountains. Yet we have people with no jobs and enormous lines for free food and handouts? Spend that wasted money on feeding kids in school a breakfast NOT rounding up Wild Horses.

  • Aloha

    How could “Kari” said that these horses are better off rounded up than “forced to give birth in winter”. That’s the most ignorant thing I’ve heard in a while. Ginger, can you tell us what happens to the wild horses after BLM takes hold of them? Like “Anjie Pham” said, I don’t think life (if it even continues in captivity) will be kind to them or any other animals trapped by BLM under “population control”. I was in New Mexico recently and saw truck loads of horses being taken across the border to Mexico for “processing”. That’s the reality of what happens to animals that we consider “too many” and has to be controlled. I also saw the Handle with Care campaign by WSPA and I know now that animals like horses ARE routinely transported long-distance to remote places to be slaughtered just like “Anjie Pham” said. Wake up and smell the bloodshed, “Kari”!

  • candace

    Are the horses that are not adopted slaughtered or otherwise killed?

  • candace

    Are the captured horses that are not adopted slaughtered or otherwise killed?

  • Ashley

    What a wonderful job you do for these beautiful horses! For years I have been watching your work and have fell in love with these bands from the moment I have seen them. My passion runs so deep for horses and esp. mustangs. Your mustang, Trace, is just beautiful btw. I have a question; did they ever let cloud and some of his mares go? Have you ever considerd adopting some of his foals that got rounded up?
    For years I have helped write to so many to try and stop the slaughter of horses and have found that there are allot of websites that are auto. All’s people need to do on the site is sign a name and enter a email and it counts. Ive done so many of those myself. Maybe, you could set something like that up, maybe that could help? I hope one day my daugher will have the love and deep driving passion as I do for all horses alike and in some way help them in the future. Anything I can do to help these mustangs live and stay in the wild? Wild Spirit Untamed

  • Susan Manning

    Do you think that Ken Salazar and/or President Obama are really aware of the devastating effects of the roundup; do they care? In my efforts to contact them and the BLM, it has seemed that perhaps they do not. I hope that is not true. Is there anything more specific, more compelling, that those of us who care can do to encourage them to take action on behalf of the horses?

  • sarah

    What happened to your horse Trace (i think thats the horses name) I think if the horses are wild they should be left alone and if people want horses that bad, find one that is already for sale.

  • Megan

    How has the BLM been avoiding all of the complaints, petitions, and arguments that they must get every single day?

  • libby bricker

    these BLM actions are an outrage! i know it will take money. can we get bryer model horses and douglas cuddle toys on board to produce models and plush to bring awareness to the general public as well as the equine community.. maybe they would also donate A & of profits to help out.
    i feel somewhat helpless…. any one else got some ideas…..hard to get donations from individuals when we are unemployeed….corporate american help us!!

  • John

    I am outraged with the ways that BLM uses to control the wild horse population there are plenty of other natural way to control the population, why can’t they just let nature control the population?!

  • Pam

    The BLM is out of control. They are abolishing an important part of our national history. It is outrageous to herd horses and foal with helicopters. They are misusing their power and our money.

  • Ally

    your show is great.And I was wondering about Cloud where is he now?

  • Pam

    I have deeply enjoyed the Cloud series that I’ve watched on PBS over the years. Even every time it repeats, I watch it! I was thrilled to see a new installment of Cloud’s story and stopped everything to watch it, and I loved it, as always. I could not believe my ears at the end when it was announced what has happened to the horses we have all become so familiar with. I couldn’t even identify how I felt for several minutes. I guess that is what shock is. Then I began to cry from a very deep place. It felt like I had received news that a family member had died. Also I was outraged. Deep pain and explosive rage. That was how I felt. The news was devastating to me. I have been sad and angry over a great many things related to destruction of wildlife or wildlife habitat. But this was another level of grief and outrage to me. I am so glad this discussion has taken place, so that people can know what they can do to help.

  • John

    Hi Ginger, I loved your latest Cloud movie but was sad to hear that Ember and Image were captured during the round-up and sold at the auction. And reading through your replies you said that Image and Ember are now in Ohio (Which is where I live.) and I was wondering if you could tell me where exactly they are in Ohio and who bought them. I understand if you cant tell me but I’ve been trying to find out where they are for hours.

  • Hailey

    Hi Ginger, my question is, do you ever know what happened to Image, or Rain? Who bought them at the auction. They captured my heart and when i discovered that they were both sold i cried. They deserve to live in the wild with there families, and i would really like to know what happened to them.

