Hippo Beach

Hippo bulls fighting in water

Think you know all about hippos? Think again! NATURE’S HIPPO BEACH will have you seeing these heavyweight creatures in a different light!

Hippos may not look much like champion athletes, nor do they look like they have secrets hidden beneath their tough, muddy hides, but these strong, bulky animals have been surprising naturalists for years. From the study of hippos’ essential relationships with birds to the discovery that hippos can communicate underwater, these mammals deserve a closer look.

Considered one of the most dangerous animals in Africa, modern-day inhabitants and ancient Egyptians show an understanding of these powerful animals in their myths and folklore. While praised as protectors, hippos are often seen as violently aggressive, destroying crops and sometimes harming those who underestimate their surprising speed and agility. NATURE takes you to the sands of the Luangwa River’s Hippo Beach to explore these fascinating animals.

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Online content for Hippo Beachwas originally posted September 2007.

  • Robert

    Will Hippo Beach be aired again??

  • Rowan Calder

    Do you know of any hippo researchers attaching transmitters to hippo, both VHF or satellite? I would love to get in touch with someone who has a reliable attachement method. We manufacture wildlife transmitters for wildlife exported to 70 countries around the world and have recently been asked to design a harness to fit a pygmy hippo in Sierra Leone. thanks

  • pang vang

    how big is a hippo and how much does it weight…! how much food does it eat in a day..!

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