Cuba: The Accidental Eden
Photos: Snails of Cuba

  • ForestWander

    These are some great nature pictures.

    I am sure there are a lot of hidden beauty in countries like this that are torn with political turmoil and strife.

    Unfortunately many do not see the beauty hidden within those areas.

    ForestWander Nature Photography

  • Toby Pennell

    I had never realized how many slugs there were and that Cuba was so diverse. I especially loved the pancake slug! Thank you for the nature show on Cuba, it was wonderful!!!!

  • Adelaide Gonzalez

    Thank you for the wonderful program on Cuba. I have become fascinated with the south Florida tree snails and spend as much time as I can taking photos. I know how quickly their habitats have been disappearing. I do hope that the Cuban tree snails fare much better, as they are truly hammock jewels.

  • Kim

    A fascinating segment of the diversity of wildlife in Cuba.

  • Toby

    Why do the snails have blue bodies? They are beautiful!

  • Dulcita Rosado Guatyy

    Congratulations, it was a beautiful and educational video of Cuba, The snails called Polymitas are a Cuba’s exclusive, no other country have these kind of snails.

  • John Sparacio

    These beautiful little creatures are endangered because people kill them for their shells so they can adorn themselves. I say leave them alone and make plastic or ceramic copies.

  • alexis tomato

    woah, cool shells :)

  • Emerald Orchid

    I wish there was a way that let us know how to assist certain parts of the programing we see on Nature. I would like to help snail segment I saw….but seem unable to find how to do so. Perhaps there is none, but would rather see that written some where there is no way to help than keep searching.

    If there is indeed some way, I would very much like to know the details.

  • Gerrit Olthof

    Why can I not see the Acciddental Eden Video

    Gerrit Olthof
    Courtce Ontario

  • Lynn

    Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful program. I grew up in Puerto Rico in the late 1950’s and it was an ecological paradise like Cuba. The program brought back so many memories. If only we could save Cuba from the fate of Puerto Rico- over development and loss of habitat for these magnificent creatures. Let’s hope some lessons have been learned.

  • Diana

    Development as we have come to know it means eventual certain death to all species, including us. In this place where development has been put off, we see that the lovliness of nature lives well for now, but just wait until the greed for money takes over. This is a film that the whole world needs to see, and pay close attention to. Nations of people need to seriously alter the ways and means of their lifestyles in order to sustain the life of our planet! May those who care hear the message.

  • Mike E

    Capitalism is all about growth and growth means resource extraction and destruction of wild places. Costa Rica has been able to achieve something of a balance between nature and commerce, hopefully the Cubans can achieve such a balance. If not, say hello to dollar stores and Burger Kings and goodbye to nature.

  • LatAm

    @ ForestWander:
    Unfortunately, many do not understand that Cuba is not torn by political turmoil and strife. Maybe it’s because (if in the U.S.) the government won’t let them visit. However, now you may be able to go as a professional doing research. Try it and you will find the beauty hidden –from most U.S. residents– in a very peaceful country.

  • Mayda

    Thank you for all the wonderful comments of the natural beautiful of my birth country. It is true that it is torn by political turmoil and strife, but may I remind you that it all was started and continues with the Cuban government and the horrible quality of life that it has imposed on its own people, my people. It was the Cuban governement first, who denied its citizen the opportunity to visit its relatives and also enjoy the natural beauty of other countries. May I also remind you that it was Castro that wanted to turn Zapatas into rice patties and destroy the Crocodile population. Your classification of a peaceful country depends on your views of human rights, as Castro continues to destroy Cuba’s most beautiful natural resource, ITS PEOPLE. Thank God for the United States.

  • Pat Napolio

    I was fortunate and visited Cuba. I lived with a family in Vitales. Cuba may be one of the least spoiled countries in the world. Natural is left alone, all the farming is organic , tractors are not used, plowing is done with oxen and horses. Time has stood still there and the countries natural splendor has not been ruin by large corporations and greed. I’m afraid that once the embargo is lifted capitalism at its worst will find a way to exploit all that beauty. The whole island should be declared a Natural Heritage Site and be protected.

  • Horacio Perez

    To Mr. Pat Napolio
    I do not want to get into a political discussion with you. Just think for a minute that the entire world food production will be done with oxens and plows, if today half of the world’s population is under nourish imagine with a lot, lot less production. The image you got from Cuba in your short visit is totally unrealistic. By the way you should go and live under a communist country regime for a few years and then I want to see you talking about the exploits of the Capitalism.

  • Jim Puentes

    I just received a collection of Polymitas that my father collected as a student in Cuba circa 1930s. The colors are no less vibrant than those in the photos, even after all of those years. He kept detailed records, identifing the species and citing the location where he collected them. I am currently cataloging them and will put them on display. I also have a collection of Cuban postal stamps featuring Polymitas species.

  • Mark McCroskey

    What was the womans name who is doing the snail research. Is it possible for us to contact her and is it possible for a group to help support her work from here in the US? Please let me know.

  • Lourdes

    The image that Cuba is an unspoiled paradise is as false as all the propaganda put out by the Cuban government. For all its oxen driven agriculture, Cuba is a land ravaged by the whims of two decrepit old men and their fanatical followers. Farm collectives, importing foreign plant and animal species, leaving planting and harvesting in the hands of high school “volunteer” workers, are but a few of the demented command economy decisions forced upon Cubans for the past 50+ years. They have all contributed to Cuba’s collapsed economy and widespread hunger among the Cuban people.

  • ruby cajina :P

    cuba is filled with many wonders but these tree sanils are extrodinary!!!!
    i cant believe they are in danger of becoming extinct!?!

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