Fortress of the Bears
Video: Inside the Fortress

Admiralty Island hosts the largest concentration of brown bears in the world. Watch video.

  • Rhonda King

    Loving this special on The Fortress of Bears!! Thank you, once again OPB! Love your television!

  • colben

    i stop watching these bears. amazing animals!

  • plato

    thanks for putting up the video. pbs does some great work.

  • Lori

    Thank you for providing your viewers with such high quality productions! My husband and I thoroughly enjoy Nature and “Fortress of the Bears” was one of our favorites. Alaska has always been our top choice of destination that we have never had the opportunity to experience. We greatly appreciate all the hard work that goes into such a production that enables the viewer to have the sensation of being present in such amazing places. We love animals, bears being one of our favorites, therefore we really enjoyed the close encounters with these beautiful, fascinating creatures! Thanks again! Lori

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