  • lori allen-riesbeck

    hi ginger, my daughter and i have been watching cloud since she ws 3, now at 7 she has a love of horses that stems from my own horsemanship. i adopted a wild mustange 10 years ago, and was truly one of the best horses i have ever owned they have great feet!! a loving personality. the blm needs to leave our horses alone. my horses i own are truly my friends, you cannot understand the intellengence of such an animal unless you have a love for them mine is my best friend, when i feel bad i cry on her shoulder and have many hours of happiness with her. to corral these animals who have known little human connection is appualling. to round up the older horses is imhumane, these animals, mental ability will be depleted. i wanted to participate in the live discussion but my 7 year had bedtime after watching the show. so i am sounding off now. the blm should be ashamed of there treatment of our wild animals. one of my current horses was rescued from a premarin farm in canada i have had her 16 years. i want cloud and his herd to live and flourish in the wild!!! lori

  • Kayla

    Ginger im so glad that you are doing this, you are now bringing to the public information of the mustangs. BLM will definintly be getting a email about Image, Ember and all the other foals that was sould at the round up. Me and my mother where wondering will you still go back even though they were sold? I hope you do oh also Boulder looks more handsome then his father when he was at his age :) i am glad he amde it also is ember from Firestorm and SantaFe me and my mother where wanting to know what also happened to Red Raven and also Raven you did not talk much or at all about them its sad about Sidka did she have a tumer my mom thinks she did.

  • CatherineQuesada

    I urge everyone to go to The Cloud Foundation website and sign the petition calling for a stop to the BLMs removal of these horses. Also ask your friends to do the same. If we all do this it will have a greater impact in saving what is left of America’s wild horses. I am just a viewer like all of you,but I know we can make a difference if we all work together. They need 12,000 people to sign the petition so don’t wait to do this.If you are upset by what our own government has done to these horses please take action. Ginger you are a special person , thank you for the work you do.

  • Scott

    Last summer I was up in Montana visiting my parents. I took my young son up to Penns Cabin in the Pryors. We were very fortunate that day because we encountered at least 40 wild horses and took a lot of pictures. Enjoyed your show on Nature last night.

  • Meg

    Thank you Ginger for this very inspiring film/documentary about these beautiful wild horses. You have given us much needed knowledge and inspiration to fight for them. You captured their grace and dignity so well. Your work proves that you are truly an artist as well as a friend to wild horses. Thank you and let’s all keep the faith that the land will one day belong to them again.

  • Kathleen

    J.Drats: No one demonized the cougar. The scenes depicting it only showed a beautiful animal and the disclosure that it got the foal was a statement of fact. Predation is part of nature – would you prefer reality was avoided? If anything, in this depiction, it was pretty clear that the cougar was offered a sitting duck meal when the BLM set up bait traps, keeping the horses abnormally attracted to one area when normally they are on the move. I love the cougars too and fervently wish the BLM would quit killing them. I’d rather see them leave the cats and the horses alone – let nature take it’s course, it does a better job of balance than man could ever do.

    As for spending part of the wild horse funds on other wildlife, there are 70,000 bighorn, over 3/4 of a million pronghorn and almost a million elk in the West. But there are only 27-32,000 wild horses. Which of those numbers would indicate a more threatened species?

    Finally, you might want to get a clue on the origins of horses. They originated here in N America and while they did disapper and were “reintroduced” by way of Spain in the 1500s, I don’t see you whining about other reintroduced species like the buffalo or the wolves. The wild horses belong in this land but not the cows, actually. Might want to give that some thought.

  • Lynne Jones

    God Bless you for trying to save these beautiful, majestic animals that really own the range since they were here long before we were. I would love to adopt Cloud. If push comes to shove, I would endeavor to put things together to get him. I am presently trying to adopt a 26 year old Arabian at a horse santuary here in California and would work to find a place for him there. I would need to find someone to train him as well. Why can’t all of us get together with the Pickens lady by raising monies, acquire a ranch for them, and assure that they will have medical attention, adequate food in the winter time and make sure they’re as safe as can be from predators. Who has bought the BLM. It appears someone has thrown them money to eradicate these horses from their habitat. This is despicable. We, the citizens of the U.S. should demand that the roundup stop immediately and that it never resumes. Please keep me posted on Cloud and his family. THank you.

  • heidi hudson

    Ginger you really inspire me – thank you! Hope I get the privilege of meeting you someday. Thanks for all the work you have done so far to highlight the wild horses. Heidi

  • Nadja

    Don’t forget the Banker Horse and the Chincoteague Pony which also need more involvement to ensure that they continue to exist. In both cases round ups and adoption have been used; in the case of the Banker Horse contraceptives are now being used with the usual risky results.

    There’s a problem with all this. Horses are feral, they aren’t native, and they compete with native species. I’m all in favor of keeping broomtails and burros on the range; but the reality is that they breed, like, well, horses and donkeys. Most people focus on the broomtails; but the feral animals most in danger of being eliminated from the range are the burros – most people don’t find them as “pretty” or romantic and fewer still even realize that without them, and their children the mules, life on the frontier would have been even harder than it was. Contrary to movies, sheriffs rode mules, trappers often preferred them, doctors buggies were drawn by them, stages were often drawn by mules, and John Burro was the real hero of the frontier as companion, workmate, friend, and even pit pony. (There is supposedly one mine in Nevada still haunted to this day by a ghostly mule.) Go to Fairplay, CO – unless the easterners and the Californians have gotten to it, there may still be the main street monument to Prunes, the burro who when retired from the mines spent his days wandering the streets and going into the saloons for buckets of beer. To this day burros wander the streets of a few towns in Nevada and Arizona, and I believe one Arizona town still solemnly elects a jack ass as mayor in the belief that you might as way go for the entire jack ass than go off half assed. (This sort of thing, BTW, is traditional western humor. Westerners are also known for the notion that politicians are like dogs – you have to train them so they don’t pee all over everything.)

  • Bob Burke

    Giner, it would be great to meet you sometime. My family owns some property on top of the Pryors. We have a small cabin that we have always left open to the public. My grandfater built the watering pond often visited by many of these horses. BLM would like to aquire this property but we would like it to remain as natural and free to all as possible. There is not enough land to be a santuary for many horses (one section) but maybe some creative ideas could be thrown around.

  • erin

    are all of clouds foals alive? did they let the breeding horses go?

  • whatever

    You said on the program that Cloud was captured and now it seems that he wasn’t but he is hurt. What is happening with Cloud. Does Lifesafer’s have anything to do with Cloud?

  • Mary

    I love seeing the wild horses run free. I watched the first episode of cloud and loved it. I have been into horses all my life and I enjoy seeing Cloud’s band run free. I hope they will stay that way for a long time to come.

  • jessica.

    You said that Cloud’s band got captured? What happen to the other horses and the horse trapper? What happen to image (Cloud’s grandson) and Cloud’s granddaughter?

  • Kit

    Dear Ginger, I really enjoyed that third chapter in Cloud’s life. I first saw Cloud, Wild Stallion of the Rockies when I was five. When Cloud’s mother walked out of the trees with Cloud by her side, it took my breath away to see how small a stallion is before it becomes great. I do have one question for you. Where was Jasper and Windflower in Cloud, Challenge of the Stallions? And I have a favor to ask. Can you make a family tree of Cloud? I got mixed up with who was who and which one was a grandchild. If you could do that I would really appreciate it.


  • Dee

    Enjoyed the Wild Stallions, saddened by their capture and separation.

  • Barbara

    Dear Ginger, Why did the Bureau of Land Management remove the horses from the mountain? For skiers? I’m curious if it’s because of human encroachment. Thank you for your wonderful work. Broken-hearted,

  • Roger

    Thank you for your devotion to the wild horses and the telling of their plight. Hopefully, your sacrifice filming this story will give generations to come the same story. Adoption is better than elimination. Again, thank you.

  • Symbient

    Ginger, Thank you for your love of these beautiful animals and sharing your experience. It is sad that with all of the attention on dwindling wild life populations we as a nation would contribute to this dilema intentionally. it is nice that these horses find good homes but the 2nd dilema is that horse people create a demand to capture wild horses and keep them as pets. There are so many outlets to find pet horses particularly thoroughbred race horses and domestic breeding. Is there any program to alert potential wild horse owners to receed from their desire to break up families of horses. Finally, are there other wild horse settlements in the US. I’m aware of Assateague’s Wild Horses.

  • Dan Lewis

    Loved the Cloud Film but where is Arrowhead Mountain? There is one in Canada, Colorado and Califonnia? Where is yours?

  • Joseph

    You misinforming viewers when you use the term ‘wild’. These horses should be called feral. Why do you use the term wild?

  • Jessica

    what happened to sitka? the mare that was with cloud. once are power point works, i’m going to make one of the pryor mountian wild horses.

  • Kit

    Dear Ginger,
    I have another favor to ask. Can you tell me what color Starman, Rosarita, and Brumby are.

  • julia verardi

    hi,i am julia.i love horses.when i saw cloud i thought he was the best horse i ever saw.i want to be able to do what you did.i think cloud is special and diffirent are so lucky to have a are the luckiest person i ever met.can you send me picktures of cloud and all the horses you have.please right back,julia rose verardi.

  • Hannah

    Hi Ginger! I recently watched one of your episodes on PBS and I got a ton of questions!
    1. First off I have always loved photography and filming so that’s what I would like to do when i grow up. So, I was wondering what college you graduated from and how long did you stay there?
    2. On that same note, how did you get this job of filming wild horses or did you just find them and start filming them?
    3. On average, how much time do you spend with them in a year?
    4. Is there any way that people (tourists) could actually see cloud and his family?
    5. Where do Cloud and his family live?

    I know that that was a lot of questions and if you can’t answer all of them I completely understand. Thanks so much Ginger, can’t wait until I see you and Cloud on T.V. again!!!!!

  • chelsea

    hi, my name is chelsea and i have horses of my own. But i am just thinking of why they would want to disterb the population of wild horses. There are not that big of a number of them are left. Most of the horse that are being used by people right now are mostly or sometimes going to slaughter. But i am a big cloud fan to and its great thats you acually get to see them. Thank You!

  • Cat Kindsfather

    Hi Ginger
    I just finished watching your pbs documentary of “Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions” The 2009 one that I missed on tv, just watched it one my MAC. Once again you have done an amazing job of it and with such dedication. Absolutely a beautiful film! I am sorry for the roundups and birth control. I am very saddened by the inhumane treatment and disrespect from BLM to all the wild horses and burros. Happy that Cloud and some of his family were set free again and all others adopted instantly. Fame has its rewards. I am trying to be some sort of angel for them in public awareness and enlightenment. A friend on filckr has allowed me to use one of his beautiful horse photos to send to people with the facts and your website to follow the link. Many of my contacts on have mailed me back saying they had signed the petition. Just today, Mel from Earth First, a flickr group, asked me to be a horse advocate on her group site. She just put up our website with an urgent call. My friend who gave use of the photo is “The Family Dog” on I shared it to your website. If you have suggestions or ways you would prefer help, please advise. I have a MAC and a good amount of free time and I so much want to see our wild horses free and wild and federally protected again in their rightful homes. Ginger, please let me hear from you. Congratulations on current legal success. Wally and I have been trying to make the snowball grow!! It is exciting to see fruits of the labors. Kudos to you and many thanks for your heart and big voice for the horses, and of course your wonderful films!

    A kiss to your heart and prayers for success!

  • shinobi

    I like your films you make.I have questions
    1. what happend to Smokey and Mahogany?
    2. Did Cloud’s mother ever had a name?
    3.what happend to Rven and the palomino?
    That is all the questions for know.

  • Greg

    Hello Ms. Kathrens. I’ve seen all the videos and I’m a big fan of your work on Cloud. I think it’s terrible what they’re doing to the wild herds. It’s a direct violation of the 1960’s Wild Horse Act. Isn’t there some way the BLM could be taken to court? There are many things from a legal standpoint that I’m pretty sure they left unlooked. I intend to write to President Obama in support of the horses.

  • Chayna Eller

    Hi, I just want you to know that I am a big fan. And I gotta say that you can capture the most perfect things about Cloud and the rest of the gang. I lost my Grandfather back in 2007 to cancer. We used to watch your show together…well…because we are the only one in the family who love nature. I just wanted you to know that you inspire me to want to do more for the animals even though my family is not rich at all. But I did get to save a dog from a near by pound in Madera County his name is Happy he is a Yellow Labrador Mix. We also have two male cats and mine is Jacob and my sister’s is Zether and we even have a small dog her name is Melody.

  • Isabelle Adler

    Hi, I just watched the video, the saga continues. Thanks for video taping and writing all the stuff about Cloud, I love getting on here and looking. I want to have a horse SO BAD some day. That’s my dream, I think I’d want one with any colors of brown on it. I love black, too. How’s Cloud right now? When was the last time you saw him? I really want to try and save him and the rest of the bands, but my family isn’t rich. I’m saving up for a horse. Well, I’ll see you later! Izzy

  • Sabrina

    Hey Ginger! I just wanted to know if I could write a book about Cloud and his herd. I really admire them. I’ve written some other books about horses, but they have not been published yet. :( I LOVE horses soooo much that I think about them nearly all the time!!! I haven’t really seen a lot of your shows yet either. I just wanted to get your permission on that first before I wrote the book. See ya! Brina

  • Caitlin Drummond

    Dear Ginger,
    I am eternally grateful that you are so passionately trying to save our wild mustangs. I have loved horses all my life. I myself, was raised around horses, and to this day my parents and I own three horses. One of them, an American Quarter Horse named Montana, I am proud to call my baby. It deeply saddens me what the BLM is doing to our wild horses and I feel informing people about the situation, like you and many others are, is very important. I am currently an agricultural science major at Penn State. I’m taking a speech class right now and the inform speech due date is coming up. I am giving my speech on wild mustang slaughter. I know a lot on this subject, but I still want to make sure I can confirm the facts before I give the speech. I was wondering if you could point me toward some websites with good information, that I can count on, and also maybe you can give me some information from your personal experiences. My mom donates to many different organiztions that help animals. One of them sent her a letter saying that the BLM lures the mustangs into tight corrals with a hunk of fresh meat in the middle. In the evening, when the mountain lions come out to feed, they smell the meat, jump into the corral, and slaughter all the horses in the corral during the night. I want to know if this is truly a practice the BLM uses. Sorry for the long length of this letter, I just want to make sure my facts are right. Thank you,
    Caitlin Drummond

  • Isabelle Adler

    Hello Ginger. I almost started crying when I heard about the BLM capturing horses. I wish they’d stop that! Why don’t they see what these horses want? Why don’t they keep the horses free instead of capturing them? They wouldn’t like it if they were caught and taken from their home, would they? I’ve watched all of the Cloud films, and hope to see some new ones soon. Thanks! Izzy

  • michael

    i wanted to know what happin to cloud sister electra i liked the star marking on her face it look like a lighting bolt and would you ever adopted her if she get roundup and remove. can u send me pictures of her as a yearling to now.

  • Ally Mclaughlin

    Dear, Ginger – I hear that Cloud is going to be killed is that true?? Also I really like your shows they make me feel im there with them and I hope they continue!!

  • Ellie

    hello i wanted to know how many foals has cloud sired

  • Brittany

    Hello i really look up to what you are doing for the horses in the USA. To bad not very many people are doing something about the canadian mustangs to they are being shot for game not to mention the slaughter houses that still run in canada and the lose of there land to :’( . And no one sees them like they see the horses in the USA.

  • Jade

    Hello. I love you Cloud so much! I absolutely love watching the programs – and I’ll watch them over and over again. I can’t wait for the next one, and I hope Cloud is safe and sound.

    Please continue to dazzle us with your amazing program of Clouds beloved journey!

  • Paula Royce

    Ms. Kathrens, I wonder if you would address what I perceive is the villain in the horrible tragedy of the wild horse gathers; that is the land being stolen from us for purposes of cattle grazing for huge conglomerates.

    When I tried to “follow the money” to figure why such beautiful indigenous animals are being gathered to extinction I found these conglomerates. They are the second most powerful lobbyists in Washington. Therefore, Salazar will be powerless against them…unless the citizenry says NO!

    I implore your readers to do all you suggest, view the documentary, tell their friends, sign the petitions, raise money AND lobby against the beef industry. They can begin by not buying beef AT ALL. If you love the wild horses you will not buy beef. Period.

    Also, I noticed in the footage of you on Trace, you ride bitless and it appears that you also ride with a treeless, synthetic saddle. This is so wonderful. I’d like to hear more about that so your readers can incorporate your natural take on keeping and loving your wild horses with the horses they may live with..

    Thank you for all you are doing.

  • Virginia Benedict

    Your story is wonderful and I like the gentle and elegant ways in which you present the human intrusion which violates their stability and freedom. The experiments with birth control is dangerous and abusive to their rights to peaceful and quite enjoyment.

    Your outstanding videography and poetic narratives is inspiring.
    From time to time I play your video and come to the same conclusion and outrage.
    Which leads me to the all important question: What rights have some humans to decided when or how other animals breed and live?

    I have a feeling that your presence there may have prevented some of the abuse against these majestic animals. Have you produced or continue to produce similar videos about horses?

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Jonathan

    Hi Ginger. I am a huge fan of your Cloud programs. I wanted to ask a few questions. Is Cloud’s sister Mariah that buckskin filly born to Cloud’s mother in 1997? Was Velvet given infertility drugs in the roundup last year? What’s Velvet’s black daughter’s name and Cloud’s pale buckskin grandmother name? Who is Cloud’s dun mare in the begining of the third program? and When was Cloud’s grulla sister Cedar born?

  • lizzie fleeker

    what happen to storm

  • Lucy Herron

    Are Cloud and his mares ok? Has her lump gon away?

  • Jessica New

    Couldnt we get some kind of protection on Cloud and his herd? They has to be something that all the fans can do to make sure him and his family will be safe for the rest for the rest of there lifes.

  • Diane

    Is Cloud’s mother still alive? I am sad that young little Dusty died. Dusty died becuase the bait trapper. The mountain lion knew where the horses were so he went and hid by the bait trap too. It is all the bait trapper’s fault.

  • Diane

    How many horses in Cloud’s family died while filming Cloud Challenge of the stallions. I know Raven, Sitka, Dusty and maybe Shamen and Cloud’s mother. But who else? I am making a petion to get the BLM to stop catching the mustangs in the Arrowhead Mountains FOR GOOD!!!! Ginger I love your name, horses, and Cloud. He seems like part of my family. Maybe some day I will own a horse and have fun like you do with Trace and Cloud and his family. Did you ever find Sitka’s body? What if a stallion stole her from Cloud’s herd? Tell me about Cloud’s family and how all of them died like Raven , Sitka , and maybe if his mother died. You could send picturses of Cloud and his family someday. I am abbsed with cloud!!!

  • Christine Lafferty

    I am most appreciative of your work with the Mustangs…
    I would like to see a ban on All Roundups….ASAP….
    The BLM needs to be regulated by citizens…we pay them…we can fire them…cut the funding for the BLM…

    It is a disgrace what man has done to horses and all other companions in our care…
    Let’s pull together and help the Mustangs and All American horses from the Slaughterhouse auctions…
    No shipping of American horses out of the USA…
    No Canadian or Mexican kill brokers allowed on USA soil…

    We don’t eat our horses…
    Yes, we can change the direction of the BLM and how we treat our horses here in America…
    Contact your congressional leaders and pass H.R. 503 and S.B. 727 to save all horses from equine cruelty…

    Keep up the good work at getting the word out on what is really going on with our horses…

    Thank you…

  • Kristopher Wahoske

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  • Dina in NM

    Ms. Kathrens 1rst off I would just like to say that I really appreciate all that you are doing not just for the Pryor horses but all of America’s mustangs. A couple of months ago I decided that I would like to save a wild mustang from an auction & slaughter here in NM since 30-50 wild horses usually get run through each horse sale because the Native American Pueblos feel the need to thin out their herd. I started doing my research and watched a lot of training videos on youtube. One day I accidentally clicked on a video about horse slaughter so I started researching that and of course that led to me discovering how the BLM is murdering thousands of mustangs, but I have heard a couple of different things. How many horse are really left in the wild this year, 2010? What really disturbed me is that Ive heard that this year alone the BLM removed 33 out of 36 thousand mustangs left in the wild. Is this true??? Anyways I have yet to contact the president but was wondering if he has an e-mail address so I could send him a letter on there? I really want to try to make a difference & end this monstrosity! Ive been telling everyone I know what Ive learned and soon I will be ordering bumper stickers of my own design, which I will be handing out to family & friends. Another thing is that there is a website, where I have an account, called gaia online and its sort of like an odd mix of, I guess, facebook and neopets and most of my profile is about saving America’s mustangs along with ending horse slaughter since gaia has SO MANY members. Its contains videos such as a 10 minute long trailer for “Disappointment Valley”, the video of you on youtube talking about helping Cloud, and a piece I wrote myself about the details of what the BLM is doing and how we should all stand up & defend the horses. If you would like to view my profile to give me any advice and tips it can be seen here —> and I can be contacted at anytime. I also have a couple of questions about the Pryor horses since most of the updates that I have seen appear to be from 2009.
    1. What happened to Red Raven?
    2. Back in the first episode of the Cloud series there was a blue roan stallion named Plentycoo that was struck and killed by lightning. I was always a big fan of him and was wondering if any of his descendants still live in the mountains?
    3. Ive heard you talk about rescuing a blue roan bachelor that was traumatized in a round up. What happened to him then and how is he now?
    4. How many mustangs have you yourself adopted? I know about Trace & Flax but ive also heard you mention Cloud’s sisters?
    5. What exactly is the ROAM act?

    Hope to get a reply from you soon.
    Sincerely, Dina in NM

  • I love cloud:) Landen

    ********* Hello and I watch these vidoes all the time im actully from the great Montana that is!! I know Cloud would be about 15-17 know and I was wondering if he was alive or not. I doubt that you can answer to this message but It will always be in my thoughts. I hope to track a desenit of Clouds family some day :) Thank you Ginger for teaching me the ways of the wild horses:) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob Burke

    My family owns the only private land on top of the Pryors. it is our hope we can sell this land and it will be made available to the wild horses for ever. It would make it even more difficult if it were sectioned out in small parcels and developed. As the next generation becomes owners it becomes more difficult to reach concensus on what to do with the property. I hope a solution can be develped for the sake of the horses.

  • Buffy

    how can one person help the wild horses??

  • Stevie

    ginger, when they have the round ups can you abopt a horse and put it back in the wild after the round up? and i love your videos they help you learn so much and i plan to keep watching them thank you for all you do you help alot!

  • kasey

    i love cloud and flint and bolder.

  • heather

    i think ur doing a good job w the horse
    u should do more shows about horses too

  • Leona

    hi, I have become fascinated, but i have a question about helping, I am Canadian, can I still help?

  • Katie

    Hi Ginger, I loved the series on Cloud and his life! I just wanted to know, did you ever find out how Sitka died? I really like her and was sad to find out she died. Did she maybe get stolen by another stallion?

  • Kate

    Hi I love this show I cant believe how u trained Trace it must have had tooken a long time to gain his trust! Also plzz come out with like another cloud episode or even Flint or Boulder I just think it amazing! Did you ever find the bones of Sitka! Bless you and Thank You

  • Shayna Mongerson

    hi. how many horses did you adopt from the BLM? I ‘m a HUGE fan of your Cloud movies. One day i want to go up there and film the wild horses too.Also when does the BLM hold roundups? because I want to have a wild horse just like you. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!! for all you have done.

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  • Princess Scotlyn

    Will you do image , Flint and Bolder more time with them i like clouds family :) ???

  • Rocco Webb

    Sometimes I contemplate if folks truly take time to compose something original, or are they only just dishing out words to fill a site. This certainly doesn’t fit that mold. Thank you for taking the time to write with awareness. Now And Then I look at a page and question whether they even proofread it.Fantastic work with this article.

  • Brandon

    I saw ur first movie amazing. My prayers go out to you and these mustangs. Thank you for bring the light on this subject

  • shannon

    Ginger I was thinking of getting a horse but is it hard to take care of them?

  • glenda

    In looking through this site, I can’t find an update on Cloud (March 4, 2012). Also, how do I sign up for emails regarding Cloud? Thank you in advance!

  • Samantha Thompson

    I love horses and I want to own some some day. I was just wondering, is Cloud still alive, and does he still live where he was born? Thank You!


    I just watched the roundup of wild Horses ..where they were brought to Canon City , Colorado.. I live in Colorado Springs – and used to practically live at Indian Springs Ranch in the 70’s….down in Canon City area..
    What I saw on the film — where that poor Horse was murdered with a knife being stuck in his head…made me sick…Disgusting.. Not your fault…but BLM’s fault.. They should get their arms broken – and that slob who murdered that poor Horse should be planted….BLM..and just about ANY Government Bureau – is a waste of taxpayers money. They are all crooked – they are all grafters big time..and all need to be let go…. Afraid to say what I really think…but you get the idea.. Horses need to be FREE….to roam as they please… I have been with them in Oklahoma , in the 1950’s…and let me tell you ..that was a treat…..GOD Bless..and keep going after the abuse of Horses and Burros…. We need them…. and more Helicoptors on the ground – in pieces…

  • Lissa Caputo

    Ginger, I am truly fascinated by what you have to say about these horses. Is Cloud still alive? I’ve heard his birthday is/was in May, just like mine. I also know, that he is around sixteen, if he is still alive. How long do these mustangs usually live? I ride horses in reality, and my aunt leased a horse who died at the age of 32.

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